Another visit to Stapleford Cue club for regular maintenance of pool and snooker tables .

We have just re-visited another local club that have GCL Billiards maintain their cue sports tables
it was not long ago that I was here recovering 3 other pool tables so the 4th one has been brought up to a good playing standard too.
Stapleford cue club has been trading for many years in Nottingham and Derby shire border .
they have a regular clientele and many pool teams play out of this club and they expect the best cloth and tables to play on .
There is a very good ambiance about this small /medium sized club , many large clubs just do not cut the mustard , in winter there is good heating and in summer Air conditioning
Bar meals are available too .
Stapleford pool table recover june 2015
the finished table , re-covered in Strachan 6811 cloth all the pool tables are tournament,standard Supreme winner the choice of Professionals .
stapleford pool vac up dust june 2015
we do not do half a job , we also vac out all the dust in the cabinet under the slate
Stapleford pool clean out june 2015
The cabinet is now also clean inside ,
stapleford pool wipe down ball rails june 2015
We also wash down the ball rails , this stops balls sticking inside the table .
winners stabbo as level as you get Great tables
and we then check and adjust for level
I have been visiting Stapleford cue club repairing and maintaining the cue sports tables for over 30 years .