Another Pool Table Recover for GCL billiards in Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire

We have just finished a pool table re-cover and re-rubber near Pinxton just on the border of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire .
The table was situated in a large conservatory , and when we dismantled it , we found that the rubber was rock hard in the cushions .
28 junction rubber cracking  hard
The rubber removed showing it was falling apart and cracking , the ball would not rebound off this so a re-rubber was the recommended route to take .
the table was around 12 years old so it was due new rubber . This red rubber has a tendency to start going hard after only a couple of years use from new , we always use Black rubber to renew the old red rubber .
28 junction cloth glued and slate
New 6811 Strachan cloth having had glue hand spread on under side of outside edge of cloth and the edge of the slate .
28 junction finished
The finished table .
28 junction cover on
A nice new Peradon Branded cover to stop the sun bleaching the Olive Green cloth in this conservatory
28 junction engraved aramith balls
Our client chose a brand new set of Premier Engraved spots and striped balls by Aramith , these are not like the printed type you see on ebay at very low cost , they are the best you can buy  for spots and stripes . look at the above photo to see the difference between a low cost and the Aramith balls , click on photo to enlarge .
Our client asked for a D to be put on this table , most do not ask for this .