Another new client but an old face

We have just completed a recover on a table that I used to work on many years ago.  We quoted to do the work and found out that the previous fitter had overcharged by around £250 when they recovered this table 3 years ago.

The slips were all nailed in.  We replaced all the cloth retaining slips on these good condition Riley cushions.  Another few recovers by the last fitter who keeps nailing in slips would have resulted in the rubber wood blocks coming away from the cushion.  We have now done a much better job and next time the slips will come out easy as intended on strip down rather than having to dig the nails out.  The cloth was also showing no brand markings when it came off, which was alarming as the customer was informed they were getting top quality cloth.
Prize band table 1
We supplied and showed our clients the triple markings of serial number / cloth transfer / and embroidered edge all with the Strachan wording in and 6811 tournament 30 oz clear to see on the cloth.

A clear warning for everyone considering a recover, always check the materials and also get work references for the fitter who is doing the work.  GCL billiards can put you in touch with many happy customers for our reference and we are also recommended by the NBSA (Nottinghamshire Billiards & Snooker Association), your guarantee that you are getting quality workmanship and quality cloth.
prize band 2table 1 shot 2
steves 3rd recover stamp 6811T

If you want quality work using quality materials and you want to pay a fair competitive price then GCL Billiards is the place to turn to.

Phone Geoff on 07753 466064 or email for a quote or to discuss any other work you may require on your cue sports table.