American Titan 8ft pool table dismantle and move a few problems but sorted by GCL billiards .

I had a job the other week to dismantle and relocate an 8ft American Titan pool table .
the table had been put together in a very bad way , cloth was not fitted good and gaps around the pocket plates
I suspect the old owner had set his table up himself .
here area few Photo’s explaining what was wrong about the table on strip down .

Very badly fitted top cushion surround with gaps up to 3/8ths thick between surround and pocket plate .

Badly fitted bed cloth

so we dismantled the table right down to the base

Transported it to a our new owners Home
slates on top of sub frame level and joints filled in ready to sand as one unit of slate .

and yes I even managed to refit that badly fitted cloth but only just !

and got the plates to fit without gaps !

a very happy client at the end of the Day