American Titan 8ft pool table a few problems but we set it up .

We where contacted a few months ago to dismantle an american 8ft pool table in a downstairs room that had water problems and required re-tanking .
We dismantled the table and got the call to reassemble after the room was made water tight .
We noticed problems with the table on strip down , the bolts in the cushions do no align up and a couple where missing the feet had not been screwed in and secured making levelling almost impossible,  and one cushion having just one bolt in .
the slate also had problems the corner pocket falls had been re-cut by someone , The supplier from new  apparently !

Here are a few photo’s of the table as we dismantled it a few weeks ago .
Titan 8ft dismantle doree boner

Titan 8ft dismantle odd pocket fall shape
Titan 8ft dismantle cloth loose on cushionTitan 8ft dismantle damaged leg cracked

the above photo’s on take down , notice legs Formica is cracking !

Derby road titan hammer marks cushions
Hammer marks in Formica finish by first re-covering from supplier. there where several cushions with these marks in , caused by the hammering in of cushion retaining slip and not placing the wood tapping block on the slip only , unacceptable workmanship.

derby road titan chip to top capping

Large Chip to end of capping , this flipped off when we took the cushion retaining slip out and we re glued it back on

derby road titan strachan super pro blue

We upgraded the clients table with a no added charge upgrade for better quality cloth , we prefer to use Strachan Super Pro worsted cloth on american pool tables
The main reason is the burn marks on nylon from impact of balls , is not so pronounced with this worsted mix fibre cloth , and it forms much easier around those deep dish centre pockets , and is made by the No 1 Cue sports cloth manufacturer Strachan at Stroud in the west of England .

Derby road titan blue finished

The finished table in Strachan super Pro Royal blue , our thoughts on this table is that the customer’s had a raw deal when they bought this table for £2500 Brand new , the table was set up wrong had bolts missing , the outer pockets and frame work where loose with gaps in , and the slate falls are shocking , the slate also had residue of Green cloth before the original red , making the slates second hand and not brand new , the bolt holes for the cushions where slotted , in my opinion the slates where not originally for this table and had been sourced from a second hand other make table and used on this supposed to be Brand New table .

I really feel for the Clients , they have now owned the table for over 10 years so any complaints to the original supplying firm is not going to get much of a response .

We like to think we improved the table , making sure all cushions where secure and no gaps between each pocket plate or lower shroud. and we repaired those loose feet to make levelling easy to do .

We do get these badly manufactured  tables to put right or improve from time to time , and tomorrow we are fitting a sub frame to a 8 ft dining snooker table that has faulty lifting system , visit the GCL Blog  site later this week to see how we are converting this table to a fixed height table by making a sub frame with 8 levelling points with adjustable cross members .