Almost fully booked out right up to Christmas day .

We are fully booked out , I am keeping just a few days spare for local work in December  , but they are for job’s that are pending booking and put to one side for them to confirm .
so in theory we are fully booked out and unable to take anymore work in before Christmas day 2017 .

sorry to anyone who would like work done before Christmas but it has been like this all year and with Christmas coming everyone requiring work pulling in , we are even working some weekends to keep up with demand .
with snooker table’s being sold at low cost or given away free we have a few tables to pick up and deliver plus work on them .

one that was Given away free last week , arranged to pick up in November and deliver .
this job take up to three days due to miles to travel and work required on table .
you do not need many of these per month to fill the days up .

a re-rubber is a days work , and we have a few of these to do .

same with a re-cover another days work , they are not the type of job’s we like to rush , we take our time get it right and it takes a full day with traveling to complete .

With some snooker club’s requiring multiple table re-covers this is also sometimes a few days to  a full weeks work .

another club that requires multiple table re-covers in Derby before Christmas

I also have to fly out to France the week before Christmas for a three day works program of fitting just one table with a day to travel there one day to fit the table and a day to travel back from Luton airport , all these three day jobs mount up over the three months before Christmas and prevent me taking on any more work as I just cannot be in two places at the same time ,

We are a small company , as is most Billiard firms today , gone are the large billiard firms with plenty of fitters working for them as above my old firm Elston & Hopkin Billiards ltd of Nottingham ,
Who I use to work for at one time had half a dozen fitters .
and in my time working with them for 24 years from 1980 to 2004  they had over a dozen employees if you count the billiard hall staff .
there where 3 office staff , a billiard hall manager , 4 fitters , 2 full time billiard hall employees , part time billiard table cleaner and billiard hall cleaners .
Today at GCL Billiards it is just myself full time , one part time sub contractor , and part time book keeper ( My wife ) , this is how most small billiard firms work these days long gone are the large firms with many Billiard fitters  , maybe just one or two left Thurston of Liverpool and maybe BCE Riley of Bristol , and World snooker who supply new star tables .

we also have our own Pool tables out on long contract hire site’s , where we must keep the maintenance program up to date .
this one gets two re-covers a year , plus we may get the odd call out for a sticking coin mech or faulty coin operation or torn cloth .
that ‘ goes with the territory of renting table’s out you have to upkeep them to a high standard or people will go elsewhere to rent  if you let them down .
Some clients think oh it’s only a pool table you can fit us in , but I’m afraid we just cannot take anymore on , unless I get a cancellation or finish a job surprisingly quicker than normal .
We are now taking orders for 2nd week of January , we are closing for two weeks over Christmas from 22nd of December to and start back on the 8th of January .