Advertising you’re snooker table for sale on GCL billiards web site use Digital Camera not mobile to send photo’s

We are getting phone calls and emails every day with enquiries for us to buy full size snooker tables.
If you would like to advertise you’re table PLEASE USE Photo’s taken by a digital camera , sending photo’s to us taken with a mobile phone even iPhone’s means extra work for us and we just do not have the time to spend at a PC separating and posting  photo’s from a scrolling photo display sent from a mobile phone .
We have a couple of people looking for tables at the moment one looking for a nice 9ft Table and another for a full size table.
Barnsley table in attic stevens and sons plus B&Watts cushions
We get inundated with people offering tables for sale but there are less people looking for one .
We match up the seller to the buyer and let them thrash out a price themselves , please take into consideration any work that may require doing to the table when fixing a price ,a table in pristine condition will sell more easy than one requiring work if they are priced the same .
For an example only , We have people asking for £1000 for a table that requires over £1000 spending on it in removal set up re-rubber and re-cover fees , and other sellers asking £1000 for a pristine condition table , which one do you think the buyer would choose to buy ?
Oak skeg frame set up
We also get on a regular basis a seller who has to move a table on within say a week or two because of a house sale or club close down  , these tables will only go for low money no matter what the condition , the only other choice for these sellers is to try and give the table away free or pay a Firm like GCL Billiards to dispose of it.
GCL billiards do not buy tables themselves , the market has slowed down that much that only a hand full of full sized tables are sold every year , the costs of buying tables in and paying rent and rates on warehouse far out way the profit margin of selling tables therefore many billiard companies do not store or buy tables any more,
Exxsex Cabin repolished K&Hillman
Even Thurston the top billiard company in the UK refuses tables every week because they have enough in stock to last a few years yet so why take in any-more.
We do have a Dry storage for tables which there is a charge for if anyone requires a table storing , we use a large dry warehouse for this with no DAMP and the table is insured, if you require a table picking up and storing then phone Geoff at GCL Billiards for a quote.
If you have a 9ft or 10ft  3/4 sized table these are a little easier to sell and often fetch more money than a full sized table. We also move American and UK pool tables.
thurston oak table
Don’t forget it is FREE to advertise you’re table on GCL Billiards web site we have thousands of hits from all over including abroad.
Just take around 5 photo’s with a Digital Camera of the table from different angles ,  one of the complete table with all accessories included on the table , one of the leg , one of the scoreboard , one of the light , one of a ball in the corner pocket taken from above the pocket opening .
genesis 4 k steel frames up

Please remember to use a proper digital camera and send each photo as an attachment , not as a moving slide show . No Mobile Phone photo’s please .
we also like to have a post code of where the table is and also a price you are asking , if you are not sure of the price we can advise on what is selling what is not and at what price.
other must have info is , the table location  upstairs in a cellar or basement , parking good bad ,  access for large van to back up with no overhanging low trees or obstructions etc .
A table involving stairs is much harder to sell then one that is on a ground floor with easy access and parking for a large van.
van sign writing back and passenger side

we do not get too involved with the buying and selling as we leave that to the Buyer and Seller Direct , but we ask both parties to try and use GCL Billiards as the Firm to move and set up the table.
stevens mr cook table into storage container

one last thing although we do not charge for our advertisement , we would like as goodwill gesture a £25 admin fee when the table is sold using a GCL billiards contacted buyer.
this is to cover Mobile Phone and time spent emailing at night time back and forth to prospective buyers.
we are sometimes up past  Midnight attending emails in the for sale enquiring section.
stevens mr cook table inside storage container

Email with any photo’s and information you have if you require a free advert placement on our website.
the more tables we have on the site the more enquiries we get about the tables , people do not like looking in empty shop windows , if you have a table for sale place a FREE add you have nothing to lose , and all to gain if  one of the many who look in our for sale section likes you’re table , if it’s not in the shop window to start with it cannot be sold .
What do the buyers get from it , a Table direct from the seller with no middlemen fee,s and direct contact with a reputable time served fitter who can arrange the transport and set up plus any work the table may require .