9ft snooker table set up plus re-rubber and re-cover in Ashbourne Derbyshire

I have been over to a farm in Ashbourne for a couple of days work
this involved taking an already dismantled 9ft snooker table from the Barn and installing it into a new build room that is attached to the main Farm house.
Ashbourne 9ft table erected slates on and level
The 9ft frame erected , slates on and leveled , cushions being stripped down on a blanket on the end of the table
notice the blankets protecting my clients brand new wood floor
Ashbourne 9ft rubber and cloth off cushions
the cushion showing that the rubber as well as the cloth has been completely removed and every tack or staple has been removed
Ashbourne 9ft glued and waiting to dry rubber and cushions
the blocks on the cushions and the back of the rubber has been coated with contact adhesive and these have to semi dry for around 20 to 30 minutes before positioning together to bond
if you bond too soon the glue never drys and the rubber slides down the wood block on re-covering , too long and it will fall off , timing is has to be just right .
always glue in warm room conditions , a very cold room and the glue does not dry .
Ashbourne rubbe ron and ready for re-cover 1
all cushions have gone through the process of having the rubber attached and shaped to pocket falls
Ashbourne rubber on close up shaped ready fro re-cover 2
the rubber has been shaped to the pocket openings and then taped to help keep rubber on the block from people sitting on cushions
the white arrow is cloth nap direction and the number is for cushion location on table , a table has 6 cushions and the Baulk end cushion is No 1 , gong in a clockwise direction no2 is to left of Baulk then 3/4/5/6
nap direction is to the left on 1/2/3/4 and to the right on 5/6 , this is to keep side cushion nap going in the same direction as the bed cloth nap direction from baulk D end to black ball spot end .
Ashbourne 9ft finished close up
the finished table , this table had new slates fitted to it by Padmores of Birmingham at some time in it’s life
and they where a modern 5 section slate  circa 1980/90s , the original set would have been a three section slate bed .
We noticed that the previous fitter had left all the cushion bolts washers missing , this is very bad practice and cushion bounce would have been affected , we replaced all missing washers and now the cushions are nice and tight with good rebound
Ashbourne van outside snooker and Garage room
Our van outside the new build snooker room of the Farm in ashbourne Derbyshire .