9ft Cox and Yeman Recover in quality Strachan 6811 tournament gold cloth 30 0z.

Today I have been over to a housing estate which has its own Estates club.  I used to work on this table many years ago, but had not visited this club for at least 12 years.

The club had used another firm to recover it last time and they used inferior grade cloth.  Here are a few photo’s of the table.
9ft estates club strip down

The table on strip down, the cloth had been on for about 5 to 6 years.
9ft estates no brand cloth old cloth

The old cloth which was supposed to be Strachan 6811, but we found no makers mark on this cloth, all Strachan cloth has weaved letters on on edge but this had none.  We think it was some sort of seconds cloth. It may have been Strachan seconds but because it was rejected it never had the Strachan branding put on the cloth, unlike the new cloth going on which has the branding.
9ft estates 6811 edge of cloth weaved in gold blue

The new cloth with its stand out gold lettering stating proudly that it is BEST QUALITY STRACHAN TOURNAMENT CLOTH .
steves 3rd recover stamp 6811T9ft estates serial number on cloth
The West of England transfer stating the 6811 and 30 oz, and also the serial number of the roll printed in Black ink.  At GCL Billiards we always show our client what cloth we are fitting, there are no seconds fitted when we do the work.
9ft estates finished table .
The finished table ready for play.  Note the screw to back of cushion bolt buttons.  These gave me the identity of the table as a Cox and Yeman.  Click on any photo to enlarge.

We return tomorrow to re-cover the pool table, another Hazel Grove Super League.