8ft Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham ….SOLD

Now sold ….SOLD SOLD SOLD !!!


BARGAIN just £325 for this 8ft three section slate based table …….. I would have left it at £500 but my client wishes for a quick sale .


We have a client based in Oakham near Leicester who wishes to sell their 8ft Tulip legged K&Hillamn snooker table

these do not come up for sale very often and if they do they are normally in shape of their square legged introductory model table.
this table is a the Buckingham Tulip carved legged model , I am afraid the table is dismantled and is ready for collection so here is a library photo of a 10ft version
the table will be 8ft by 4ft and has a three section slate bed in the same design as the above photo . ( this is not the actual table )
My client has moved from Norfolk to Oakham and the table was dismantled for that journey , he never had the table set back up and they are moving back to Norfolk
sadly the move will not allow for room for this very well known make of table , only one of a hand full of modern makers who actually manufactured good quality tables in the 1980s onward’s .
I am informed that in the sellers opinion the table will require a re cloth , and I do not know the condition of the wood work so I recommend any buyer to inspect the table before purchase .
the table comes with a good range of accessories including ball sets score board and rests and a proper coffin type green shade with gold fringe .

all inquiries to Geoff or Carol at GCL billiards to email c.large@btinternet.com ,
we will then put you in direct touch with the seller .
the asking price is just £500 for this well made table .
If you require a quote to pick up and deliver and set up with new cloth re-cover and maybe new nets and leathers then ask Geoff or Carol  at GCL Billiards email c.large@btinternet.com

this is what the standard square leg version looks like , but my client assures me it has the tulip carved legs as in library photo of the 10ft above .
and has 6 legs and a three section slate bed  with bolt nut inserts inside the slate bed , this is not a low cost screw on cushion but a proper in slate bolt type .
8ft k&hillman 3
ay I remind anyone who is thinking of a 8ft table like this  K & Hillman,  that full size table’s do sell for lower money and people find this hard to believe ,
the reason is simple there are Hundreds in fact Thousands of full size table’s available at low prices , try looking for a 8ft Karnehm and hillman Buckingham carved legged for sale , I think you will find there is only one and that is this which one was at £500 ( now £325 for very  quick sale !!!!! )  I would say is a good buy it price for seller and the Buyer so we are being very fair with the valuation taking into account the sellers honesty that table will prob require a re-cover .
one of the actual legs so you can be assured it is a tulip carved leg
and top cushion capping polish also looking in great condition on this 8ft table .