8ft American pool table uncrate and assemble in Repton Derbyshire

We have been busy local again today in Repton Derbyshire.
The task today was to uncrate a three section slate bed table that had been shipped over from the USA where our clients had moved from to their Home in Repton
american pool repton frame up 2
We assembled the frame and positioned this central to the room with enough cue room at one end .
the room by the way was a very nice stand alone Garden building , having thick oak framed pinned timber frame
Tiled underfloor heating and large glazed area and upper window area in roof  , note the Red indian paintings on the far wall , our client was telling me she used to live in Colorado
American pool repton slates on cloth loose shrunk
this American 8ft pool table used to be in our clients home in Colorado , they had a firm in america dismantle and pack everything in crates and placed in a container with other goods to bring over
as you can see the wool based cloth has shrunk a little .
american pool repton short shrunk cloth
Stretching this old cloth back on was going to be a bit of a challenge for me
american pool repton under slate slate sign warrenty
although I am not a big fan of american pool table design , I must say this one surprised me in that the quality was very good , the slates especially where good on the slate joints
On the underside of the slate I found this sticker , the maker of the Table is Connelly  Billiards of Arizona.
American pool repton finished table close up
Well I must say I got that bed cloth to fit back on perfect , the cushions back on and ready to play
American pool repton connoley badge
the very nice Connelly billiards of Tuscon Arizona Badge , inserted on one end cushion .
American pool repton connely manufacture finished from end
Four ball and claw carved legs on each corner , with thick leather bag nets , a very nice table
those spots on the cushions are position markers to get angles for hitting the balls , I always refer to these as learning aids much like you fit outrigger wheels on children’s bikes !
in the UK we do not have these we have  to rely on natural skill , only in the USA !