7ft Billiard diner Recover in Holiday let on Chatsworth Estate’s !

Today we have been up onto the Chatsworth estate’s in Derbyshire to recover a 7ft Billiard dining table in an holiday Farm let near Shottle .

The table Cloth had been ripped around Christmas in two places , the actual order was for a Pool table re-cover , it was not until they sent me a photo that I pointed out it was a Billiard table .
and when I arrived I found out it was a an old Burroughs and watts Billiard diner , but the top boards where missing , the lifters where still in position , but a couple of them had springs broken on them so it was played in it’s low position .
chat 7ft b&w diner
The table before the re-cover
chat bolts for cushions on 7ft
It was a very well made table having large bolts in the cushions rather than the wood screws of it’s main rival manufacturer Riley

chat Burroughs and watts lifter diner
The old lifting mechanism , this uses a spring to flip the odd shaped metal object into a V slot on the side of the main body , a very odd design , one that Burroughs and watts came up with to try and steal some of the Billiard dining sales away from Rileys , there are not many of these type of B&Watts tables a round  , I spoke to another fitter today and he had only worked on one , this was the first of this type B&Watts  I had worked on . Both of us have been in the trade a long time so they must be rare !
chat under anti bow bar
a centre anti bow bar is fitted , this is to make sure the slate will not dip in the centre , I have come across this on many one piece slated tables , the centre wood is forced upwards when the nut on the threaded bar at each end is tightened .  I prefer my adjustable muntins !
chat finished tbale chat finsijed tbale with cover on and balls
The finished table , the Red  cover looks nice too !
a new set of pool balls triangle and brush , re-tipped the 5 cues and left them some chalk