7ft Antique Jelks oak dining billiard table for sale , REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE!

We have a client who due to a house move wishes to sell on their much cherished billiard dining table , made by Jelks and in the 7ft version .
The table is in oak has been subject to a renovation by the owner 15 years ago and only home use .
I have been informed he paid over £1000 to have it renovated when he first got it , so the wood work has been well looked after .
this model is called the Challenge and made by W Jelks & sons of Holloway Road London around the 1920/30s .
value wise around £1500 in current condition , a dealer would ask a little more for it .

The owner wants around XXXX  REDUCED to £1000 for quick sale  for this nice period oak dining table , so offers around this price . Was £1500 save £500 !

Dining convertible snooker / billiard tables are much more sought after than a full size table and therefore hold their market price more , especially if it has gone through a refurbishment and is not showing signs of wear apart from cloth wear . where you can pick up a full size table for a good price , these diners are very sought after so normally start at around £500 in shabby state to £2000 for immaculate condition.

jelks 7ft diner end down

Take a look at the photo’s and if you are interested in a fine old billiard diner with the Jelks manufacture quality , then contact Geoff at c.large@btinternet.com , and he will pass on your details to the seller .
all sales on GCL billiards web site are Private sales direct from the seller with no middle men fee’s added , we only take £25 from the seller for admin fee’s and time spent emailing  if we put a buyer in touch and they buy it . if no sale then no fee is charged to selling client . the buyer is never charged any fee for the sale .

if you want GCL billiards to quote for a move of this table then also contact Geoff with your post code , and inform if any steps or stairs  are involved , this item is located in Hertfordshire WD3 .

the table has a rise and fall system with screw feet leveling . as can be seen in the following photo’s in a raised position for playing and lower with solid oak boards on for dining .

jelks 7ft diner oak boards off raised jelks 7ft diner oak jelks 7ft oak diner side raisedjelks oak 7ft diner board off one end