6ft Ball & Claw Raise and fall Riley Billiard / Snooker dining table for sale

Ball and claw is one of those designs that looks amazing and at just £550 a Bargain for someone .
it is what we in the trade call Reasonable condition .
I had one of these myself in 5ft form some years ago sold it to my mate , then bought it back then sold it again ,
much was my liking for these type of tables .

These tables do fetch some good money when fully renovated , but today this one in this condition is only £550 a BARGAIN
just brush up the cloth fit a new set of nets and leathers and its ready to go .
Or you may want to go for a full re-cloth maybe re-rubber , and nets and leathers and antique wax the frame cushions and boards .
you have choices as to how much you wish to spend on it .

the 4 tops for the diner and they are original ones .

if the leathers are ok you may get away with just a set of medium to small sized  bag nets
cloth may be ok , or may choose to go for a re-cloth .
We have not seen this table , it is a Private sale on our web site for a selling client based near Bristol .
so we cannot inform you of the state of the cloth or the rubber or the nets and leathers , ok yes it is obvious the nets want replacing .
it is all down to personal circumstances plus finances  and what people think is an acceptable cloth condition .
I like to look at tables like these and see they could suit all sorts of budgets .
the table is well worth £550 though so the price is set at that , and buyer collects .
this table will fit into a large Estate car
the slate is 6ft long by 3ft wide cushions come off and the frame strips down .

the frame with bolt on corner plates on the inside of each corner , plus it has the 2nd part of the lifter on the side rails still attached .

the other parts to the lifters are all here , including the under screw thread part that fastens to the underside of the slate bed frame work .

the table comes with it’s original scoreboard too included in the price .

the all important serial number which informs us two things  A68161

A stands for Accrington , the town where EJ Riley where based

the first number is 6 = 6ft model .
this number will also be stamped into the underside of the top dining boards
it is not unusual to have different numbers on the cushions as these where made in the Cushion workshop , and the frame and tops made in the frame workshop .
so the cushions will still have the A6 on them but have different numbers to the frame after the 6 .
I have never seen one with fully matching numbers .
these tables where first made around  1910 circa and described as The Riley Combined billiard diners  , they where made right up to the 1950s maybe 60s .
this one I would say is around the 1930s circa just before the WAR .

1934 advert , this table was £26   10/-  , that’s  £26 50p .
a House in the London area could be bought for £395 in the mid-1930s when average earnings were about £165 per year
so £26.50p was a lot of money back then , so much that riley offered monthly payments , and that is why we see a few of these riley billiard dining tables  about .
Ball and claw was not one of the standard design legs ,

the top turned and fluted leg was the most produced along with square fluted legs
A chance to own one of these Fine tables at an affordable price .
£550 buyer collects from  Cardigan, Ceredigion SA43 3NH .

Inquiries to Geoff at GCL billiards please
THIS IS A PRIVATE SALE it is not GCL: billiards stock , you are buying direct from the Private seller .
who have asked us to advertise the table on their behalf .