3 counties snooker and pool sports bar opening in Long Eaton Today the 26th of June 2015 , Opening day offer free table time all day long .

We have been called in to snag a few table repairs prior to re-opening today .
this old Riley snooker club has had a bit of a face lift and 8 Brand new Supreme pool tables installed and has been re branded the 3 counties snooker and pool sports bar.
My work was to replace 2 bed cloths which had been damaged and also one snooker cushion re-cover plus level all the pool tables and fit Racking skirts.
3 counties match table room new smart cloth finished
the match room table , this table had a L shape rip that the builders had managed to do , the manager was not impressed , and the main reason it ripped was the cloth was put on slack with tacks every 12 inch apart .
3 counties match table tacks 12 inch apart
as can be seen the tack holes where 12 inch apart , slack cloths will ride up in front of a cue stab and the result is always a L shape tear
3 counties L shape rip
the L shape rip , the last thing our client wanted was to open today with two tables out of use , this slack clothed table had to have a new bed cloth fitted , and all my tacks had at least 4 to 5 inch apart and the cloth was put on tight .
but we managed to salvage some of this cloth for cushion cloth for the next time the tables have a re-cover .
3 counties club table new bed smart
The other table which is situated just outside the match room had water damage from a pipe burst in the ceiling , this resulted in another new bed cloth and one cushion being re-covered.
3 counties pool tables x 8
Downstairs in the main sports bar area , there are 8 Brand new supreme winner pool tables in Black pearl finish and green strachan cloth .
there is a raised darts area and a lounge area with Large screen TV’s fitted around the room .
A lift is soon to be recommissioned to get disabled members upstairs to the darts area and the snooker area where there are 11 full size snooker tables .