GCL Billiards is CLOSED until mid JULY to Late JULY ….due to Surgery on hand due to Duyuptren’s contracture

We are not taking any work on now until after July
I am having surgery on my hand to straighten curling fingers due to Duyuptren’s contracture .
or Viking or Pope’s disease as it is commonly known .
This is caused by thick lumpy nodules forming on the guiders of the fingers , this shortens the guiders to contract and bring the fingers in towards the palm of the hand .
surgery corrects this and straightens the fingers out , but it is an intrusive surgery that requires at least 6 to 10 weeks of healing and physio after the operation .
Zig Zag cutting of the palm of the hand is required to get into the nodules , as an example I will show what is going to happen to me on June the 3rd .
as you can see from the two illustrations , I will not be able to move those fingers freely until at least 6 weeks have passed and maybe 4 weeks of physio to get them moving again .
I need to be able to fully grip cloth to stretch it , also to grip tools or pinch cloth between finger and thumb , and to load and unload heavy slates .
I will ask all my clients and future clients to wait a bit while this is done if you want GCL Billiards to do the work on your Q sports table .
I will continue to answer emails and put you down for future work come July and August .
also to offer advise on your Q sports table .
I am worth waiting for , I have been a billiards fitter for over 47 years , I work from many recommendations including being listed on Hainsworth fit list of fitters .
I use top quality materials , and I keep away from the low priced Chinese cloth and rubber .