Coming soon , BCE Westbury steel cushion table in Rare Light Oak ….. NOW SOLD DEPOSIT TAKEN

Now sold and table move arranged through GCL billiards

old advert read

This table is based in the Havant Portsmouth Area . and is now available for sale from it’s private owner direct .
The price is £2500 for it as it stands with all equipment like scoreboard balls and rests .
You will then have to pay for dismantling loading , delivery unloading and set up by a qualified time served billiards fitter , and it will require a re-cloth , and maybe new nets and leathers depending on condition when inspected on strip down .
you may even think about a re-rubber if using it as a main feature match table in a club .
Very rare to find one in Oak which alone would draw attention to it and a main attraction to a club to play finals on .

Photo’s are just a taster better photos to follow soon from the seller .
very rare to find these now for sale and even rarer in Oak .

the last price I can find on these BCE tables in mahogany was £8000 plus delivery and set up , but they will now be closer to a Riley aristocrat price , but look again this one is OAK , you would have to pay extra for a Oak table .
They are sought after tables , prized as being one of the best steel tournament cushioned tables going
Even John Higgins sold his own match star table and replaced it with one of these BCE Westbury’s sourced by GCL billiards .
But John’s was a mahogany one , there are thousands made in mahogany , but only a few special ordered oak ones where manufactured so rare to find , and I think will not be up for sale long before someone spots it for what it is , and compares the price of say a new Riley Aristocrat , which are £14193.60p new today on the riley web site , for comparison ask Riley how much they will make a BCE Westbury for in Oak .
Then come back and bag this Bargain , this would make an ideal club match table .

Riley now market and make the BCE Westbury and have relaunched it and advertised it as the ,


The BCE Westbury Snooker Table; 1982 – 1992. As used at the World Professional Snooker championships and other televised events.

BCE are re-launching the iconic BCE Westbury Snooker Table as used by the WPBSA between 1982 – 1992 when the motivating factor was, the table selected for these WPBSA events was the best in its class.

Click on this link or paste it , to see a … Light OAK …. BCE Westbury being used as a Final table in the Masters Snooker final of 1985 Alex Higgins V Steve Davies .

New pool tables for rental contracts locally to Nottingham , Derby and Leicester areas and surrounding districts .

We have just installed another Supreme winner to our pool table rental contract portfolio
this one is at the Tutbury Club near Burton on Trent .
having heard of our unrivalled Pool rental agreements , that others find hard to match .
Two re-cloths a year , this is ideal Summer and Winter leagues , be the envy of other teams in the league
who maybe playing on old worn out tables , dead cushions , slow cloths , and supplied and serviced slot machine mechanics who have no clue how to maintain a cue sports table .
If you wanted some one to service your car you would not employ a Kitchen installer , the same can be said for Cue sports tables , a Time served billiards fitter will maintain a table much better than a fruit machine mechanic , so arrange your pool table rental from the Experts here at GCL billiards , time served fitter Geoff Large started working on pool tables in the mid 1970’s , so has now been in this industry over 47 years as we speak and still showing no signs of retiring .

A brand new Supreme winner picked up from near Manchester at the factory this morning and installed this afternoon .

This club has new Pool teams entered into leagues .
and they wanted a brand new supreme winner with the back up of a professional firm like GCL billiards to maintain it to that high standard they expect .