Working at Butlins all week next week , away from phone and emails until Friday evening .

Week commencing 25th April to 29th April .

I am working at Skegness Butlins re-clothing multi tables in the green Baize on site until Friday
then have a Snooker table to re-cloth on the way back in Lincoln
due to working in metal building all day the phone signal is zero .
and I do not take a PC or lap top with me to access my emails and never reply to emails or even read them on a small telephone screen .
so any emails will not be picked up until I return Home on Friday evening the 29th April .

Butlins Skegness

Supreme coin operated 7×4 pool table wanted

I am in need of a black pearl supreme winner pool table , coin operated mechanical coin op type straight 6 .
Green badge onwards , willing to look at other colour bodies of main table
Cloth condition not bothered a sit will be re-clothed also rubber bounce not too bothered
but cabinet must be good order .
CASH waiting