SOLD ! Burroughs and Watts full size oak snooker table for sale fantastic condition £1500

NOW SOLD and not for sale unless buyer pulls out

We have a client based in Slough , who would like to sell their full size snooker table
the table from the photos looks to have been renovated by alliance billiards and is in very good condition . my client is looking for £1500 which is rather less than he paid for it a few years ago .
so look upon this table as a mid range priced table that in rough condition would cost around £500 to £750 , but then you would have to pay a lot to get it to this standard .
in fact much more to go down that route than this route of already renovated .
as you can see from the photos it is a very nice turned and fluted leg in medium oak , not many oak tables around for sale , plenty in mahogany but not oak .
Typical leg design of Burroughs and watts with concealed church window knee panels , with secret lift push and tilt out action to reveal the leg bolt heads .
accessories are in with the sale all inclusive at £1500 , buyer to arrange to have the table dismantled and relocated .
GCL Billiards could quote for this work after purchase .
but get a quote anyway to see total costings , please send a full address post code location of where the table is to be delivered we only do ground floor installs now , this table is located on a ground floor at present .

as you see exceptional condition .
Cloth looks almost new , and wood work as just been re-polished .

Emails playing up some not getting through

We are experiencing some email disruption off a few people emailing us and the message is not getting through .
and it is the same when I send an email to them , and they try and reply to it .
tried emptying past emails , clearing spam and deleted mails .
to free up space to see if that was the problem , but it is still a problem for us .
so if you have not heard from me , please try another method of contact , like text message to our mobile
077534 66064
until we sort this problem out .

Email Delivery Problems

Working away for three days this week no contact available .

Back Friday evening , got a few big job’s coming relocating snooker tables and re-clothing
February is full no days left , also most of March full and I have got to fit two funerals in , so some disruption to dates is also going to happen .
sorry for that I have no control of funerals dates .
and will attend as close family and a close friend back in the day of my youth .
you can rearrange a lost days work , but not a missed funeral .

Bad Back occupational hazard

Now and again my back will give way and last Saturday this did happen , this may be due to a bad lift or over working the lifting part of my job .
this time it was small 7ft pool table not a large full size that did the damage , and yes i was wearing a spinal back support with adjustable straps which supports my back

So to some job’s that require lifting heavy slates i am going to turn some work bookings away
I have a few days rest or work that involves no lifting so I can rest my back while still working .
Hopefully the two big jobs of full size tables relocations coming up in the next two weeks are not affected .