GCL BILLIARDS are back open after January 5th 2022 after Christmas and new year break .

We hope everyone has had a good break over the Christmas period .
we are back open for business and table re-cloth bookings from January 5th onwards
we have a good stock of cloth in green for both snooker and pool tables , so we are taking bookings for January and February for re-clothing work .
also a stock of rubber in both Northern English manufactured  and also the most used import type for pool tables is also in stock  .

please note our cloth suppliers and parts suppliers are also closed and re-open the same day so any parts or special none stock cloth grades and colours ,
will have to be ordered after that date from the 5th of January 2022 , this may cause a bit of a problem if our stockists do not have that specific colour or grade in stock from the off of re-start in the New year .
please remember that during covid times production and wool supplies have also hit problems .
it may be that you choose another grade of cloth or make , or colour as a back up if you want to get your table booked in .
common rule is there is always plenty of green cloth in stock .
but not all different colours or grades in those colour apart from Green are available .

also the supplies of replacement pool cushions may be a problem in specific sizes , especially 6ft size .
due to demand of new pool tables on back order , the suppliers may be reluctant to part with re-placement cushions stocks and keep these for new pool table orders to be completed .
So the other alternative  will be a re-rubber of you existing cushions if that is the case .
this may cause a bit of problem in time if we have to pick the cushions up , re-rubber then return , and also more costly if that was the case than simply buying replacement cushions
but we can re-rubber on site , a bit messy but it can be done .

But on re-rubbering you can upgrade to UK made Northern Rubber rather than the normal Import canvas backed rubber everyone uses
even Supreme and DPT and other manufacturers use import rubber from new .
obviously Northern rubber is a premium rubber and this will incur a higher price than a simple import rubber -replacement .
and we normally look for two clients or two tables to do at the same time if using Northern rubber as one set of full size northern rubber will do two 6ft or 7ft tables .

we are now using the latest yellow dot Northern rubber for these upgrade of rubber work .
so you can see that you are getting the best manufactured up to date re-rubber .  MADE IN ENGLAND in Retford Nottingham
at the Northern rubber company , now owned by Hainsworth

We are getting a lot of bookings coming in for 2022 already so best email me at


to book work in which will be quicker if done that way than phone as I am hands on work during the day , I may not be able to answer a phone during that time or maybe Driving .
Please note , I always look at emails first thing on my return Home in the evenings to book work in to days that are remaining on our calendar  .
but you are free to phone if you wish , but please leave a text or answerphone message , I go through these phone calls and messages  after emails have been replied to .
a common occurrence is the very old red or pink rubber that often goes rock hard , please check your cushions if you wish to have your table re-clothed

as you can see one cushion may be hard the rest soft , but we only change them in full sets we do not just mix and match cushion rubber with second hand part sets .
if one has gone hard the others are not far behind it , so it is false economy to have a part cushions replacement and any firm offering that choice are wrong to do it .
and should be avoided , if they cut corners on that part of the work what else is wrong with their standards and workmanship ?
Now and again we may have a decent FULL MATCHED SET of cushions that we let go for a lower price than new , but we do inspect them and note how good they are  , but we never mix and match a set .

Hard rubber held out like a stick , no re-bound value at all , just like hitting rock
and new rubber hanging down , soft and plenty of bounce .

Superb Condition Full size Vintage pre 1895 snooker / billiard table for sale …. at a very affordable price of £2000

We have a client who wishes to sell their fully refurbished at great cost  full size snooker  / billiard  table
at present famous sports celebrity owned ( premier division footballer )
Client confidentiality is to be observed so I cannot say who it is , without consent .
My client has inherited the table on a house sale , but prefers his American pool table which is in his old property  and which we have to move into this space .
As you can see immaculate condition and re-clothed in Taupe colour cloth

some accessories like rests and the balls are with the table sale
we are not asking for a lot for this table and I have negotiated a price of £2000 as it stands for a very quick sale and pick up .
Price is accessed because we have taken into account what it may cost a new owner , on top of the £2000
it varies on price to have one collected and installed it all depends on distances , and if two days or one is involved or a very long day .
the table will be dismantled and Bubble wrapped of all polished parts , and available for collection from the Alderley edge area , near Manchester .
Be quick on this one

as you can see the polish on the table is very good as is the cloth condition
talking about the cloth I think this is a Hainsworth smart  manufactured  taupe coloured cloth  a very bespoke colour choice and would have been a special order colour .
very rare to find and choice  , so a bit exclusive to have this coloured cloth .
The cloth could be refitted so a re-cloth is not required in our opinion .

Scoreboard is included .
there is no lighting so you would have to arrange for a suitable lighting to be installed if you bought the table .
which I think is a very good price for such a fine period table in this excellent condition .
there is some previous vague history with the table that it once belonged to Alex Higgins ,
I have always stated unless you have photo proof or signed documentation never to sell a table that this is true , yet I will mention it .
my client does not make this claim , it was just something that was passed down to him via the house sale .

If you require a quote for a pick up of the table and load and deliver and  Ground floor installation ,
please let Geoff at GCL Billiards know and give your full post code address for the quote .

You do not have to use GCL billiards you can arrange any billiards firm or pick the table up yourself .
table will be bubble wrapped , just back up to the storage  Garage , slates are near the door standing upright like a door .
just load your own van if you wanted to keep the price down for collection , you can hire  a 35cwt sprinter or long wheelbase  van for as little as £100
then just pay for a more local billiards fitter close to you to set back up and re-fit the cloth .

What ever route you go by for collection ,  we fully recommend professional billiards firm or fitter assembles the table for you .
Bad fitting of any cue sports table will be a big disappointment to any player .

All inquiries to Geoff at GCL Billiards for the table sale

via our email


we will pass on any interested persons inquiries ,  to our clients Father in law who is dealing with the table sale .

8ft Riley snooker table for sale …Offers on the low side should take this .

We have an elderly couple who because of a house move cannot take their treasured snooker table with them .
due to this they are willing to listen to offers on the low side for a quick sale and removal by 2nd week of January or before  Christmas would be more preferable .
no silly offers please , lets not take advantage of them .
we think it is a one section slate bed but has the much better 6 legs so central support of the slate to stop sagging in the middle  .
if a three section slate then even better buy .
I have not seen the table in the flesh so cannot say what type of slate it has a one piece 8ft by 4ft , or three section  jointed type .
but I think from experience of working on a few this size it has the one piece 8ft by 4ft type on it .
and we think it is a Riley as that is what they where sold from new .

The table may require a re-cloth due to fading but it is playable as it is for the time being .
looks to have full size pockets so if you cannot fit a full size then this may be ideal to practice on .
there are also some accessories with it .
the table is in Needlingworth  ,ST Ives ,  CAMBRIDGE AREA , if you have a set of piano wheels and large van then this  may be an easy move if one piece slate bed .
just remove the cushions and pocket rails to make things easy .
Frame dismantles down to parts .

Nets and leathers are in very good condition , as is the polish .

Legs are nice turned type in the style of a Riley Regis table
looks like a table cloth cover underneath .
Contact Geoff for more details please .
at GCL Billiards .

Not available for telephone calls or emails this next 4 days . Back on line Friday 10th December .

Due to work commitments and a small break .

I will not be contactable until Friday afternoon 10th December  to read any emails or answer telephone calls
please ring me or email me on Friday the 10th . if you have any work enquiries .
as you can see and expect Christmas is a very busy time in all trades but especially the Home leisure and pub trade .


simply not enough hours in a day to fit anymore work in .
it has been a difficult year what with coming in and out of Covid restrictions and now more restrictions and protocol are probably on their way .

After Christmas break and new year .

I am taking booking for the new year , and already January is filling up with work I have on my notice board
to fit in ., these people have been very understanding to wait until a slot in the new year and some made inquiries in early November to try and get work done for Christmas .
it was just not possible to take it on .
So these people are priority for January and beginning of March , there may be the odd day slotted here and there between these bookings so it is possible to fit you in January
we are returning to work on January the 10th .
I am also having some Building work done which hopefully will be done and dusted and completed in the next few weeks .
a few snagging problems to sort out , but hopefully we can start the decorating first week of January when the plaster has fully dried out
hence why I say January the 10th when I will return to work .

Have a nice Christmas break to all our clients and future clients