Hybrid table parts from other tables made this table what it is … and how we improved it

Full size snooker table , the work involved re-rubber and re-cloth and check level , this table is an odd ball Allied billiards putting together a table made up from different make tables .
and what we term as a hybrid table
legs from an old 1910 circa Orme & sons  and new wood for frame and inner bearers and legs are mahogany .
the cushions where also from a Riley and had a date code Mar 31 , March 1931 and are in oak so a different table than the legs .
the slates being numbered for cushions the opposite way around than most tables point these to being Burroughs and watts .
it is well known that Burroughs and watts number anti clockwise while most number them clockwise when fitting the cushions to the slates .
I was taught this by two fitters I worked under while doing my apprenticeship as a Billiards fitter .
My client complained of not being able to build a decent break and the pocket openings where tight , I opened them up to 1990 template size , but the back of the pocket was very tight and caused rattle , so we eased the fall into the table by filing the slate , someone had a go at this last time but did not take enough off , and also rasped it very rough , we smoothed over and increased the fall slightly .

Finished table looks inviting .

Cushions stripped of inferior Barton white rubber to allow new Best quality Hainsworth northern Rubber to be fitted and angles shaped

Northern Rubber by Hainsworth …only the best rubber used for billiard / Snooker tables in the world .

all 6 rubbers glued up on my Glue board in one go .
Contact adhesive Glue is hand spread on using a  glue comb for even distribution , no spray on glue rubbish which when used allows the rubber to fall off .

Strachan 6811 Tournament cloth 32 oz grade for longer lasting cloth .
this is showing the reverse side of the cloth not the napped face side .

Client was complaining about balls not entering slate fall and not being able to build a big break ,
so we brought them in a little , and fixed the bodge of the previous fitter who had tried to do the rasp of slate fall last time , and make a very rough job of it .
all pockets where different sizes , we made a template for the fall and duplicated it on all 4 corners and made them more smooth a surface down the fall .

the pocket now looks more like a modern pocket opening .

Looks very inviting a photo from above the table
which is located close to Uttoxeter .As you can see we filed the slate fall in to allow our client more ease at potting , someone had done this in the past but had done it very crudely and rough .
we smoothed it all down and it is a vast improvement for him.
Before the corner pockets where different sizes now they are all the same as we made a template up for the fall curve .
we had a good discussion on how my client wanted his table to play like , we do all we could to improve the pocket openings and used made in the UK materials to complete this
no low cost far east materials where used .

Another 7ft pool table re-cloth at the Bell Inn Sawley in Hainsworth Precision .

Local work for me in my home town of Long Eaton and Sawley
Bought new from GCL billiards this Supreme Winner in Black Pearl , and re-clothed every 6 months means this table is very well kept .

This time Ross went for Hainsworth Precision , the Fastest wool nap cloth you can buy .
not known for its wear qualities but Players will love its speed and accuracy , hence why it is named PRECISION .
and this table gets a re-cloth every 6 months anyway so long lasting thick slow cloth is not required at this pub who put their pool players first .

The Bell Inn Sawley , well kept and run pub and a good selection of ales .

8ft Brunswick American pool table Re-cloth in Hainsworth Cadet Blue Elite Pro .

I have been up to Derbyshire this week near Matlock to a Holiday let .
I do a few Holiday let pool and snooker tables around Derbyshire .
this table was a very nice Brunswick Metro Model in 8ft form , rare as most are sold as a 9ft .

Sleek modern design with silver trim in  a Beech effect wood .
Note the matching cue rack .

Table was stripped down cushions off and every staple taken out ,
a sign of quality work from any firm is to see they have taken every old staple out on strip down .
Slates cleaned off check slate joints and level .
Also check that all frame bolts have not come loose .

Laying the cloth on the table to show it is a branded Hainsworth Elite pro speed cloth … Made in the UK

Close up of the Brand name and MADE IN ENGLAND .
We use as much Made in the UK materials as is possible before we have to go down the far east or Euro route for spares .
It is fallacy that that other Good brand Euro made cloths are better , I have been fitting cloth for 45 years and our own made in the UK brands are market leaders .
and shows that firms that use these cloths are firms to be trusted .
This cloth is Worsted cloth , and is made up from 70% wool and 30% man made fibres for longer life span , with no nap for speed .
a hard wearing cloth and not easy to0 rip so in a situation of a holiday let you can be assured it will take some rough treatment .

Cushions stripped and re-clothed .

Cadet Blue is a very nice shade of blue , in fact this is the first time I have used this colour in Hainsworth Elite pro
my client says it is very close to Cornflower blue .
I have used Hainsworth Elite pro American speed cloth on pool tables many times
and can confirm it has excellent playing and long life qualities .
You can choose from a good selection of colours , but this Cadet blue is now my favourite colour .

as for the holiday let if you are interested  then you can book on this web site

Two full size Re-cloth plus pool table in peak district near Buxton

Last two days working at Sterndale Social club up near Buxton in the Peak district , re-cloth two full size in Strachan 6811 tournament and one pool table in Strachan 6811 pool .
and fit new leathers nets and ball rails .
the cloth on the snooker tables that I removed was low cost 777 pool cloth , not designed to go on a full size table and it lasted 20 years 😲 it was very slow , the tables are old ,
the John Stevens top plate model table is pre 1890 and the Riley one is around 1920 , they have two old life pool scoreboards that really could do with a bit of work on them , and a nice rotating period cue rack too .
Been a good two days but no phone network up there so it you been trying to contact me that is the reason I have not answered you .
The old Hazel grove super league pool table 1970s model , I replaced the old cam fixings for the cushions with bolts and half moon adaptors , nice and tight cushions now .

Re-cloth of Snooker and Pool tables at Local Club .

I have Visited one of  our local  clubs the soldiers & Sailors Club Long Eaton .
to carry out a full size snooker table re-cloth in Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth

and also to re-cloth in super fine napped  wool cloth
in Hainsworth Precision , which is probably the fastest and most accurate napped wool cloth you could buy .

many thanks to Collette and Pete who have showed faith in repeat work with GCL billiards .
As some of you may know my back has been very painful this last month or so and I had to stop lifting heavy items for a while  , I am finding it easing up now and I have free movement
as long as I wear a support belt , so I am resuming Snooker table dismantles and relocations , but only from Ground floor to Ground floor locations
no stairs or more than one or two steps that can be ramped .