Three full size snooker tables for sale in Folkstone , one Aristocrat and two Karnehm and Hillman .

We have a client in Folkstone who has three full size tables for sale ,
only draw back is they are upstairs .

Two Karnehm and Hillman and one match play Riley Aristocrat .
we have had an offer put forward on the riley aristocrat all ready

Ignore the riley badge this is a Karnehm and Hillman table , TABLE 1
Riley may have re-rubbered it some time in the past and placed one of their badges on it

Karnehm and hillman table 2
These are very nice tables to work and play on and are on par with a standard Riley aristocrat for build and play quality .

Riley Aristocrat The main match table in this Club , an offer is pending on this table as we speak .
just bid your highest amount offer .

you can make an offer on any of these full size snooker tables , but please take into account it is up to the buyer to have the tables
Dismantled and taken down stairs , so please arrange with a fitter or firm or allow yourself plenty of men to get these slates downstairs .
Buyer removes is the condition of sale .
This upstairs club is being cleared ready for re-rental of the room by the owner of the property .

all inquiries to

ALL SOLD …… 6 supreme winner pool tables




Under instruction to clear a room formerly a pool snooker club of all tables and advertise all tables for sale .

Please make sure when you phone up after I give you contact details what table you are buying with the sellers agent IAN , and are available and not sold , if you buy a oak one you want the oak one when you turn up , and not be offered a black ash , any discrepancies are not the responsibility of GCL billiards for any mishaps or arranging to buy , you are buying direct from the seller not GCL billiards , and your buying contract is with the seller not us .
We are only advertising the tables for sale for the buyer and are not responsible for any discrepancies in the sale .

Here we have a selection of second hand pool table priced to sell …. PLEASE NOTE buyer collects from upstairs room ( 1st Floor )
you will need two very strong guys or 4 people to help get these downstairs so we have priced them to sell at  a lower price because of that .
and a van or vehicle large enough to take the quantity you require .
a medium wheel base medium high roof Vauxhall Movano will take three of these tables easy as an example .
but would be a push to try and get 4 in .

As an Example of how to load

PLEASE NO OFFERS … you may know there is a shortage of these second hand tables around to buy at the moment due to covid so they are  priced to sell quickly first come first served .
every one is buying them up to stay at home to play .
I have no doubt that these tables will be snapped up as soon as they are seen for sale at these very reasonable prices .
If you are prepared to travel hire van and take a team with you of 2 to 4 men , you will grab bargain .

Black ash Supreme winner pool table coin op type £400 as seen in photo above of actual table .
not sure on corner plate type plastic or metal chrome but being black ash I would say chrome plastic , but has preferred alloy cushion trim .
Buyer removes and collects themselves .

black ash Supreme pool table all black ash tables are coin op
older type table with chrome plastic corners but has the preferred alloy cushion trim not the cheap black plastic . £400 as seen in photo .
buyer removes and collects themselves .

another black ash coin op table with alloy cushion trims £400 as seen in photo buyer collects and removes themselves .

Supreme winner in Walnut finish , has the modern metal chrome corners and cushion alloy trim and is the red and cream badged model
not not a very old one £450 as seen in photo buyer collects and removes themselves .

another walnut model , again modern metal chrome corners and alloy cushion trim so around same age as the red badged model .
£450 as seen in photo buyer collects and removes themselves .

The best table is last , Oak supreme Green badged so not very old at all .
£525 sold as seen in the photo , buyer collects themselves .
Please note it is the buyers responsibility to remove the tables , there will be no labour available from the sellers on the day you arrange to pick one or more up .

The tables are based in Folkstone in Kent , my client is based abroad in Hong Kong at the moment ,  but he has a UK agent for entry into the club .
it would be ideal to sell as a job lot and for this the prices of each table could be reduced by £20 per table as a job lot collection in one go .
a saving of £120 over the Six tables .
£20 per table discount kicks in at 4 tables or more
I can offer £15 discount per table for up to 3 tables , if two tables then £10 discount per table .
I am trying to get a UK phone number for my clients agent for direct UK contact , cash on collection would be the preferred method  of payment .
just to make you feel easy about the tables as my client is based abroad .
My client owns the property that needs to be cleared of these tables and needs them of the building so he can  rent out the building or sell or put to other use again .

all inquiries by email please to

Back to work tomorrow from our holiday , but we may find ourselves in Lock down again !

Well back to work after our break in Devon , lucky for us it was a very good week for sunshine and high temperatures for September .
What does the future hold for us this  next week , well we are fully booked out with work at home on cushions .
so not much traveling to do or mixing with people .

It is down to what the government do next week ,  with lock down being touted as a possibility again .
Tuesday 22nd of September , seems to be a big announcement day according to Boris’s advisers  .
It may be we will have a full UK lockdown again after Tuesday ? ….. or at least part of UK in total lockdown , the most infected area’s .
we will just have to play it day by day , it may effect some bookings we have in , which may have to be cancelled and rebooked in after any restrictions imposed .
But as I said we will have to see day by day what those restrictions are , at the moment we are planning to complete any booked in work as scheduled .
but with high fine’s of up to £10.000  being imposed on being caught out under any lock down or restrictions we have to abide by the law .
It was always going to have an increase of infection  , as restrictions where relaxed , not a lot of people have taken it seriously and have mixed too much which is causing this second corona virus spike .
and I see not too many bars and pub’s where wiping tables down between customers   , I witnessed this this even on Holiday .
We carried our own wipes and hand gel sanitiser with us on Holiday ad wore masks when we where mixing in close enclosed quarters  , as I also suspected the bars and pubs to have watered down their own sanitiser to reduce costs .
Hopefully it will not effect us going forward and I get to fulfil those orders in October I have taken on .

Away next week from Sunday 13th to Sunday 20th September …GCL billiards closed for Business for one week .

We will be closed for Business for one week from Sunday 13th of September to 20th , back at work on 21st September .
although my Daughter will still be at Home with the dogs , we are shut for business for phone calls emails and work for one week .
we are on Holiday in Brixham Devon for a week and no phones will be taken with us or lap tops .
Taking a  Holiday means switching off from work , and we do not attempt to answer calls during this time period .
Please do not clog up our emails or  phone answering service or text service as it takes a very long day to trawl through them when I get back .


Karnehm & Hillman Buckingham full size snooker table for sale …NOW SOLD for just £500


My client has now sold this table Privately .  and it is no longer available .

But we are always on the look out for reasonably priced tables for buying clients , if you have one like this or the same make , then we may be able to help you sell it through our for sale pages
it is free to list a table and we only charge just £25 if we find a buyer for you , this to cover our time on the internet net and the odd phone call ARRANGING THE SALE  .
a small price to pay for such a service and much better than eBay , as our web site is often clicked on to find such tables .


it is then up to the buyer if they choose to go with GCL billiards to move the table or find their own firm or move it themselves .



If you prefer the older design features of an old billiards table yet wish it to play like a modern table then this table is for you .

The much sought after Karnehm & Hillman full size 8 tulip design carved leg  Buckingham model , if you are looking for a table look no further .
and at just £500 it is a come and buy me price .

Not sure on sunlight if this has affected the wood at the window end may have lightened it a bit  ,
but the woodwork does look in very good order .

this table is all about these fantastic tulip designed carved type leg

at each leg there are carved scrolls either side on middle and corner legs , and a multi reed bead to the frame and lower cushion .
you may notice they use the older design of clip in buttons to hide both leg and cushion bolts
this is a much sought after design , that mimics the older looking tables yet plays like a modern table of the 1980’s onward’s .

A lighting shade and scoreboard balls and triangle and cue rack is also included in the price .
You may notice the lack of hooks for rests , My client says he had the table renovated , and if you do not fit hooks you cannot mark the frame with cross rest nibble .
when people put the rests back on the hook they hit the frame with the brass ends of the rest marking and eventually wearing out the polish
this one is untouched , and that is because they cannot put a cross rest head on the table .
I am amazed sometimes that people spend large amounts of money to have a table fully re polished only for them to mark the frame with cross rest nibble ,
I always try and educate people not to have hooks fitted if possible and to place rests in a free standing rack .
this just shows this seller is wise to what a  cross rest can do to the ends of the table .

Now the bad part
The cloth looks very faded , so I would recommenced a full re-cloth for any buyer

Now I like to make sure every body understands what the sale includes and what is extra
a Re-cloth would be extra of course .
and the dismantle load , travelling unloading and assemble of the table to a ground floor room is also going to extra
we do not do upstairs or basement fitting of tables all tables have to be installed on Ground floor .
if you wish a stairs install then get in touch with Geoff who will go through the Extra – extra costs of  a stair install as many men are required to lift slates up or down stairs
…unless you have a lift the slates fit in ?

to get quotes for both a re-cloth and the relocation of the table get in touch with Geoff or Carol by email
also all inquiries for this table to .