Pool table recovering / reclothing in Derby clubs and pubs .

I have just completed two re-covers on winner supreme pool tables for local establishments in and around Derby
My morning stop off local to me at sawley derbyshire , a pub with an upstairs pool / poker room .
W Lion sawley strip down pool
the cloth was ready for a re-cover on this table
w lion sawley cushions tripped
Every staple is taken out , unlike some hit and run firms who just pull the old cloth off and  leave all the old staples in and cover over them
a case of what the eye cannot see , We at GCL Billiards take every staple out .
w lion sawley cushions re-covered
Cushions re-covered in Strachan 6811 pool cloth .
w lion sawley 6811 cloth stamp
the Strachan brand pronounced Strawn , and the 6811 grading is our most asked for cloth and used throughout the industry for pool tables in pubs and clubs that league pool teams play on , a 100% pure new wool cloth , and at 28 oz it is pretty fast .
some may ask for an upgrade to the full 30 oz Strachan tournament as used on full size snooker tables , but this is 30 oz grade more expensive , and at the end of the day they are both made from the same 100% pure new wool .
w lion sawley lid up recovered
slate covered and cushions refitted cabinet and rails cleaned out , almost finished , just got to attend to the leveling which is a problem on this table because the feet have been stripped of their threads and will not screw up or down , a common fault when a ball sticks the players lift the table up and bang it down to free the ball , this ball sticking is caused by muck on the rails , that is why GCL Billiards clean the inside of the tbale when re-covering we do a full service not half of one .
w lion sawley leveling
I’m afraid I had to place a few beer matts under the feet to level this table , there is a repair kit available sometimes on ebay where you drill out the hole larger , fasten a new plate to the bottom of the leg and screw the feet back on , or you can get a welder to make some plates that can be bolted onto the bottom of the legs and have a nut welded on so the legs can be screwed back on ,or simply buy new legs .
w lion sawley finished table
table is now finished , 2 springs were also put back onto the EDR coin mech and side flip out tray cleaned .
My second table in Derby was at a social club on the outskirts of the City .
littleover sc cushions stripped ready for recover
striped cushions of all staples , again I always point this out to my clients as many other firms in the area just do a hit and run job and leave all old staples in the cushions
littleover sc vac out table pocket corner
it has been a year since my last re-cover at this social club and cloth shed dust is always going to happen in and around the pocket falls
I vacuum out the dust and wash down the rails .
littleover sc cleaned out pocket and cabinet corner
Now cleaned out , balls will not stick on the rails or flip out tray located in the side of the table .
littleover sc leveling .
table is finished re-covered in strachan 6811 and has been leveled
on these type of Supreme tables , you get a different sound when a ball bounces on the hinge side of the table
the bounce is not affected , but players moan that something is wrong when they hear this sound , this sound is the hinge rattle , by placing a bit of card between the hinge you can soften this sound noise down , but there will always be a sound difference from the clamp down side to the hinge side on any table that has hinges , but especially on supreme tables .
they are clamped down on coin mech side and ends , but are hinged on the far side by a split hinge , this so that the top can be removed easy to maintain and re-cover , but this split hinge rattles more than normal fixed hinges , and that is why so many pool players moan about the noise . this is a design fault if they used clamps all the way around there would be no moaning , but hinged lids are part of this tables design . and it is the most popular table sold in the UK .