, NOW GONE another table scrapped , slate’s and frame recycled and cushions being relocated to another table.

We have a client who is looking to sell their old type full size table. NOW DISMANTLED AND RECYCLED .

We had no choice but to recycle the slates within the building trade and the frame to the furniture trade , but we managed to use the Steel Block Burroughs and watts cushions and pocket plate’s on another table which had very bad split woodwork , so like to think we have saved at least part of this table within the Cue sports trade.

As with all our clients, it is free to advertise tables.  We do this in the hope that any buyer will use the services of GCL Billiards to move the table and any work they may require on the table etc.  Please take note this table is in an UPSTAIRS LOCATION.  We have people skilled in the art of billiard fitting and only a qualified person should attempt to take this table apart.  A lot of damage or injury could be the result if unskilled labour is used and could cost you in the long run.  We have the right equipment to move the slates which in an upstairs location can be a nightmare for unskilled people to move.
coventry table b&Watts ball
Not too sure but the table may be a Burroughs and Watts make.  The leg and cushion design certainly looks from that maker although the last people to work on the table where Halls Billiards.
Coventry table leg B&Watts
The table in it’s full glory
Coventry table full size photo

GCL Billiards to get repeat work for snooker tables in Leicester , 5 re-stretch bed cloths

Our client in Leicestershire renewed their faith in GCL Billiards in requesting for us to come back on the 12 month anniversay of the re-covers to re-stretch all 5 tables bed cloths and check for level etc  in this Establishment . we noted that two nets where worn so replaced these free of charge as a goodwill gesture .
We completed the work over two days , we did not want to rush the work , where many firms would have tried to complete in one day , although working on two at a time  ,we did each table as if we where working on just one and took our time to make sure all was correct before moveing onto the next table .
The Strachan 6811Tournament cloth is standing up to wear very well showing no excessive wear , another make was used last time we recovered them and I had to re-cover some end cushions when we did the re-stretch due to wear around the pocket openings  , so on this basis we always recommend the Strachan 6811 tournament over any other cloth .

I must say the tables are realy  looked after at this Venue , they get a Brush and iron 3 times a week . + extra for match play .
5 stretch bed cloths
All five tables are 1930/40s Riley Square legged  tables with 4 being Oak framed and one being Mahogany , they have in the past had all their cushions replaced by Rileys in the late 80s early 90s , so have modern mahogany cushions on them . We have recommended that they start to re-rubber the tables spread out  one table  every two years , this will mean in 10 years time all the tables will have had their rubber replaced and would mean only the extra cost of one table re-rubber every two years ontop of the re-covering costs , the cushions are around 25 years old now , so are due .
one table has slightly dished slates , and I have recommended that some adjustable slate supports ( Muntins) be added and by the simple turn of 6 bolts these can be adjusted to take the dip out of the slates by forceing pressure upwards under the slate in the centre ( only the table  fitter to adjust these ) .
One other recommendation would be to replace the coffin shades with the modern White light high frequency tube lighting as used in the Nottingham Snooker Academy . but they seem happy with the shades at the moment.
5 stretch bed 2

I would like to thank all my Clients who have arranged or are about to arrange for GCL Billiards for repeat work , it shows our clients trust in us to do the work correct and not rushed and not overcharge .
this is what GCL Billiards values are , to build a trusting relationship with our clients , and do every job as if it is GCL Billiards who is going back to do any work , we do it right because if it is done wrong  we risk the wrath of the client and also makes our job harder next time we re-cover plus our Reputation would get tarnished .
I always look back to the value’s of the first Master fitter who trained me many years ago Mick Robb , he and the other fitters after always said if a job is worth doing it is worth doing right .
My Old Boss John Hopkin ( now in his 80s and still going strong ) also had moral and Christian value’s , although I am not a practising Christian I always admired John for his ethic’s and beliefs and still do .

On holiday next week in Tenerife

Due to my OTHER HALF booking a holiday in our favourite resort in Tenerife, she has forced me into a break, even though the phone is still ringing with work coming in.  So we will not be available from Tuesday of next week the 2nd of July right through to Friday the following week, the 12th of July.  But my daughter is manning my mobile phone and the home phone for any work that may come in for the remaining FREE DAYS of July and August.  I would like to thank Steve and the Nottingham Snooker Academy for letting me move the recover dates for the 3rd recover so this enabled myself and Carol to jet off for some much earned sun and sea plus our favorite watering hole the Whisky Jar pub.

Yesterday I had a repeat booking for a full size table recover in Nottingham.  This venue has a re-cover every 8 months on a full sized snooker table.  They have three tables and rotate the recover so that they get one done every 2 years, one per 8 month period.  We also service the other two when we are there.
three tables maintained
Today my new van had to go back in to have a noisy fuel pump replaced, but they ordered the wrong pump so have to wait another day.  I am in a little Astra van until I get the Movano back.

I have just agreed to have the van sign written with pool balls on the side and a snooker theme on the rear, have a look at the photos of the final design.
van design sign written final
The van is being sign written and wrapped when I am away on holiday, so look out for our bright design on the road.  We are sure to get noticed with this art work, and it is all free advertising.

Graeme Dott’s steel block full size snooker table for sale…………….NOW SOLD



**** stop press just been informed that Graeme will accept just £900 for this steel block table as he requires the room , so first come first served .****
Email bigandy@mail2world.com  £900 for a 2006 world champions personal practice home  table that is a BARGAIN.



As always, if anyone would like a quote for removing the table, transporting and then re-erecting in a new location, please send details to me, Geoff Large, at c.large@btinternet.com ,just reference it Graeme Dott’s table quote.

DSC06879 DSC06874 DSC06876 DSC06877 DSC06878

Servicing Snooker tables today and work is still coming in from Derby, Nottingham, Lincoln, Leicester and East Midlands

I have been out and about visiting a few clubs and a private house to service their snooker tables.  One local club having been badly let down on a service contract getting in touch to arrange a service call plus replace two worn nets and discuss a contract going forward.  We have secured the contract so happy times for the client and for GCL Billiards.

If you require a service visit for your snooker table then please get in touch with Geoff.  We arrange a round where Geoff visits so many places in a day, usually around 4 clubs depending on how many tables they have .  We check level, brush and Iron the cloth, re-mark out the baulk line and D, re-spot, check nets and leathers and ball rail nuts, re-tip cues, check all long rests and small rests for feet missing.  We discuss with the owner how the cloth is wearing and when to expect the major jobs required, like a re-stretch or re-cover or re-rubber etc.

Our service visits start at just £30 plus traveling between post codes when combined with other clubs in your area.  If your table has not been looked at by a qualified billiards fitter in the last 12 months or so, it will be due a service visit.  Contact Geoff on 07753 466064 but we do prefer emailing to c.large@btinternet.com to work out when we are in your area for a service visit.
digital 0.0 level
We use engineers and digital levels to get the best cross reference on leveling tables.

We like to think we go so much further in our skill as a time served billiards fitter to get the job correct.  We cannot rectify badly warped slates but we have a go at getting a happy medium for the client.  Where other fitters just give up, Geoff likes a challenge.
acadamy getting table level

Back to work after 5 day holiday break

Having been solid for work for the last 11 months (time has flown by).
new movano 3500 125 van

I am ready to start the month of June with a large amount of work already booked in, including two pool table re-covers and another full size snooker table to re-cover at the Nottingham Snooker Academy.  A full size snooker table to dismantle in Skegness and two more full size tables to re-cover in Nottingham.
A new van has been ordered to reduce the hassle of moving full sized snooker tables.  We used to rent the vans out for these removal jobs, but now we are fully equipped in-house to do it ourselves.  This makes for less wasted time collecting and returning hire vans and we can be on a job as early as 6am ready to start, rather than at the hire van company coming out with a van by 9.30am.

My smaller van was capable of moving anything up to a 10ft snooker table, but just could not manage a full size 12 foot table.  The new van is equipped to carry 1610kg, well within the weight limits of a full size snooker table plus tools plus two men.  I got a fantastic deal on the new van discount wise and a good part exchange price for the old van.

We will be sign writing the new van up with a special photo wrap and sign writing, so look out for us on the road.
academy logo nottingham
acadamy 3.5 inch pocket

The second week we will be moving 6 x 9ft Sam K steel American Pool tables and re-covering them in speed cloth 3 red 3 purple.

The third week of June we are fitting light units, relocating a table and possibly a re-cover on a full size.
oak 9ft viceroy fitted new GCL lighting by dextra

If anyone requires work doing in June and July we still have a few days left to fill for work.  Please contact Geoff on 07753 466064 or by email c.large@btinternet.com

Snooker or pool tables re-covered and re-rubbered.  we also supply.  Cool white light high frequency cue sports lighting  this lighting is sweeping the country at the moment , replaceing those coffin shades  .  our sister company double eight pool for Pool table Contract hire etc.


NOW SOLD to a buyer in Norfolk who spotted it in our for sale section .

Our clients are pleased to inform us that they have secured a buyer through a GCL Billiards Advert to a buyer  in Norfolk
GCL Billiard has secured the work of dismantle and move plus any other work that the buyer wishes us to carry out .
We have sold three 9ft tables through GCL billiards FREE to ADVERTISE blog , this puts the buyer in direct contact with the seller cutting out any middleman profit , we feel this helps secure a sale and hopefully as in this case , secure GCL billiards the work of moving the table .
We have the men and Equipment and the Billiards fitting expertise to carry out this work with no fuss and we also carry Public Liability insurance .
if you have a Billiard / Snooker or pool table you wish to sell , then please consider GCL billiards Free Advert Blog as a form of getting youre table noticed within the community , having this past year sold 3 of these 9ft tables and helped to move on some full sized tables from the free advertising , It proves our adverts do reach the right people who are looking for a table .
9ft orme near worksop retford
As you can see the table is located in a garage or workshop.  The table is ideal for two markets, someone who requires a low cost table of good build quality for their garage or outbuilding, or someone who wishes to have the table fully restored or part restored for use in the home.  The woodwork has marks from use and the cloth may be ok for the garage, but if putting the table inside then maybe a re-cover in nice new Strachan 6811 Tournament cloth would transform the playing surface.
9ft orme near worksop
Room size you would require is 19 feet by 14 feet 6 inches in order to have good cue room around the table.
Is this the table you have been looking for?  If so contact Geoff at c.large@btinternet.com  I can even arrange for you to try the table out before buying.
9ft orme badge retford
The genuine Orme & Sons Ivory name plate , you can tell it is real ivory by the grain of the elephant tusk in the background of the plate , sometimes known as cross hatch pattern.  Although it says “established in 1845” the table is circa 1901 to 1910 as referenced to by “appointment to King Edward VII”.  This is a well made table, made by one of the top billiard houses of the 19th and 20th century.

Another Re-rubber and Re-cover on a full size snooker table near Loughborough

I have been working in Quorn near Loughborough for the last two days, the work was for a re-rubber in Northern UK made Rubber and re-cover in Strachan 6811 Tournament cloth plus new nets and leathers.

quorn snooker table strip down
The table during the re-rubber process, cushions having been bolted back on prior to re-cover to check the pocket openings.
quorn snooker slate bed
The slate bed of the table, this table was set up by an unskilled fitter, he had packed between slate and frame with a few beer mats.  These were taken out and the level adjusted.  Then the slate joints checked as he had sanded them down, so they had to be refilled and feathered in with car body filler.  He had also rasped the slate falls into the table.  This was taken on board when cutting the pocket openings to try and get them to 3.5 inch when covered.  Pocket openings were slightly over 3.5 inch but once the cloth went on they where 3.5 inch exactly.

These cushions where made with the cloth cushion slip recess in the main body of the cushion, a copy of a Burroughs and Watts design. This enables the cut of the rubber to open up after the fall, unlike many standard cushions where the rubber narrows towards the rear of the opening.  In other words these cushions mimmick steel block cushion pocket openings.  New nets and leathers also fitted.
quorn finished table
The finished table, the table plays much better than the last re-cover, with its new rubber and new cloth.

The slates are slightly dished and it is recommended that the owner has new centre adjustable muntins fitted to take the sag out of the centre of the slates.  The owner is a good DIY er and has the skills himself to put these in.  I have shown him how to do this without having to take the slates off the table.  Once fitted it will be a simple screw up of the adjustable muntin to the slate and each day adjust 1/4 turn until the dip in the slate is out.  It is best to do this over a period of two weeks rather than try and get it to level out in one go.
quorn level