Snooker & Pool Table Recovers

Geoff Large, expert table fitter with 37 years of experience. All aspects of snooker, pool and 9 ball table recovers, repairs and maintenance. My services include: Recover of bed cloth and/or cushion cloth Stretching of bed cloth Re-rubbering of cushions Fitting new pocket nets, leathers and rails Refurbishment and re-polishing Levelling of the table Dismantling, moving, setting up, logistics and storage Pool table hire Service contracts West of England 100% pure new wool first grade cloth used, no seconds.

Logistics , option 1 for table dismantle and transport .

This week I have teamed up with a local Removals Firm to offer a top class service on logistics for Snooker Tables , I used to work with these guys a few years ago and the logistical move of a table from one premises to another  will go much smoother and safer both for me and the Clients furnishings useing these professionals rather than low paid casual unskilled workers being bought in just for the one day to help move a snooker table , the Clients table will be fully wrapped up , every leg and table part is sepperatley cacooned in a Removals blankets before being loaded onto the van , and strapped down .

The Clients table will arrive from the dismantle to erecting in the new premises without any marks or Scuffs that where not present when dismantleing ..
Carpet protection Blankets are also used in the premises of the Client .

This service will be more than your average ebay listing for the same logistics , but the removals firm is fully insured and have been in the removals business for over 25 years . They can also Quote for a Full house removals .
I have added a link to their Web site
They will of course include my services as the Time Served Billiards fitter doing all the work of the skilled parts of dismantle and erect and level of youre treasured Cuesports table . leaving you ready for play .

The vans they use are larger than a normal 35cwt LWB Billiards van so extra items can be taken with the table if Required .

Please note extra labour may be required if the table is located up or Down stairs , jonhills removals have various ramps for small steps etc , but a larger staircase will require more labour to help lift those heavy slates .up or down . also note dog legged staircase’s can be very tricky to manoeuvre around .

We always use a piano trolly for transporting the slates to and from the van on a level floor . they have rubber wheels and with the carpet protection you can be assured no damage or marks will be left on youre house carpet or wooden floor .

You can be assured that Myself and Jonills Removals have come across almost every situation of moving a table , we are all experts at solving awkward access to premises .


Geoff Large: time served billiards fitter

I first became interested in the art of Billiard fitting in 1975.  I had just left the Army and was looking for work.  My uncle Ron Hume had started a business a few years earlier trading in Pool tables and Snooker tables using a skilled Billiards fitter subcontractor named Mick Robb who had a firm called Belvoir Billiards based in Watton near Grantham.  I really admired Mick as I could see he was a skilled craftsman and cabinet maker.  He quickly took me under his wing and trained me and my cousin Gary for the next 5 years.

In 1980 Mick advised me to join an old established billiards / snooker firm in Nottingham called Elston and Hopkin Billiards Ltd in order to further my career.

I followed Mick’s advice and I joined Elston and Hopkin the same year.  I could not have wished for a better company to work for and I rapidly improved my skills as a billiards fitter.  Although I had by that time been in the trade for 5 years, I did not class myself as fully skilled until a further 3 years had passed.  My work partner at Elston and Hopkin was Roger Percyzhinski.  We clicked immediately working extremely well together and I also learnt a lot from him.

I must also say that our boss John Hopkin was without doubt the best boss I have ever worked for.  He never had a bad word to say about anyone and he always treated us well with bonus schemes and extra Holidays.  We repaid his kindness by working extremely hard for him.

By 2004 the company was struggling and John Hopkin was well beyond retirement age.  He sold the name and goodwill of the company to Universal Logic who still use the trading name Elston & Hopkin.  However the limited company (Elston & Hopkin Billiards Ltd) was closed down and ceased trading.

Roger left after just 6 months working for Universal Logic and he set himself up on his own.  I stayed for a further 8 years but in 2012 I decided it was time to go it alone and work for myself.  All of the training and experience I gained over the previous 37 years stood me well in my trade.

I have just about worked on every cue sports table in the industry from the early Reni Pierre and Rutigliani ring pocket pool tables to steel block  full size snooker match tables.  There have been some oddities too.  I have worked for famous sportsmen, people in the entertainment business, snooker professionals, rock stars and working class people such as coal miners.

I treat every client on a level basis.  I strive to do an excellent job and I have gained very good feedback from many happy customers.

If you require any work on your cue sports table, whether it be pool, snooker, bagatelle, bar billiards or anything else then do not hesitate to get in touch.