Snooker & Pool Table Recovers

Geoff Large, expert table fitter with 37 years of experience. All aspects of snooker, pool and 9 ball table recovers, repairs and maintenance. My services include: Recover of bed cloth and/or cushion cloth Stretching of bed cloth Re-rubbering of cushions Fitting new pocket nets, leathers and rails Refurbishment and re-polishing Levelling of the table Dismantling, moving, setting up, logistics and storage Pool table hire Service contracts West of England 100% pure new wool first grade cloth used, no seconds.

SIR WILLIAM BENTLEY 8FT SNOOKER POOL DINING TABLE FOR SALE, with an added table tennis top for dual purpose games

We have a client who is looking to sell on a 8ft x 4ft Sir William Bentley pool and snooker, dual purpose and dual height dining table, which also has the added bonus feature of a table tennis top.  We have no photo as yet but will post as soon as we get them.

The table is located in the Scottish borders, but GCL BILLIARDS can provide a quote to pick the table up and deliver.

Here are a few designs that Sir William Bentley have made in the past.  I am not yet sure if the table in question is of the same design as one of these or it maybe a copy of the traditional Riley raise and fall diner with turned and fluted legs, but you can be sure it is of the same build quality.  Costing nearly £4,000 delivered and installed when new.

Dining tables should have a dual height format whereby the table in its low postion is for dining and in its raised position it is for playing the game of snooker or pool on.

I am awaiting instructions from our clients as to the price they require for the table but it is in their benefit and any future buyer to get it advertised ASAP for the christmas market, hence the rushed advert.  I feel this table would make an excellent Christmas present for a house.  A nice dining table for the wife which would seat 10 maybe 12 people and a cue sports table of decent size for the husband. I am told the table is in immaculate condition.

Please note that the photos are from libary photo stock.  Please await actual photos for the exact design.

Enquiries to c.large@btinternet please put (re sir willam bentley table with enquiry)


Today I have re-covered a local pool table in Derby with strachan cloth , the owners had the last cloth torn ,and they had only just had the table re-covered by a firm up north in american speed cloth , which the players of the pool team did not like.

I got there to find the cloth had been fitted correctly and to a high standard  and the rip/tear was no fault of the fitting , but they had left the rails system with years of muck and grime still on them and the inside of the table with bottle tops years of dust and staples from previous re-covers , the grease of sweat and dust build up on the rails was causing balls to stick , but there was another more serious problem with the cushions they had fitted that they had done 4 weeks ago so read on .
It was one of the worst cases I had seen of not making sure that the table was left in a servicable use you have to take into account that the last recover was only 4 weeks ago ? , the next photo is after I had vacummed and washed all the rail system out prior to putting the slate back in .

the owner had told me just before I started to strip the cloth off the cushions that they had paid over £300  for a recover and brand new cushions , I had a shock for them , the cushions where second hand and had been re-covered at least 4 times in their life . the photo shows at least 4 sets of staple holes .


Today we have been working at Skegness Butlins .
Every November we are to take the American 9ft Pool tables down and store in a back room , the room is then used for other busy weekend events such as 18 to 30s weekend , or 70s /80s theme weekends etc .
as you can see from the photo they where recovered in Plain purple cloth on the last recover.
At the end of November we shall be putting the tables back into the room and then recovering in ARTSCAPE cloth , this is a printed designed cloth , that can also be custom made to incorporate a clients name or venue , in this case it will have the wording BUTLINS also printed on the cloth .
We will on completion take another Photo of the pool tables with this new smart designed cloth , in the meantime have a look at these sample tables which have had the Artscape touch .





Re baize Pool table and snooker table in Nottingham , Derby , Lincoln , Newark , Leicester .

Not all tables are the modern type that we undertake to recover , many tables from the 1970s/80s are still going strong in pubs and clubs , plus private houses .

Many people use the word Baize to describe  the cloth on cue sports tables , this in fact is wrong as the cloth is simply called napped Billiard Cloth , Baize is a cloth that is put on notice boards or card tables .

Although many call the cloth used on snooker and pool tables baize and in dictionary’s it also refers to snooker or billiard cloth as being baize ,
Also in the dictionary it also states that snooker is played on a snooker table , but in fact there is no such thing as a snooker table as it was Billiards that was first played and so they should be refered as BILLIARD TABLES , and you play the game of snooker on a billiard table . nothing has changed in the design from a billiard table apart from pocket plates and cushions over the years , apart from that the design is a billiard table .
But as many now refer to them as snooker tables the wording has stuck , so we now call them Snooker tables . and so it is the same with the cloth many people refer to it as Baize.

The word baize often used to describe cue sports cloth is just a metonymy which means it is a thing or a concept not called by its real name . look at the link for the manufacturers description , you will note they state Billiard cloth and not billiard baize.

This week I had a lady phone me up and ask me to RE BAISE her pool table which was badly faded from sun light .

At GCL Billiards we aim to prolong the lifespan of the older tables ,just like this Hazel Grove superleague which is still in remarkable conditon cabinet wise , the table is located in a conservatory and the cloth is faded to almost yellow creamy white .
The clients bought the table many years ago second hand for their sons 18th Birthday and he is in his 30s now .
after a Re-cover in Strachan cloth the table looks almost new . the hazel grove Super league was the rolls royce of pool tables during the 70s and 80s , they are still manufactured today as a traditional turned leg cabinet design .


GCL Billiards would like to buy second hand Winner or Prince supreme pool tables in good condition cabinet wise , coin op or free play. The tables will be fully revamped by GCL BILLIARDS with new rubber cushions and new cloth plus complete service etc.for resale or Rental .

We always have a demand for S/H Supreme tables in either Winner or Prince models.

We require all cabinet finishes black, oak, silver, white etc. any table considered.

Very busy month for November, but we are still taking bookings for work

Looks like we are about to get very busy for the month of November.  Some of the work booked in:

  • 3 re-rubber + re-cover snooker tables.
  • 6 american pool table dismantles, then put back up plus re-cover all 6.
  • 3 local full size snooker re-covers + another re-rubber to match size.
  • 1 total renovation of 10ft snooker table re-polish and re-rubber, nets leathers
  • 3 tables dismantle and load.
  • 1 table move from Nottinghamshire to Lincolnshire.
  • 1 re-cover and one stretch.
  • 1 pool table sold and deliver local.

Plus loading various snooker tables around the UK for their slates to use on a kitchen floor.  It’s a shame but the slate is now worth more in scrap value than trying to sell the table as an item for use on ebay.

Add to this list our special offer of pool table re-cover and re-rubber work which is bringing in regular work now the winter pool leagues have started.  Looks like it’s a 7 day week for the whole of November and thats good news for GCL Billiards and Double8pooltables.

I did say all the work would come at the same time and it always happens just before Christmas.

Many thanks to our clients for entrusting the work to GCL BILLIARDS

special offers on pool table re-covers from just £165 for Higher quality Branded Strachan cloth POOL TABLE RECOVERING SPECIAL OFFERS FROM £145 in Nottingham , Lincoln ,Newark , Derby , Leicester . and all East midlands Area.

We are haveing a special offers run upto Christmas for all UK 6FT AND 7FT sized Pool table recovers ,
We will Recover youre UK 6FT OR 7FT sized Pool table in Quality Strachan West of England cloth

**** THIS OFFER EXPIRED ON DECEMBER 22nd 2012 **** but please enquire if we have any more offers on by phoning Geoff on 07753466064 please try and phone between 9am and 6pm , we stop answering the phone after this business opening time but you can always email Geoff at
 cloth starting at £165 .
Also we have in a range of three colours of Burgandy red , Royal blue , or Standard Green all at £165

allthough we do the red and the blue we always recommend the Green cloth as it is the most restfull colour for the eye’s , it is a natural colour and that is why most UK cue sports tables have used the colour of Green for many years , red and blue is an american thing . there are other colours that we can use for example Purple but these are extra charge and are POA .also Strachan speed cloth at extra charge POA.

and it gets better , we will also knock off a further £10 for every other 6ft or 7ft uk Pool table you have at the premises if recovered at the same time .

to qualify for the above offers please quote ( 88pool offer 165 OR 185 or £10 off for two in same premises  ) to or phone 07753466064 or 01159725355 , this offer expires on Dec 22nd 2012.

all pool table recovers are being done inbetween the main jobs that we have allready booked in , the recovering of the pool tables is to take up any slack days we have on our run upto the busy christmas period . ensuring we have continuous work for each week . we will do some Recovering work in the evening and on Saturdays if Possible

Please note ,when booking a UK pool table recover , check youre cushion bounce , you may require a re-rubber or new cushions and fixing bolts, which we can supply at extra cost . if you know the make of youre pool table please state it with the size 6ft or 7ft , all tables above this size are charged a higher rate
if you do not know the make , please send us a photo , as all Pool tables are not the same , and rubber are differant types and shapes .
If you require extra cues or more chalk or even a spare set of balls we can also add this to youre order . Pockets and ball rails charged extra if required, but are fitted free at same time as a re-cover.

We always clean the inside of youre table removing years of grease and sweat build up . making sure youre table looks as good inside as the new re-cover outside . we then re-level useing an engineers level and a digital electronic level . leaving youre table for match play . and as good as new .

We have many satisfied testimonials of our work , we have personal experience in the cue sports industry as fitters for many years , we value our reputation and value youre custom and repeated custom , that is why we strive to do every job to perfection .
we are an NBSA approved firm , youre guarentee of professional workmanship, not all firms carry this recommendation .

Three Snooker tables maintained by GCL Billiards in the Nottingham , Derby , Lincoln , Leicester area

Three snooker tables maintained by GCL BILLIARDS in the East midlands area
these tables have constant use and require regular recovers , and maintenance , they are looked after by the staff of the establishment and the nice new Black table covers are always placed on the Tables between play .

Today I have re-covered one of the tables and serviced the other two , checked for level , and then checked all equipment for missing tips and rest feet .
If you have  a table or two or more , then we are always looking to increase our client base , rest assured we are no hit and run firm , and any work will be carried out to our own strict code of practice. We are also recommended by the NBSA for youre peace of mind .