Snooker & Pool Table Recovers

Geoff Large, expert table fitter with 37 years of experience. All aspects of snooker, pool and 9 ball table recovers, repairs and maintenance. My services include: Recover of bed cloth and/or cushion cloth Stretching of bed cloth Re-rubbering of cushions Fitting new pocket nets, leathers and rails Refurbishment and re-polishing Levelling of the table Dismantling, moving, setting up, logistics and storage Pool table hire Service contracts West of England 100% pure new wool first grade cloth used, no seconds.

WANTED, we always have clients looking on our web site for BCE westbury and Riley Aristocrat match tables .

I placed an advert on here a few weeks back for a BCE Westbury steel cushioned table for a client .
well that advert was successful in unearthing a very nice mint condition BCE Westbury for my client .
and he was highly delighted with the table and condition  and the price .

We also have inquiries for the Riley Aristocrat  table too with steel cushions and without steel cushions .
so if you have these type of tables for sale then get in touch a simple insert on our web site will see it sold .
they are the most sought after for the modern game .
and if sensibly priced taking into account condition and removal and delivery costs to our buying clients then it will sell .

Riley Aristocrat

Steel cushions

steel cushion stripped down

BCE westbury steel cushions

Bring full size snooker table in for storage at Jonills removals

Today we have been over to a village near Grantham to dismantle a Orme and sons Zulu model table .
The table was coming in for store for the German based owner .
Our instructions from our client where to dismantle bubble wrap and box parts of the table only and bring into Nottingham to be dry stored by jonills removals .
We use jonills as they are experts in the dry warm storage of furniture .
there is nothing worse than a cold damp billiards firms storage warehouse , all sorts of damp problems could occur and problems setting up if the table warps
Jonills are experienced Furniture and house hold goods removals and storage .
We find by using their experience of dry warm storage, this  is the best thing for our clients table .

Cloth off and we take note of any filler and damage already on this table .
also any bolts missing , ( one frame bolt centre leg ) and three buttons broken due to owner wood glueing them in .

some damage that we found that had been filled in by previous fitting team .

slates are carefully slid to one end and lifted / pivoted onto soft rail piano trolley , ready to load onto the van .

as you can see neatly loaded onto the van , 5 slates , three double cushions wrapped , end and middle cross members wrapped ,
6 slate support muntin’s wrapped , long sides wrapped , slate lings wrapped , and a box for all balls screws pockets and bed cloth which was a Thick Special Strachan cloth
and also 4 x bubble wrapped of double packed legs .
I did notice that the previous fitter had covered the cushions nap the wrong direction from top to bottom rather than sideways to follow nap direction on bed cloth as is the normal way to do this .
so will also give a full condition report to my client so he is upto date with improvements he may wish to carry out when he has the table re-erected .

and with tools and shade loaded .

Table in dry warm storage at Jonills removals yard and warehouse in nottingham
the shade is stored just a round the corner of the photo.
My client in Germany is now paying Jonills to store the table for him , and he will inform when he is ready to have it delivered to Germany .
all accessories where kept by my Clients Father for safe storage , we only brought in the main table and rest hooks as it stood with the  balls / cover / scoreboard / rest’s and cues / and rules , kept back by my clients father for safe keeping .

And if you are in the market for a competitive house move quote I can recommend Dave at jonills removals phone 01159 602092
he also has smaller team vans or van and a driver on some work too .
Piano’s is his specialty too .

Full size snooker table supply and install for Manu Tuilagi .

Last year I re-covered Manu Tuilagi’s DPT Pool table for him in Leicestershire

Manu also played just around the corner from his house on a friends fulls size snooker table .

it was through playing on this  pre 1895 full size billiard  table pictured above , that Manu decided he must upgrade from his 7ft pool table to a full size snooker table .
so he contacted me to bring in a full size table for him , I also was on the look out for him and came across an exceptional  condition table for a Bargain Price from a house sale .
and the table had to be out of the house so that buyers could appreciate another room that  was not meant to be for a full size snooker table .
and it was not far from where Manu lives so an added bonus that we could pick it up and install it all in one day .

The reason it was a Bargain was because the seller was selling his house and the table had been put up in a room that made playing impossible .
the cue distance from cushion to wall being around 20 inch at one end ! as you can see from above photo .
so Myself and Steve  dismantled this table today and loaded it onto our van .
and then took it over to Manu’s House for install .

The install at Manu’s was very good access with the van parked right up the Drive , to the sliding bi-fold doors to his Garden Games room
this made for an easy unload and install .
Nothing worse than having to unload and go all around a property and sometimes to the bottom of a Garden to install a full size snooker table .
carrying all the tools every part of the woodwork and wheeling those heavy slates , which can add a couple of hours to a working day .
so it was a delight to install this one with no hassle at all .
And he does make excellent coffee .

As you can see this table had not been played on at the previous owners address , ( the cloth was as new unplayed on )
also the polish was as new too , no belt buckle scratches at all , as can be seen in above photo .
The Excellent condition was mainly down to the handicap of no cue room at each end , and the fact that the previous owner was not at home very much ,
and if he did have spare time it was spent on his main hobby which was not snooker .
The owner had many other interests and hobbies that meant this table was mainly a room filler and not a players table .
In fact by the as new cloth condition , I would say no one ever played on it , as can be seen from the photo’s of the cloth .
Manu had seen another table near Mansfield but after I had shown him photo’s of this table which had just come in for sale,  he was delighted and amazed at the condition of it .
and gave me the go ahead to purchase it .

Manu taking his first shot on the table , he is so excited and cannot wait for his mates to come around for a boy’s night in playing snooker  .
this table did not get the play it deserved in the previous owners home in fact none at all going by the Excellent condition ,
but I am sure Manu and his mates will get plenty of practice in on it now .
Manu was informing me he is about to return to the Leicester tigers team in a couple of weeks time against Newcastle from a recent injury recovery .
Leicester have two very important games coming up which they must win to have a chance of making the play offs.
losing against Northampton was a bit of set back last weekend .
and now put’s pressure on the Tigers to win their two remaining games .
We wish Manu many hours of snooker on his table and Leicester Tigers good luck in the end of season 2 games battle to gain a play off spot .

Manu Tuilagi playing for Leicester tigers
Image result for manu tuilagi england kit
and for England .

Two more 7ft Coin operated , Rental pool tables in stock today collected from Supreme in Heywood .

We have two more pool 7ft tables available for rental contracts

I collected these two today from Heywood where supreme have their Factory ,
one of these tables may be reserved as we speak for a site in Ilkeston .

GCL billiards rental contracts are very competitive rate which includes two re-covers a year .
we think we are the best contract rental firm in the East Midlands .
That good that we even have a couple of sites in the Coventry and Nuneaton area’s  of the West Midlands coming over to us ,
as they cannot find anyone local that comes close to our contract and what is included in the terms .
and it makes sense as the rental is fully tax deductible and includes those two expensive re-covers per year one every 6 months for winter and summer leagues .

above Heywood supreme pool tables ready for dispatch from Heywood Lancashire.
Supreme Pool tables are considered the best to play on and many leagues have these tables .
spares are always available , but there is a 6 to 8 week waiting time to get new tables , so we try and keep two in at any one time to accommodate new rental clients .
as soon as these two are out on site we will then place another order for two more tables , which will be ready for us to collect in May .
I may change this to 4 tables next time and re-order for two when I get down to 2 in stock , such is the demand for these pool tables these days , we do sell the odd new one too .
We are slowly building our rental sites up , as the word gets out there that GCL billiards is the best firm to offer pool table rental contracts .
we are 100% cue sports maintenance people and we do not get side tracked with having to service fruit machines and other amusement machines .
you want the best firm to maintain your rental table then get a 100% billiards snooker and Pool table fitter in to do that , and not a fruit machine technician .
who is out of their depth with quality re-covering and servicing of cue sports tables .
Geoff Large at GCL billiards has over 41 years as a fully time served billiard table fitter , it would be Hard to find another firm that Rents pool tables Maintenance contracts out with that much personal experience .
And unlike other firms this is not 4 men with 10 years experience tagged together but a genuine 41 years a a billiards fitter .

We have delivered and set up Snooker tables all over Europe , but we are now stopping all the traveling and concentrating on more local work ,
and especially concentrating on building up our pool table rental operation .
We will still offer to relocate full size snooker tables throughout the UK if it is cost effective though .
Below a few Photos of what we do when servicing tables and the type of table we supply is the BRAND NEW supreme winner in Black Pearl cabinet finish .

a typical rental site , this one having two of our 7ft table’s installed .

latest fully slotted and screw down runners , these are less likely to offer ball bounce up

Die cast corners the latest design from supreme with alloy strip at back of cushions to black pearl top .

slate stripped and ready to attach new bed cloth

set up ready for play

latest green badge on our Brand new supplied tables .

Strachan 6811 pure new wool match pool cloth is the preferred cloth we use .
other firms use the thick 777 option we use the best option and best choice of cloth .

Electronic level is 0.1 out of level with a  £20 note under it .

Electronic level showing 0.0 level

cushions re-covered

we take every staple out on a re-cover , Cowboys leave them in and staple over the top

Please do not leave messages while I am away !

Please do not leave messages while I am away on holiday , I cannot answer them and my phone will not take messages while I am away on holiday .
even though some one and the dogs are staying at Home they are under strict instructions to leave the business phone alone .
every one in Employment is entitled to 4 weeks holidays , just because I am self employed does not mean I have to work 6 to 7 days a week , 52 weeks of the year .
but you will be amazed at what some people think and expect from Me.

For the first time while on holiday .
I am not taking my phone with me so it is a waste of time trying to contact me and it is switched off until April 3rd .
it will not take messages so please do not leave any . it is programmed not to record any while I am away .

please get back in touch after April 3rd 2018 to be answered or booked in for work .

Please allow me at least a weeks break from Work , my body and mind needs it .
my arm and wrist is  damaged and needs a rest from tennis elbow pain .
too much repetitive strain and torn Tendon issues , from lifting heavy slate .
the time off now will be good for me .

On holiday for a week no emails or telephone calls will be answered until after Easter .

We are away for a week although someone will be at home all week as not all are going on this trip ,  they will not answer the phone or take emails while we are away .
we will be back for Easter but will still be on official holidays as it is Ice Hockey finals weekend in Nottingham and we do not miss that .
Sorry if you are waiting for a quote or would like some questions answered on your cue sports tables .
but this trip has been planned a long while and is a family celebration so we do not wish to mix the business with pleasure while we are on holiday and would appreciate a break from work in total .
for this period .
I will also warn people we are taking two weeks off for an Holiday in June too .
please read our other current post about work booked in and the few days we have left for work to be booked in for May and June .
March and April is fully booked out .

some sun is urgently required to recharge my Batteries for the busy months ahead A surprise destination for my wife’s 60th Birthday treat

Only 13 days left of free work days in May and June for work bookings !

If you want work doing in the next two months get your finger out and book me , as we are VERY VERY BUSY .
for Snooker and Pool table work .

Due to 2 weeks holidays booked out in June and 1 weeks work already booked  in we are almost booked out right up to end of June
rest of March is booked out and April too .
We have 6 days free in May
And we have only 5 days left in June
Work just seems to keep coming in .

I do not like turning work away , but there seems to be a shortage of billiard fitters as I seem to get a fair share of work outside my area .
Either  that or my pricing is good .even with the recent cloth price increase of Strachan cloth .

Lifting heavy slates can sometimes take it out on elbow and finger and wrist joints
and as I get older I have been feeling aches and pains in those areas .
but I still carry on , but I am now turning down some multi floor installs .

That is unless I can use one of these , and there is access to get one in .
or you have a lift ?

My main work is re-covering all types of cue sports tables .
it gets that busy that I cannot even answer the phone during working hours , I have to look for messages in the evening .
I am not being ignorant , I just have to crack on and get the work done , then do the office and phoning work later in the day .

As you can see I am looking a bit old and haggard these days .

unlike just a few years ago I looked like this .
so please Bear with me , to get you booked in , I am worth waiting for .
and plan to carry on until I am at least 70 years old .
I have a few years left before I get near that age.

I have even been missing midweek games of my favorite sport Ice hockey because of work commitment and being so busy .
A long time season ticket holder since 1980s
I have hardly missed a home game but this year , I just could not get to see that many midweek games because of work commitments .


8ft Karnehm & Hillman snooker table installed in Cambridge .

Today I have been over to Cambridge to our client Eoin ( Owen )  who bought a 8ft Karnehm and hillman billiard table via our for sale pages direct from the seller .
this table was in very good order but required new nets and leathers and a re-cover .
the table is a three section slate bed , and required adjustable slate supports to be fitted as an extra and an advisable thing to do when installing .
this cut’s out the possibility of future slate sagging .

a photo of the table before dismantle and collection from our selling client , collected from the Aylesbury area .
in an upstairs location and was bought for just a few hundred pounds .

The table now installed in Eoin’s ( Owen) , Cambridge home .
Eoin  ( Owen ) has spent a considerable amount having the table collected and delivered plus the re-cover and new nets and leathers , &  adjustable slate supports
these Karnehm and Hillman tables are considered one of the better made tables here in the UK .
8ft one’s are very rare to find , this table will now give years of trouble free play .

Adjustable slate bearers are fitted to prevent slate sagging , many tables made in the 1980’s where not fitted with them .
GCL billiards fit them as precaution and preventative measure .
It also gives the client peace of mind that this slate sagging will be prevented in the future and also gives the option of adjusting it out if it did occur .