Snooker & Pool Table Recovers

Geoff Large, expert table fitter with 37 years of experience. All aspects of snooker, pool and 9 ball table recovers, repairs and maintenance. My services include: Recover of bed cloth and/or cushion cloth Stretching of bed cloth Re-rubbering of cushions Fitting new pocket nets, leathers and rails Refurbishment and re-polishing Levelling of the table Dismantling, moving, setting up, logistics and storage Pool table hire Service contracts West of England 100% pure new wool first grade cloth used, no seconds.

Snooker table Dismantle and Transport relocation , use GCL billiards for this specialist service

We have 40 years experience of relocating Snooker and Pool tables of various sizes
if you are looking to have a snooker or Pool table relocated then call in the professionals .
GCL billiards have the correct tools and men to move these heavy tables from one location to another .
dorset slates coming off frame june 2105
The heavy slates are the main object that will catch may DIY or man and a van out , they require careful handling and knowledge of safe loading or storing of these Slates correctly  .
We have three of these piano wheels and a slate slide for downstairs maneuvering with ease of just three men .
Upstairs locations may require up to 6 men to lift these slates up  but we sometimes only use 4 men .
a ground floor to Ground floor locations only require two men
bentinck slates and frame
This table only required moving 6 feet , but it still required a full strip down of slates off the frame to move it safely without damage to slate joints
Do not listen to firms who say they can jack up a full size table and wheel it to a new position , this will damage the slate joints and your carpets or floor covering , and may snap the legs in the process too .
GCL billiards men are trained over years of experience to move tables in a safe and responsible way .
sometimes we are lucky with on site fork lifts , we always look for the easy option , but never cut corners , on this job
We where able to ask the local farmer if he could just fork lift the slates out of the van and up to the floor the tables where being erected back up on .
B & watts for sale K & Ashfield stored bubbl;e wrapped
If we have to store tables on site , we can also offer a full bubble wrapping service
This table being stored in dismantled form in our Clients Garage , taking very little room up
clitheroe frame up level slates in back
On this job we arrived to find that the client had all ready got the slates and frame upstairs ,
this helps not only in time but in costing as we where only required to send one fitter out to complete this table fitting , with the clients help of putting the slates back onto the frame.
Mark parry frame assemble
When we reach the relocated site , we can start to put the frame parts out ready for assembly
mark parry slates on and linings ready
the slates can go back on and any final leveling done and tack linings refitted
linc brain finished table
And the Table is ready for play in it’s new home
van igor loaded inside cargo
A full size snooker table fits neatly and stacked correctly for transport in the back of our van
Rear view of van Igor
You may see us out and about on the road , our van has distinctive livery of pool theme on sides and Snooker on rear
if you are thinking or having a snooker or Pool table dismantled and relocated , then please get in touch with Geoff Large
with 40 years experience of relocating full size snooker tables , you are in safe hands .

email Geoff below for a quote 


Did you know GCL billiards rent pool tables out to pub’s clubs and staff canteens on full  maintenance contracts .
We have many  tables now  in a few club’s and pubs around the midlands area mainly East midlands , and we also have a major supermarket chain that uses GCL billiards
to supply their new supreme winner pool tables in their staff room / canteens on a rolling contract which we carry out a 6 monthly re-cloth service .
In fact we carry out two re-cloths every year on our tables included in the rental price of £80 per month and no VAT to pay !
We know of no other firm that offers this high maintenance service .
We only wish to cater for a nominal amount of sited rental tables so get on our books while you can  , as we also have a full billiards firm carrying out re-covering and maintenance not only to pool tables but to snooker tables too .
we therefore only wish to have around 40 to 50 machines sited to run alongside our full maintenance billiards firm .
May we point out we are fully qualified billiards fitters and not a fruit machine mechanic who will be maintaining your rental table .
We are 100% cue sports people who understand cue sport players requirements to play on good maintained tables .
we are focused on cue sports rather than coin slot machines in general .
we therefore offer you a better more professional approach to having a fully maintained machine on your premises rather than a poorly maintained one .

initial contract is for 12 month and after that .
we carry out a 6 month rolling contract renewed at each re-cloth stage .
we change the balls every year  , and supply two sets of balls from new .
you have the keys and all that goes in the cash box is yours .
all we ask is you keep to our contract agreement and pay each monthly the rental payment without missing any payments .
So good is this deal that we have two club’s one with three table’s installed and one with 4 table’s installed , as they worked it out that with tax relief it was better to rent than buy .
and not have to worry about paying expensive re-cloth or new cushions or new coin mech .
they just sit back and take the takings from the machine pay the rental each month and have no worries of breakdown costs or maintenance costs ,
and their table always look good with a new re-cloth every 6 months .

we only use top rated cloth Strachan 6811 tournament  as our standard cloth and if you pay a little extra each month you can upgrade to Hainsworth Match cloth .

Tables are cleaned out too so no dusty balls or sticking balls on dirty rail system

we buy the latest green badge tables , so you know you are not playing on a reconditioned 10 year old machine .

the latest tables come with cast metal corners rather than the older plastic chrome corners of the old model .
and the wood finish of all our tables are Black Pearl .
Get in touch with Carol or Geoff Large at GCL billiards to order your new rental supreme winner coin op table and start making money from  your new table as soon as it is installed .
We would like more sites in the Nottingham Derby Beeston Stapleford Long Eaton area especially , but we do have sites as far as Matlock , Lincoln , Nuneaton and Coventry .


*** we would like to point out that your pool table in order to make it pay for your rental site , it must take at least £20 per week or £3 per day ,
that’s 40 games a week 0r 6 games a day  at 50p per go .
if you rental site does not make this amount your commitment for the first 12 months is still £80 per month , we do not do 50% split taking site rentals .
and after all many tables take at least £60 to £100 per week what would you rather pay per month £200 split out of £400 takings or £80 per month ?
also do not forget if you attract pool  players into your pub they also buy drinks .
As they say if you provide a better maintained new table you will attract more custom to your pub or club as the word gets around you have a good maintained table .
Maintained by GCL billiards

When I first started in the Billiards industry 1976 . and my last few working years as a billiards fitter .

Above Chettles industrial Estate on Ilkeston Road Nottingham showing weigh Bridge office .
CIRCA 1970’s
on the left My Uncle Ron Hume ( Curly ) he got me into Billiard fitting .
a keen Golfer and member of the Variety club of Great Britain .

I came out of the Army in the year of 1976 , and started to work for my uncle’s firm Trent Valley Pool & Snooker tables Leisure firm in Chettles industrial Estate and office on lincoln Street basford .
I worked alongside my cousin Gary Hume and A sub contract billiard fitter called Mick Robb who had a firm called Belvoir billiards .
I stayed at Trent Valley Leisure for 4 years , then on advice from Mick Robb , I left and moved to Elston & Hopkin of Goldsmith Street Nottingham .
although I still did a bit of work for my Uncle Ron and cousin Gary over the years while I worked for Elston & Hopkin , mainly at weekends or evenings
and my boss at Elston & Hopkin did knew that I helped them out now and again . although their work and sales where nationwide and E&H where local east midlands mainly very little outside a 50 to 80 mile radius
.so no conflict of interest .
John hopkin was a very good Employer and Boss .

The entrance to Elston & Hopkin Empire billiard hall on Goldsmith Street . Now demolished to make way for the royal concert Center building in 1980 .
Photo is Circa 1970’s

In 1980 Elston & hopkin where just being relocated from the very old Empire Theatre Building on goldsmith Street Nottingham where they had a billiard hall and a very fine fitted out Solid Mahogany sales counter for billiard table spares . cue sales and so on .
I also got married in 1980 to my Wife Carol , who I am happy to say we are still together after 39 years of marriage and have two Daughters Helen and Kimberley and in 2018 our first Grand child Emily arrived .~
Sorry no Boys to carry on the business .
Elston & hopkin moved into a workshop on Canal Street , also now demolished , and then into the Newark Street premises from 1980 .
having a 18 table billiard hall , office and workshop on the top floor .
of Davisella house right on the corner of Newark street & Manvers Street .
Elston & hopkin moved out in the early 2000s and sold out to Universal logic in 2004 , I went with the firm to work out of a warehouse in Gainsborough Lincolnshire for the next 7 years .
I look back on the 43 years I have been working as a Billiards fitter .
I have learnt from everyone around me from my Uncles firm and Gary Hume to Mick Robb who was a big influence in my work , to Roger Perczynski and Alan Pykett at Elston & hopkin .
I also learnt a bit of Computer presentation and promotion from my last boss Ted Roberts .
I have had my ups and downs , but became self employed in May 2012 when I had started GCL billiards .

I have met some characters , and worked for some very famous people , as you can imagine it is not everyone who has a room for a full size billiard table , and most celebs and sports personalities do at sometime in their life have ownership or inherit through a house sale a full size table .
But I get as much satisfaction working for normal working folk like myself as I do the high society and famous clientele .
I look upon myself as the Caretaker in my time period of the billiard tables I work on .
I am now approaching 65 years of age , and starting to feel the aches and pains of fitting such heavy tables .
a bit of arthritis , a bad knee joint from my football days , and the normal getting old feeling that you feel creeping up on you .
To the point that upstairs locations are now null and void and no go areas .
let the younger fitters lift slate upstairs or into a basement .
So I do not do this type of heavy lifting anymore , one bad job could put me off work for a long time so why risk it , just ground floor to ground floor locations and the van loading if I wish to carry on to my 70’s
I do not know how long I will be doing this line of work , but I do aim to get to 70 years old at least full time .
So at least another 5 years and two months to go yet .
and maybe do 3 days a week then 2 days a week until retirement , but it is not unusual for 80 year old fitters to still be fitting tables and doing Re-cloths , At Elston and Hopkin they had an old fitter called Joe doing it until he was 80 odd years old .
he fully retired just before I started there .

One of the best Snooker Players you could meet out there , Dennis Taylor
My Granddaughter Emily .

WE ARE NOT A SNOOKER CLUB ! do not phone us up trying to book a table to play on please try Stapleford cue club or any mentioned below to play snooker or pool .

We do not own a snooker or pool club , but if you do require to find a club to play local to us , try Stapleford cue Club they are the closest snooker club to me 2 mile down the road .
Stapleford Cue club is situated at
148 Derby Road behind the pizza hut take away .
tel 01159 394 504

if you are very close to Derby then try
under rollerworld access to right in carpark
Derby DE21 4AW
tel 01332 360924

other side of Nottingham then try
Newark cue club
41 Barker Gate
NG24 1UA
tel 01636 612030

I get many phone calls asking if we are open to book a table to play on ?
We are not advertised as a snooker club , we are a Billiards /Snooker / Pool table or as a collective a Cue sports table MAINTENANCE company
This means we work on tables repairing or maintaining them .
our other business is long term contract of coin operated pool table hire to pubs and clubs we do not own our own club .
I am sorry to say it is getting beyond a joke at how many people phone us up sometimes at 12 to 2am in the morning and Today ( Christmas Day ) of all days to ask what time we shut or are we open today.
we suspect these are Taxi Drivers knocking off work or taking a break and wanting somewhere to play snooker or pool .
I do not know of any all nighter snooker clubs most close at 12pm at the latest .

but just to refresh what we are about .

This is what we do
Ashbourne 9ft rubber and cushion blocks gluedpool table keyworth 7ft riley superleague strippinglivingstone strip and cover cushions bluerushcliffe tables and shades on vanBaulk line re-cover june 2015 working on cushions apartBaulk line re-cover june 2015 Geoff on cushion strip
If you require to book a table try Stapleford cue club they are the closest snooker/pool club to me
winners at stabbo cue club x 4
stapleford cue club
cueball pool room busy
Cueball in Derby pool room and plenty of full size snooker tables
Newark cue club 41 Carter gate Newark Nottinghamshire NG24 1UA ………….tel 01636 612030 for booking to play on pool and snooker tables .
Hunters Bar Dec 15th 2015 7 recovers on pool
Hunters Bar Grantham 1 Union Street , Grantham next to lidl’s , NG31 6NZ……………… tel 01476 579493
Hunters bar has 7 UK pool , 4 american pool , and 6 full size snooker tables to play on .

Three full size snooker tables for sale in Folkstone , one Aristocrat and two Karnehm and Hillman .

We have a client in Folkstone who has three full size tables for sale ,
only draw back is they are upstairs .

Two Karnehm and Hillman and one match play Riley Aristocrat .
we have had an offer put forward on the riley aristocrat all ready

Ignore the riley badge this is a Karnehm and Hillman table , TABLE 1
Riley may have re-rubbered it some time in the past and placed one of their badges on it

Karnehm and hillman table 2
These are very nice tables to work and play on and are on par with a standard Riley aristocrat for build and play quality .

Riley Aristocrat The main match table in this Club , an offer is pending on this table as we speak .
just bid your highest amount offer .

you can make an offer on any of these full size snooker tables , but please take into account it is up to the buyer to have the tables
Dismantled and taken down stairs , so please arrange with a fitter or firm or allow yourself plenty of men to get these slates downstairs .
Buyer removes is the condition of sale .
This upstairs club is being cleared ready for re-rental of the room by the owner of the property .

all inquiries to

For sale 6 supreme winner pool tables various prices .

Under instruction to clear a room formerly a pool snooker club of all tables and advertise all tables for sale .

Please make sure when you phone up after I give you contact details what table you are buying with the sellers agent IAN , and are available and not sold , if you buy a oak one you want the oak one when you turn up , and not be offered a black ash , any discrepancies are not the responsibility of GCL billiards for any mishaps or arranging to buy , you are buying direct from the seller not GCL billiards , and your buying contract is with the seller not us .
We are only advertising the tables for sale for the buyer and are not responsible for any discrepancies in the sale .

Here we have a selection of second hand pool table priced to sell …. PLEASE NOTE buyer collects from upstairs room ( 1st Floor )
you will need two very strong guys or 4 people to help get these downstairs so we have priced them to sell at  a lower price because of that .
and a van or vehicle large enough to take the quantity you require .
a medium wheel base medium high roof Vauxhall Movano will take three of these tables easy as an example .
but would be a push to try and get 4 in .

As an Example of how to load

PLEASE NO OFFERS … you may know there is a shortage of these second hand tables around to buy at the moment due to covid so they are  priced to sell quickly first come first served .
every one is buying them up to stay at home to play .
I have no doubt that these tables will be snapped up as soon as they are seen for sale at these very reasonable prices .
If you are prepared to travel hire van and take a team with you of 2 to 4 men , you will grab bargain .

Black ash Supreme winner pool table coin op type £400 as seen in photo above of actual table .
not sure on corner plate type plastic or metal chrome but being black ash I would say chrome plastic , but has preferred alloy cushion trim .
Buyer removes and collects themselves .

black ash Supreme pool table all black ash tables are coin op
older type table with chrome plastic corners but has the preferred alloy cushion trim not the cheap black plastic . £400 as seen in photo .
buyer removes and collects themselves .

another black ash coin op table with alloy cushion trims £400 as seen in photo buyer collects and removes themselves .

Supreme winner in Walnut finish , has the modern metal chrome corners and cushion alloy trim and is the red and cream badged model
not not a very old one £450 as seen in photo buyer collects and removes themselves .

another walnut model , again modern metal chrome corners and alloy cushion trim so around same age as the red badged model .
£450 as seen in photo buyer collects and removes themselves .

The best table is last , Oak supreme Green badged so not very old at all .
£525 sold as seen in the photo , buyer collects themselves .
Please note it is the buyers responsibility to remove the tables , there will be no labour available from the sellers on the day you arrange to pick one or more up .

The tables are based in Folkstone in Kent , my client is based abroad in Hong Kong at the moment ,  but he has a UK agent for entry into the club .
it would be ideal to sell as a job lot and for this the prices of each table could be reduced by £20 per table as a job lot collection in one go .
a saving of £120 over the Six tables .
£20 per table discount kicks in at 4 tables or more
I can offer £15 discount per table for up to 3 tables , if two tables then £10 discount per table .
I am trying to get a UK phone number for my clients agent for direct UK contact , cash on collection would be the preferred method  of payment .
just to make you feel easy about the tables as my client is based abroad .
My client owns the property that needs to be cleared of these tables and needs them of the building so he can  rent out the building or sell or put to other use again .

all inquiries by email please to

Back to work tomorrow from our holiday , but we may find ourselves in Lock down again !

Well back to work after our break in Devon , lucky for us it was a very good week for sunshine and high temperatures for September .
What does the future hold for us this  next week , well we are fully booked out with work at home on cushions .
so not much traveling to do or mixing with people .

It is down to what the government do next week ,  with lock down being touted as a possibility again .
Tuesday 22nd of September , seems to be a big announcement day according to Boris’s advisers  .
It may be we will have a full UK lockdown again after Tuesday ? ….. or at least part of UK in total lockdown , the most infected area’s .
we will just have to play it day by day , it may effect some bookings we have in , which may have to be cancelled and rebooked in after any restrictions imposed .
But as I said we will have to see day by day what those restrictions are , at the moment we are planning to complete any booked in work as scheduled .
but with high fine’s of up to £10.000  being imposed on being caught out under any lock down or restrictions we have to abide by the law .
It was always going to have an increase of infection  , as restrictions where relaxed , not a lot of people have taken it seriously and have mixed too much which is causing this second corona virus spike .
and I see not too many bars and pub’s where wiping tables down between customers   , I witnessed this this even on Holiday .
We carried our own wipes and hand gel sanitiser with us on Holiday ad wore masks when we where mixing in close enclosed quarters  , as I also suspected the bars and pubs to have watered down their own sanitiser to reduce costs .
Hopefully it will not effect us going forward and I get to fulfil those orders in October I have taken on .

Away next week from Sunday 13th to Sunday 20th September …GCL billiards closed for Business for one week .

We will be closed for Business for one week from Sunday 13th of September to 20th , back at work on 21st September .
although my Daughter will still be at Home with the dogs , we are shut for business for phone calls emails and work for one week .
we are on Holiday in Brixham Devon for a week and no phones will be taken with us or lap tops .
Taking a  Holiday means switching off from work , and we do not attempt to answer calls during this time period .
Please do not clog up our emails or  phone answering service or text service as it takes a very long day to trawl through them when I get back .


For Sale Bespoke built Cheshire billiards Oak 9ft snooker table .

One of the best hand built  in the UK snooker tables I have seen
cost new £5000 from Cheshire billiards .
This table is now for sale at half that price delivered and install to Ground floor within a 100 mile radius ,  and it is still as new .
built in American Oak , no expense spared , Large turned fluted legs , with 12 ornate hand carved scrolls .
5 Diamond honed Italian slates .
Wood is unmarked and as new .
Complete with , set of Balls , 4 Cues , 1 cross rest , 1 spider , one set of long cue and rest , hooks for rests , triangle , Peradon fitted dust cover , Large Ornate Oak matching scoreboard is also included  .

Truly a master built table built by Craftsmen , not your usual mass produced Chinese table .
Cheshire billiards is one of those firms that produce high quality workmanship , The late Brian Slowen and his son Peter , I had the pleasure to meet on many occasion and talk to them at their workshop premises  , you only have to visit their web site to see they made bespoke billiard tables to order in specially kiln dried hard woods of African Mahogany / American Oak / and American Black Walnut .
This Oak table has come into GCL Billiards and is now for resale at £2500 delivered and fully fitted within a radius of 100 mile on Ground floor , if stairs are involved there may be an extra costing to install .

Carved oak scroll work each side of each leg

close up of carved scroll for detail .

Large Turned and fluted legs , this table has 6 legs .

Sturdy thick frame and slate support bearers to support 5 section thick slates
I will be making the slate bearers adjustable on set up and fixing adjusters at each end to stop any sagging of slate .
This is a belt and braces addition to the table and makes adjustment of any slate sagging easy to do .

by adjustable I mean these brackets at each end of the slate bearers , or Muntins as we in the trade call them .

Bed cloth is in A1 condition , hardly had a ball roll on it .
no ball track wear in pockets at all which is very rare to find , this table has had very little use .
more of a room filler than a played table .
but you have the option of paying extra for a brand new bed cloth if you wish .
we will acetone the old D and baulk marking out prior to re-marking out on the original cloth .

all inquiries to

Karnehm & Hillman Buckingham full size snooker table for sale ….@£500

If you prefer the older design features of an old billiards table yet wish it to play like a modern table then this table is for you .

The much sought after Karnehm & Hillman full size 8 tulip design carved leg  Buckingham model , if you are looking for a table look no further .
and at just £500 it is a come and buy me price .

Not sure on sunlight if this has affected the wood at the window end may have lightened it a bit  ,
but the woodwork does look in very good order .

this table is all about these fantastic tulip designed carved type leg

at each leg there are carved scrolls either side on middle and corner legs , and a multi reed bead to the frame and lower cushion .
you may notice they use the older design of clip in buttons to hide both leg and cushion bolts
this is a much sought after design , that mimics the older looking tables yet plays like a modern table of the 1980’s onward’s .

A lighting shade and scoreboard balls and triangle and cue rack is also included in the price .
You may notice the lack of hooks for rests , My client says he had the table renovated , and if you do not fit hooks you cannot mark the frame with cross rest nibble .
when people put the rests back on the hook they hit the frame with the brass ends of the rest marking and eventually wearing out the polish
this one is untouched , and that is because they cannot put a cross rest head on the table .
I am amazed sometimes that people spend large amounts of money to have a table fully re polished only for them to mark the frame with cross rest nibble ,
I always try and educate people not to have hooks fitted if possible and to place rests in a free standing rack .
this just shows this seller is wise to what a  cross rest can do to the ends of the table .

Now the bad part
The cloth looks very faded , so I would recommenced a full re-cloth for any buyer

Now I like to make sure every body understands what the sale includes and what is extra
a Re-cloth would be extra of course .
and the dismantle load , travelling unloading and assemble of the table to a ground floor room is also going to extra
we do not do upstairs or basement fitting of tables all tables have to be installed on Ground floor .
if you wish a stairs install then get in touch with Geoff who will go through the Extra – extra costs of  a stair install as many men are required to lift slates up or down stairs
…unless you have a lift the slates fit in ?

to get quotes for both a re-cloth and the relocation of the table get in touch with Geoff or Carol by email
also all inquiries for this table to .

9ft Riley 3/4 sized snooker table for sale …lovely condition this one @ £950 as is .

We have a private sale direct from the seller …no middle men fees .
A 9 ft x 4 ft 6 inch snooker table three section slate bed table …some term this as a 3/4 sized table being 3/4 the length and 3/4 the width of a full sized table .
not to be confused with an 8ft which others also term as 3/4 and yet is not .

as can be seen this table has been renovated and is still in very good condition

you may require a re-cloth you may go with what is all ready on the table as the bed cloth could be refitted  , my advice is go to view before you buy to know what you want .
Table is located in Harpenden .

Cloth does look OK from the Photo’s also nets and leathers look very good

Wood work looks in A1 condition having had a refurbishment at some point in it’s life
button may be missing from bolt hole , so again ask if all there or go inspect before purchase from the owner .
the owner is asking £950 for the table , and this is not unreasonable for a private sale price , you would be paying much more from a dealer .
but do not forget this is as it is on site not dismantled and delivered and set up , you could ask GCL billiards for a price for this before you buy .
Just remember this type of work is not a courier pick up and delivery or a parcel being delivered by parcel force  it is a bespoke skilled billiard fitter service and is priced appropriately.
A price will be supplied once we find if on ground floor at both ends and the distance from our base in Nottingham round miles trip .

As you can see it is not a parcel and has to be fully dismantled to deliver then erect , a postman cannot do this or a delivery courier driver .
it is no flat pack from Ikea .
it is a bespoke job from start to finish from a time served billiards fitters team of two .

A full on photo of the table playing surface .

you just know when you see a new transfer that this renovation has been done to a high standard
a billiards firm that has gone to the length of having reproduced the original art work for the transfer ,
which is then sealed under the polish shows the detail they have gone to in the refinishing and transformation of the table .
again make sure all the buttons that have fallen out of the cushions are still there and complete .
with the table you should get the balls triangle 2 cues and rests and the lighting and scoreboard .

*** Delivery and Install is not included in the £950 asking price you are buying it as it is sited for £950 .
PLEASE ASK FOR A QUOTE giving details of address and if on ground floor instillation and no steps or stairs .
the odd step does not count as we can ramp this for the piano trolley we wheel the slates in on from the van .

Price depends on distance and floor levels at both ends .

all inquiries to

Away to Whitby for a long weekend from Friday Aug 28th to Monday Aug 31st will not be available .

Due to Covid restrictions , I am having a  few short breaks in the UK instead of going abroad to Portugal or Lanzerote which is my favourite spot of late .
my Daughter will still be at Home with the Dogs but not answering Emails or Telephone calls and my mobile is not coming with me so no contact will be available while I am away  .

1st break is next Bank Holiday weekend is to Whitby  , for a short long weekend from Friday to Monday 28th to 31st of august

2nd break will be in two weeks after the Whitby break to my favourite place in the UK Brixham in Devon for 7 days .
so I also will not be able to take messages emails or telephone calls from 12th to 19th of September .
again my daughter is at Home with the dog’s but not answering any emails or telephone  calls .
I may book another short break closer to Christmas it depends how work is going and bookings or the lack of them .

Out of the two I feel that Brixham has more to offer , in weather  ( if lucky ) in scenery , and in places to visit nearby .
also local pub’s and Restaurants are good , but then again Whitbys pub and restaurant scene is not bad .
and Whitby is famous for it’s Northern soul and Goth weekenders … as well as Dracula .

Supporting eating out and UK business in B&B and shops is more important than chasing the summer sun abroad these days .
the UK economy is taking a battering and was bound to happen and is no big surprise , we could all lessen the hit if we buy British or stay British for holidays at the moment .
The UK public has got to start supporting UK business especially small local business which are the first to go , the Government has extended it’s support to small business owners until October
After this all small business owners are on their own ..its make or break  , so go out book those short weekends in the UK spend some money in local shops and pubs and restaurants .

I could have so easily gone abroad for a couple of weeks , but feel that I must support those that may well support others , and in a round about way it effects us all .

GCL Billiards  supporting local UK business .