Snooker & Pool Table Recovers

Geoff Large, expert table fitter with 37 years of experience. All aspects of snooker, pool and 9 ball table recovers, repairs and maintenance. My services include: Recover of bed cloth and/or cushion cloth Stretching of bed cloth Re-rubbering of cushions Fitting new pocket nets, leathers and rails Refurbishment and re-polishing Levelling of the table Dismantling, moving, setting up, logistics and storage Pool table hire Service contracts West of England 100% pure new wool first grade cloth used, no seconds.

Snooker table Dismantle and Transport relocation , use GCL billiards for this specialist service

We have 40 years experience of relocating Snooker and Pool tables of various sizes
if you are looking to have a snooker or Pool table relocated then call in the professionals .
GCL billiards have the correct tools and men to move these heavy tables from one location to another .
dorset slates coming off frame june 2105
The heavy slates are the main object that will catch may DIY or man and a van out , they require careful handling and knowledge of safe loading or storing of these Slates correctly  .
We have three of these piano wheels and a slate slide for downstairs maneuvering with ease of just three men .
Upstairs locations may require up to 6 men to lift these slates up  but we sometimes only use 4 men .
a ground floor to Ground floor locations only require two men
bentinck slates and frame
This table only required moving 6 feet , but it still required a full strip down of slates off the frame to move it safely without damage to slate joints
Do not listen to firms who say they can jack up a full size table and wheel it to a new position , this will damage the slate joints and your carpets or floor covering , and may snap the legs in the process too .
GCL billiards men are trained over years of experience to move tables in a safe and responsible way .
sometimes we are lucky with on site fork lifts , we always look for the easy option , but never cut corners , on this job
We where able to ask the local farmer if he could just fork lift the slates out of the van and up to the floor the tables where being erected back up on .
B & watts for sale K & Ashfield stored bubbl;e wrapped
If we have to store tables on site , we can also offer a full bubble wrapping service
This table being stored in dismantled form in our Clients Garage , taking very little room up
clitheroe frame up level slates in back
On this job we arrived to find that the client had all ready got the slates and frame upstairs ,
this helps not only in time but in costing as we where only required to send one fitter out to complete this table fitting , with the clients help of putting the slates back onto the frame.
Mark parry frame assemble
When we reach the relocated site , we can start to put the frame parts out ready for assembly
mark parry slates on and linings ready
the slates can go back on and any final leveling done and tack linings refitted
linc brain finished table
And the Table is ready for play in it’s new home
van igor loaded inside cargo
A full size snooker table fits neatly and stacked correctly for transport in the back of our van
Rear view of van Igor
You may see us out and about on the road , our van has distinctive livery of pool theme on sides and Snooker on rear
if you are thinking or having a snooker or Pool table dismantled and relocated , then please get in touch with Geoff Large
with 40 years experience of relocating full size snooker tables , you are in safe hands .

email Geoff below for a quote 

WE ARE NOT A SNOOKER CLUB ! do not phone us up trying to book a table to play on please try Stapleford cue club or any mentioned below to play snooker or pool .

We do not own a snooker or pool club , but if you do require to find a club to play local to us , try Stapleford cue Club they are the closest snooker club to me 2 mile down the road .
Stapleford Cue club is situated at
148 Derby Road behind the pizza hut take away .
tel 01159 394 504

if you are very close to Derby then try
under rollerworld access to right in carpark
Derby DE21 4AW
tel 01332 360924

other side of Nottingham then try
Newark cue club
41 Barker Gate
NG24 1UA
tel 01636 612030

I get many phone calls asking if we are open to book a table to play on ?
We are not advertised as a snooker club , we are a Billiards /Snooker / Pool table or as a collective a Cue sports table MAINTENANCE company
This means we work on tables repairing or maintaining them .
our other business is long term contract of coin operated pool table hire to pubs and clubs we do not own our own club .
I am sorry to say it is getting beyond a joke at how many people phone us up sometimes at 12 to 2am in the morning and Today ( Christmas Day ) of all days to ask what time we shut or are we open today.
we suspect these are Taxi Drivers knocking off work or taking a break and wanting somewhere to play snooker or pool .
I do not know of any all nighter snooker clubs most close at 12pm at the latest .

but just to refresh what we are about .

This is what we do
Ashbourne 9ft rubber and cushion blocks gluedpool table keyworth 7ft riley superleague strippinglivingstone strip and cover cushions bluerushcliffe tables and shades on vanBaulk line re-cover june 2015 working on cushions apartBaulk line re-cover june 2015 Geoff on cushion strip
If you require to book a table try Stapleford cue club they are the closest snooker/pool club to me
winners at stabbo cue club x 4
stapleford cue club
cueball pool room busy
Cueball in Derby pool room and plenty of full size snooker tables
Newark cue club 41 Carter gate Newark Nottinghamshire NG24 1UA ………….tel 01636 612030 for booking to play on pool and snooker tables .
Hunters Bar Dec 15th 2015 7 recovers on pool
Hunters Bar Grantham 1 Union Street , Grantham next to lidl’s , NG31 6NZ……………… tel 01476 579493
Hunters bar has 7 UK pool , 4 american pool , and 6 full size snooker tables to play on .

For Sale 8ft by 4ft Oak Snooker Table plus accessories very good condition , near Derby ….just £695 for this Quality made table .

I have a client who wishes to sell their 8ft x4ft Snooker table one piece slate bed with 6 legs .
this 8ft Quality one piece slate bed table has bolted on cushions no low cost wood screwed loose cushions , this show signs of the manufacturer quality as very good .
the table is in very good condition as seen in the photo’s .
It had a new cloth on bed and cushions recover less than a year ago at a cost of over £300 in Strachan 6811 30 oz all wool napped cloth .
I will be dismantling the table so it can be ready for collection by anyone with a long wheel base transit with just over 4ft between the arches .
the cushions will be taken off for this purpose , and the frame dismantled .
The cushions do have  a few marks in the wood caused by belt buckles , but you get this on all tables .

as you can see a very attractive looking table with turned legs
the minimum room you would need if using full size cues is 18ft by 14ft
if you use smaller 4ft cues you can knock around 10 inch from all sides off this measurement .~
or you may just have one problem end or a upright support in the way that a smaller cue will be required to get around .
a very nice table for someone .

the all important 6 legs is a must have on a span of 8ft , without the centre legs they just sag in the middle .
when buying just 4 legged tables they can have this problem unless they have anti bow bars fitted like the Riley diner tables .
a table with 6 legs can be adjusted upwards in the middle by shimming under centre legs removing any sagging slate problems .

the table comes with a set of snooker and pool balls three brushes small scoreboard as well as large scoreboard triangles and dust sheets
plus a set of lights and cue rack and cues .

the cue rack in matching woodwork .

brassed bar light fitting with 3 green shades .

large matching wood scoreboard .
Contact please to Geoff at

I will forward on your interest to the sellers and put you in touch .

The table will be located on the ground floor storage facility in Ilkeston ,  ready for Buyer collection , or you can use a small removals or a man and  van firm to collect .
or maybe arrange with seller any other agreement .

The owners are taking the table from their home in Derby to their Storage depot in Ilkeston , they may if local , deliver the table for you to your doorstep of front driveway as they run a haulage company .

We could also give a quote for a bespoke service to collect the table deliver and set back up on ground floor installation .
the choice is yours from a low cost pick up using a man and van right up to a bespoke Qualified billiard fitting delivery service or any other part instillation and finish off work  .

POOL TABLE RENTALS AT GCL BILLIARDS ….best value around the east midlands for New Supreme Winner 7×4 table rentals

At GCL Billiards we offer a one year contract for pool table rental.
in that first year we re-cover the table twice at every 6 months and if you time it correct this coincides with your Summer and Winter League start weeks .
the tables we install are all one colour Black satin pearl cabinet , and comes supplied with Strachan 6811 club green cloth already fitted from new by Supreme themselves .
we upgrade this 6811 Strachan club cloth to the better grade 6811 tournament at 6 months and keep it on that cloth for the entire time you rent the table .
we also supply a new set of balls every year and cues and a box of chalk .
All maintenance is covered within the price of £18.50 per week for 52 weeks which works out at £80 per month with all recover’s and the maintenance included .
we do not charge VAT .
after the first year you will be placed on a rolling 6 month renewal , which you renew at re-cover time .
so you are not tied into a long contract after the first year .

The Supreme winner in Satin pearl black latest green badge version with metal chrome corners and flatter alloy cushion trim

Solid metal chrome corners with raised Supreme lettering , ( old ones are plastic sunken lettering )
and flatter alloy trim between cushion and top surround .
this trim is now being made flatter as it used to get in the way of cueing over.

the latest supreme winners have a slot groove and allen bolt fixing that travels right up into the pocket this stops balls bouncing back up off the rail and back onto the table .

old type are smooth hard type that allows the ball to bounce back up and sometimes back onto the table .
most annoying .

latest table in satin black and that Green badge .

we can cover in differnat coloured cloth but we prefer Green as it is the most restful colour to the eye .

We are 100% fully cue sports specialists , you will not get a one armed bandit or amusement machine engineer working on your table that we supply
A common occurrence if you rent from a gaming machine supplier , and not a 100% committed Billiards / snooker / pool  table supplier .
We do not operate any other type of machines ,no one armed bandits , no football tables , no gaming video machines to distract our 100% commitment to fitting Cue sports tables to a high degree .
You will have an experienced fitter who is a fully qualified time served billiards fitter and works on Snooker and pool tables for many well respected clients around the country and abroad .
We do not bodge tables recovering or installation and leveling , and like to work with our clients to make sure they get the best attention to detail .

We have various types of bubble levels from standard engineers levels to Digital Protractors / Inclinometers as seen above
we invest in expensive levels to get a more accurate reading , we do not turn up with builders levels that may be out by such large margins .
they are OK for laying slabs or bricks but not good for leveling cue sports slate bed tables .

I would never use one of these to level your pool table , they are just not up to the job of high degree of accuracy

a £20 note is 0.1 out of level .
if I could get any table to be within or below 0.1 then that is as high as you can get any table level .
and that is our goal .

0.0 is my goal .and unless you are one of these clubs that move tables around or to one side on entertainment night it should remain that way
one thing I do stress out to clients though is , people sitting on a table will also send it out of level .

Our coin mech of choice is the reliable Essex Engineering Straight six
we can place you table on any price you wish from 20p upwards right up to the latest new £1 coin .the standard rate in most clubs though is 50p per game .
if you wish to give your clients a free play table one night a week , it is simple to do , on the free night take cash drawer off and let your clients catch the 50p as it comes back out just under the coin mech .
We find Electronic tables are not as reliable as our Essex coin operated tables , so therefore we do not operate Electronic pool tables.

We also vac and wash ball runs , this is a general clean out of the table at re-cover time , this makes sure your table plays without balls sticking or dirty dust being transferred to new cloth ,
we find other firms leave this important part of maintaining tables correctly and just let it build up .
So if you require a new Pool table , you are fed up with poor machines supplied or poor maintenance or quality of cloth , and are within our catchment area of Nottingham and Derby .
then please get in touch to discuss the possibility of acquiring a new supreme winner pool table installed and maintain by GCL billiards .

Very Busy at the moment and the phone is still ringing bringing more work in ….plus two jobs in France to do .

I have been very Busy this year , it can take up to 6 weeks to get booked in at the moment .
Not many billiard fitters around and too many tables around that requires work makes this an all year problem .
It seems there is a shortage of fully qualified Billiard Fitters or Fitters with experience as firms have closed down the experience has died out with them .
or the fitters have had enough and gone into something else .

It does seem at the moment that GCL billiards is getting more than it’s fair share of the work out there , and that is why we are very busy all the time .

I do not know what it is but I seem to get more and more people with cue sports tables phoning up for booking GCL billiards  in for work .
whether it is a pool or snooker table or a dismantle and transport .
And my current availability is now 2nd week of October .

Take this month for instance , Starting off on 1st of august at a snooker Club in Northampton for two days , then a local Nottingham 8ft table , and pool tables .
a 10ft snooker table dismantle and take down stairs and store ,  a day off to see accountant and sort out my books and also update my PC .
Pool table to install , pool table to re-cover , Full size re-cover , then over to Northampton again to stretch full size bed cloth and a pool table re-cover ,
Over to Gainsborough to recover a full size table and level , Beeston re-cover one full size service the other , Loughborough re-cover two pool tables ,
Eastwood re-cover pool tbale , 3 of my own rental tables require recovering one in Ripley one in Mansfield and one in Lincoln , then working in workshop on cushions and pockets ,
more own rental recovers , oh I get the Luxury of a Bank Holiday weekend thrown in if I am lucky , then dismantle an american pool  table and wrap and Crate up to ship over to USA , more rental pool tables to re-cover , a pool table install , then London M25 to dismantle a full size load onto a clients van to ship out to South of France .
and that’s August finished with .

France , I have two job’s coming up in France , and unfortunate they cannot be done together due to work commitments and distance between the job’s
It take three days to carry out just one re-cover or one set up of table .
The fly out day leaving from Birmingham airport ( not my local doorstep East Midlands one as they do not fly to Toulouse )  , work on table 1st and 2nd day , 2nd Day finish off work on table , 3rd Day fly back and taxi back from Birmingham airport…. funny thing is the return flights to Toulouse cost just  £102 but the taxis transfer return is £120 ?
My friends think I am off on some jolly when I work abroad , in honesty it take work away from me as wasted traveling time stuck in airports and taxi transfers .
and when you get there the clock is ticking to get the job done in time to catch the pre booked flight back .
Not to mention the problems of Tools and airplanes .
I am off to Toulouse to work on a table that has been flooded with water damage on September 19th 20th and 21st , this is an insurance quote that has been approved .
I have sent out a spare tool kit that the owner has bought and the cloth and other accessories will also go out , as arranged with the owner who lives in Devon but spends a bit of time in France too .
this means I can fly out and the job will take three of my working days up in September.
I have a another France trip planned around End of October beginning of September for a 2nd person , and again this will take up three of my working days , this time the table I dismantled in August just off the M25 in the UK will be set back up in southern France .
It may be possible that this 2nd person could for a small fee to the owner of the first table in Toulouse hire the tool kit I sent out for the first France  job and return it to them .
Although I do take on these French and other European countries work , I now ask them to buy their own basic tool kit for billiard table fitting , as any future work in years to come they already have the fitting kit , all they need is a the fitter .
this makes traveling out by plane so much easier and stress free not having to pay for extra baggage weight or even send them out as freight as some tools are very heavy as can be seen in the below photo .

Happy days as a company , but it can be very stressful at times .
why do I keep dreaming of my next two week break in 2018 in Peurto Del Carmen Lanzerotte ,

I thought self employment you could take the odd week off here and there , but it seems I am more busy now than at anytime in my working life .
But rest assured I do like my work and I love being self employed pressure or no pressure , i know my job inside out and plan to work for a long time yet .
so GCL billiards will be around for few years yet before I retire .

NOW SOLD Karnehm & Hillman square legged full size Snooker table ….SOLD SOLD SOLD !!!

Table has now been sold to Ben ….many thanks to Keya for being a bit flexible on dates for pick up


We have a client who wishes to sell their full size Snooker table
A Karnehm and hillman UK manufactured full size snooker table circa 1980s .

the table comes with light shade balls and accessories .
although square legged it has some beveling shaped into the leg so not a boring square leg
it is well known that square legs do not catch dust unlike turned legs and they do look better in modern surroundings where a client is looking for a modern contemporary look .

the table looks vintage with the buttons in the cushions hiding the cushion bolts
Reeded design to lower frame work and lower cushion facing .
pockets nets and leathers look in very good order as does rails and straps .

It is hard to tell from the photo if the cloth requires replacing , this would be down to any buyer to make that judgement
a recover price depending on type of cloth starts at around £440 to £695 .
but it Could be that the new owner will go with the cloth that is on it .

A badge on the end of makers name .
All inquiries to Geoff at GCL billiards email is

If you would like , a quote to relocate the table to your home after purchase , then contact GCL billiards .
We have a two man team that will dismantle load and transport and unload and erect to most locations of the UK .

Geoff Large , time served Billiards Fitter with over 41 years experience .

Riley 1980s / 90s Aristocrat for sale ….. Offers

We have a client in Stoke on Trent who wishes to sell their Riley Standard cushion Aristocrat .
The table looks in good order playing wise , the end frame and leg blocks above the turned legs looks to have been stripped back a bit and is a lighter colour than the legs
this may have been done to show the wood grain better .
looks ready to go as it is as the cloth looks in very good condition , although at his moment in time we do not know what make or weight of cloth is on the table .

the bed cloth looks in excellent condition from this photo.

if you look closely you can see the wood end of the frame and the leg blocks have been stripped back to reveal the wood grain better ?
the cushions and the legs are original Dark mahogany stained and polished .

Nets and leathers look in good order too .
the pocket openings look to be 3.5 inch , which is match sized .

a full shot of the table which comes with shade a few cues rests balls and a small two handed scoreboard .
I have put offers at the moment as I have not discussed a price that our selling client requires .
as soon as I have more clarity on price I will post it up .
at the moment all inquiries to Geoff at email .

10ft Thurston vintage billiards /snooker table for sale pre 1890 ….fantastic value at just £500…. SOLD SUBJECT TO COLLECTION


PRIVATE SALE direct from selling client … middlemen fees !

Latest on this table ( july 21st 2017  ) TABLE NOW DISMANTLED AND COULD BE COLLECTED FROM GARAGE STORAGE for low cost pick up just hire a transit van and two men could easly load it , then get a profesional billiard fitter to call round and fit it .

We have a client in Leicestershire who has a 10ft Billiards table for sale at a reasonable £500 asking price
The Thurston made table comes with a nice period scoreboard and set of balls and cues  ,  and is circa pre 1890 and maybe as old as 1870’s

as you can see the table has some nice figured mahogany flaming to cushions
although in my opinion the table may require a re-cover and maybe re-rubber depending on bounce left in cushions , but this would be down to buyers preference .
I would recommend an inspection to put your mind at rest and to decide what work if any you would require if any ? but the cloth looks faded .
the polish is in very good order and I would describe it has the faded wood look and not the Dark red or Brown that many of these tables where stained with .
all the cushions buttons are missing , the cushions having a nice flamed mahogany face to them as seen in the photo’s , a very nice Victorian period table .

Side shot of the table showing it is a 6 legged type , the cushions buttons are missing but a wood turner could make some of these to hide the cushion bolts
the table being pre 1890 has the brass finger top plate pocket plates .
all Billiard tables where top plates until the manufacturers started to make them inserted from the end of cushion type or hidden fixing type around 1895 .
This table has a 5 piece slate bed 1 and 1/2 inch thick , I have visited to level only in the past  , and maybe fitted those nets and leathers for the previous owner of this table a well known professional County Cricket player .
The new owners would like to use the room for other purpose and I have valued the table at £500 for a quick sale , I am sure you will agree £500 for such a nice period 10ft Billiard table is well worth it .

matching period scoreboard also included in the sale , all enquiries to

I will pass on any serious inquiries to the seller and you are then free to choose who you wish to remove the table and transport it to it’s new home once sold  .
21st July 2017 , visited our selling client and dismantled the table so it is ready for a DIY pick up if you wished to pick it up yourself .
just back up to garage and load onto a Hire van .
In my opinion the table will require a re-cover .

if you would like a quote for this removal and transport and any other work you may require like a re-cover , then please contact Geoff at the same email address

Rock hard 7ft Riley ding table cushions , why some do not like working on these small tables , and misunderstood information given to client .

I got myself into some trouble the other month , when I was asked to quote for a small dining billiard table .
the lady in question was asking my availability and cost quote in renovating the playing area of a 6ft Riley dining billiard table .
I went into great detail of informing the future client that cost was the same labour rate as  a full size snooker table .
only the materials used which would be around 1/3rd  of the price was the only saving on price .
I also pointed out I was not available for another 8 weeks !
this promted my future client to leave me an unnecessary bad feedback on my yell saying I was rude to her ? ( yellow pages ) which I had removed as it was totally untrue in what she was making out that I had stated to her , I still have the emails sent and received to prove this .
I gave her a full break down of what it would cost and stated many fitters would not work on these table and avoid them , I take them on now and again but not in great numbers , but I did admit that I would rather work on 9ft to full size tables and had stated this on my web site in the past and was there for all to read ,  these small tables where very fiddly to work on and can cause problems . But I could still do the work but not for another 8 weeks .
Just to show what sort of problems these small tables throw at you , here is an example that I am working on at the moment .

rock hard crumbling rubber on this 7ft version , old 5/8th flat laminated rubber circa 1910 to 1920 .
I would have to remove the rubber and rebate the block to take 5/8th by 5/8th L shape rubber which would give a much better bounce .

as you can see it does not fall off , it was stuck on with animal glue and took me 4 hours to get all 6 cushions stripped of the old rubber alone .

my method of removing the old rock hard crumbling laminated rubber , and inch at a time taking care not to damage the rebate of the wood block .
I did try steaming them to try and soften the glue this made it worse so gave up and went back to  levering them off 1 inch at a time .

the rebate cleaned up , this is OK for the depth of the 5/8th by 1/4 inch  rubber but not the height of the rebate , so I had to hand plane each cushion .
I had to take off another 1/4 of an inch from the shelf of this rebate to fit the new L shape rubber .
also some nails where in the way and had to be removed otherwise it would ruin my rebate plane .

with the rebate taken down a bit more , this made sure the new 5/8th L shape rubber had a good shelf to sit on before glueing into place .

and because I had to remove some nails in the block , I made sure the block was secured back against the main body of the cushion by screwing them on .
if you have loose blocks then the slip that secures the cushion cloth will be loose and the cloth will come out .

the new rubber fitted and the corner angle shaped and undercut .

the middle angle shaped and undercut , the cushion is now ready for recovering .
this whole process with me going up to chesterfield to strip  the table down and bring the cushions in , stripping the old rubber of the blocks repairing preparing the rebate , and fitting the new rubber has taken two days so far .
in that time I  could have re-rubber and re-covered plus fit nets and leathers to a full size table .
I still have another days work fitting bag nets and leathers , fitting the bed cloth with traveling back up to chesterfield , and fitting the very poor condition raise and fall lifters , which had to be welded to repair them . I will post more photo’s when I finish the table .
this is the second riley diner that I have renovated for this client , his first was a 5ft version which he was sold as a 6ft from an Ebay seller , he went out and bought the 7ft because of that mistake , but if anyone wants a nice 5ft version then get in touch and I will pass on your details to the Chesterfield client .
This was what I was trying to explain why fitters do not like working on such small tables , they can take a lot of valuable time away from our main work on 9ft to full size snooker tables .
we actually  lose a whole day on these small tables if the condition is like this .
so you can see why I only do one now and again . unless of course it is in excellent condition and just requires a re-cover , then no problem , but get one like this 7ft crumbling hard rubber type and your in for a long hard job to rectify it .

Gentleman’s club in Burton , Re-cover Burroughs and watts Snooker / Billiard table

Today I have been over to Burton on Trent to re-cover a full size snooker table .
I have worked on this table a few times in the past , the last time in 2010 I re-rubbered the table .

the table when I arrived was in very good order , many working men’s clubs would have got at least another 2 years out of the cloth that was coming off .
but this club likes to keep the standards up to as new for it’s members  .
the table only really gets played on one night a week !
The table is circa 1910 having rigidus frame leg spacing’s , where the centre legs are closer together , this is because the ridgidus design relies on cross members along each slate joint rather than the normal munting slate supports found on other manufacturers tables.

photo of cushions freeze removed sometimes we call these capping’s , to reveal steel plates , that many call Steel block cushions .

A close up of the steel plate with the name Burroughs and watts Soho Square London .

cushion covered showing middle angle

Bed cloth going on , the cloth of choice being Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz .
some people call this 6811 gold tournament  .

the printed transfer every 10ft off the roll .

two blue lines and woven gold lettering of 6811 tournament down the length of one side of the cloth
ask the fitter  to see this and the transfer if you have been promised 6811 gold tournament 30 oz .
6811 30 oz tournament is the most used cloth in the industry .

the finished table , if you are wondering who the two Gentlemen in the large paintings are the one on the left is Micheal  Arthur Bass ( 1st lord of Burton ) 1837 to 1909 , and the one on the right is his father Thomas Bass 1799 to 1884 as you may have worked out the owners of Bass Brewery the main employers in Burton on Trent .
there are not many of these Professional Gentleman’s clubs around anymore , not sure on the rules of membership , but in the old days you would have had to be a man of outstanding position and standing to even be considered for membership .
it is still a Men only membership club !
I thought people would be interested in some of my more unusual places of work , this is one such place that is for sure,  heaped in history and tradition .
Many a game of billiards and Life pool would have been played in this club in Victorian and early Edwardian times, over a cigar and a glass of port while discussing business .
they still serve luncheons and the dining table was set when I arrived just in case someone called in for business lunch with cook on standby , but today the place was not used .