Snooker room flooded in Gotham Nottingham , Full size snooker table dismantled and taken into dry storage . Cloth replaced due to shrinkage !

We have had another insurance job come in due to flooding.
this is the second table in two months that has had to be dismantled while the room is dried out and fully redecorated .
this is normally around 2 to 3 months between the table being taken down to being reassembled back up .
Steve Bulter oak aristocrat pre flood
I have worked on this table around 4 times in the past 5 years , I have re-covered it twice and re-stretched the bed cloth also opened pockets out
and replaced the Rubber , our client takes really good care of it and has it maintained regardless of cost .
it was no coincidence then that he contacted Geoff at GCL Billiards when he recently experienced the recent flooding in Gotham near Nottingham .
GCL Billiards are reputable insurance approved when it comes to Billiards Snooker and pool table removal or replacement due to unfortunate circumstances like a flood or fire .
Insurance people find it hard to find the correct person or firm to take on such a task as dismantle and removal of a full size snooker table during renovations of a damaged room .
and GCL Billiards are now known to a few insurance companies out there who have used our expert services of dismantle and dry storage and renovation of table to a like for like quotes .
Steve's flooded back garden and snooker room .
this is what our client awoke to find one morning a couple of weeks ago
the best part of his garden and neighbours garden under water , the building at the bottom of his garden is his Snooker room .
Steve's flooded back garden pump it out
a good pump around two days later reduced the water level
Our Client thought he may have got away with the room being under water , but it had just crept in by about 1/2 an inch to 1 inch , and water had been soaked up into the carpet and the bottom of our clients snooker table legs .
Rear view of van Igor
We have now dismantled the table and taken it to a dry storage depot that we use from our storage partner Jonills removals .
it will stay in storage drying out slowly over the next two months
because the room was very wet and damp , the Billiard cloth also soaked up the dampness like a sponge in the room just out of the damp air !
not a lot of people know this,
But a Snooker / Billiard cloth gets damp from just damp air , it will shrink when drying out if taken off on dismantle still damp and will not fit back on correct .
the cloth is made from 100% pure new wool so it will shrink when it gets wet , because this table had to be taken out of the building to dry out the cloth will have to be replaced .
Expect a  shrinkage of around 1.5 inch all the way around the cloth .
this was also explained to the insurance company , and they have also given the go ahead for a complete re-cover of bed and cushions in like for like , Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth
We expect to return the table and erect leaving ready for play when the room has been fully dried out and redecorated in around 2 months time .