Sir William Bentley fixed height oak 8ft snooker /diner with carved bespoke chairs for sale . £2000 ONO .

Please note Delivery and install is not included on this sale price ~

table is priced for sale at £2000 ONO , with chairs as it sits on site , buyer to arrange for removal and delivery .
Geoff at GCL billiards would be happy to quote for this .
Costs are based on miles traveling so post code must be supplied and ground floor only for this table will be quoted no stairs .

Here we have  a very nice bespoke made set of dining chairs with matching oak 8ft dining table and snooker table combination .
this table is not dual height so the chairs have been made specially higher as to accommodate dining off when tops are placed on top .
a sturdy table , that I think may possibly benefit with centre adjustable slate bearers to stop any sag of slate over it’s 8ft span .
a common fault that could occur overtime on one piece slate bed tables which have 4 legs . ( an easy conversion that could be done by a competent billiards fitter ).

A very nice oak table that would have been a high price when bought from Sir William Bentley billiards .
especially those carved custom made chairs .

there are 6 normal chairs and two carvers

one of the carver chairs .

One of the carved panels of the arts and crafts influenced carving ….note the carvers initials .
very nice acorn and oak leaf theme complementing this OAK table .
Pure craftsmanship on display here and very bespoke designed .
not your run of the mill table here .

in my opinion a 8ft table should have  bit more slate support and adjustment to take into account the 8ft span
this fixed cross member could be made to be adjustable , by the fitment of adjustable brackets , maybe also fit two more adjustable cross members equal spacing either side
this will make the table fully adjustable if slate sagging should occur in the future and on set up make leveling much more accurate .

adjustable Brackets like this is what I mean .

the price of the table and chairs are a private sale , advertised by a client .
*** And our client is looking for a buyer this side of Christmas due to impending House Move  . ***
if you would like a ground floor to ground floor quote to dismantle and move this table and relocate it
then please contact Geoff or Carol at GCL billiards for a quote .
giving full address and post code .

Please note delivery and install of this table is not included in the sale price !

*** removing a snooker table from one premises to another , to be done properly you must employ a time served billiards fitters and labour .
this work is skilled and can be expensive so always get a  quote first before agreeing to buy .
never assume that  a van and man or a multi drop courier can pick this table up , it is very heavy and needs dismantling and setting back up again .

Billiard fitters have the proper equipment and trolleys to move this table .
very much like a Grand piano mover would have to move Grand pianos .

all inquiries for this table to

Carol or Geoff Large  who’s email is .