Second hand set of steel cushions for sale .

UPGRADE your snooker table to pro standard … steel cushions .
they require a bit of work , but rubber is ok for bounce .

Full size set of steel cushions for sale @ just £400 the set .
wood frieze parts needs re-polishing .
they have wood friezes and back pate frieze bolts , some pocket bolts not all  ,  and all pockets plates are included
every thing you need to upgrade a standard wood cushion set to a pro steel cushion set , at a fraction of the cost a Riley steel set set would cost you .
they have been drilled to fit a Orme table but will also fit the modern 6 bolt slates .
may fit a Burroughs and watts or they may need realigning and drilling of new bolt holes  to fit other makes of tables .
as long as your table slate bed  is 12ft by 6ft one and half inch they will fit .

contact direct to Stapleford  cue club ask for Jed , phone 01159  394504 .
Private sale .