Sam K steel 9ft pool tables for sale ( four tables available )

We have a Private selling client who is wishing to sell on 4 X Sam K steel pool tables already dismantled .
These will be priced to sell at just £350 each no discount for quantity  here they have already been discounted and priced to sell .
if you want all 4 tables it is £1400 if you want one or two only it is still £350 each table , first come first served a Bargain .
all 4 have been dismantled and will require new cloths , maybe new rubber , we have not inspected them they are in storage ready for collection .
In Ravenshead NG15 area of Nottinghamshire .
here is a photo of what they would look like once recovered and cleaned up .

and this is the current state before dismantle

top cushions surround still complete all 4 stacked on side
the finish is Brown / Black lacaluca finish .

legs and feet

slates 3 to each table .

side skirts that go between each leg and some of the under steel frame construction beams
yes these K steel tables have an under frame work as sturdy as a land rover chassis .
and are regards as the best American pool table to buy here in the UK ,
any spares can also be bought from SAM billiards based in Coventry so you are not buying discontinued tables .

more side and end frame parts with rest rack on .
if you would like  a quote for a table to be fitted or re-covered then I am happy to quote you for this service also re-rubber if you wish to bring them right up to date
these Sam k steels where over £4000 when new .
so at just £350 ready to collect they are a Bargain buy , if you are a club looking for a few of these table then £1400 for all 4 is the best you will find on price for 4 of these Sam k steel tables .
here are a few that GCL Billiards have renovated in the past

a nice Black cloth on this light wood colour table .

we also did a  re-rubber on that one too , a photo showing aged cracked rubber and new rubber side by side .

a sequence of photo’s showing install of a K steel , you can see the frame to finished table here .

one I did many years ago

and Six tables  I set up and re-covered in another local club .

Hunters Bar in Grantham have four SAM k steels  too that I still do recovering on .
as you can see the Sam k steel table is a proper tournament 9ft American pool table , all work on these table would be extra to the actual cost of £350 per table and quotes can be obtained from GCL billiards

Tables are ready for collection from NG15 area , if you require more information contact Geoff by email if possible to

and I will arrange a viewing for you with the Private seller .