Rare opportunity to buy a 7ft by 3ft 6 inch playing area Serpentine Snooker Diner with dual height flip up beams just £375 . BARGAIN .

WARNING it does need work .
so take this in before committing to buy , see details below


Not a Riley one but a very good copy of one

Serpentine Billiards diners are pretty rare to find , not everyone’s first choice of this old design classic , but this one looks solid and chunky with good sized cushions .
looks like top is stained , but you can touch this up or re-polish it ,
I have taken into account the cost of moving this and a re-cloth so we have priced it really low for a come and get me price .
We do not know the condition of the rubber , but  at this price it is priced as needs doing .   just £375 for quick sale .
the owner inherited the table with the property .

This is a private sale you are buying direct from the private seller not GCL billiards , contact Geoff at GCL billiards if you wish to buy he will forward you onto the seller .
if you need a quote to have it collected contact Geoff or Carol  with your post code at  c.large@btinternet.com

It will require picking up and delivering or you may decide you can do this yourself , but be warned it is heavy .
the slate will not stand up to being dropped or loaded at an angle they often break if not loaded and strapped into a van correctly
It will require a Re-cloth at least looking at the sun faded cloth
it may require a re-rubber . the sun may have damaged the rubber too with heat .
But at the price it is being sold for this has been taken into account .  NO OFFERS this is already a Bargain price .

Bag nets and leathers look good from the photo .

My advice is buy it get it home and then decide what work you require doing , you may decide to just use it for a few months while you decide the amount you wish to spend on it .
but at this price it is a Bargain for a Billiard diner .
the table is based in Nottinghamshire and would be ideal for a local buyer to be found , because the more distance to travel the more expensive it is if you use a billiard firm to collect and deliver
we also recommend only ground floor buyers , this item is too heavy to tackle stairs with .