NOW SOLD 10ft Karnehm & Hillman snooker table for sale near Peterborough



Here we have a table that I have worked on in the past when I relocated it from GCL billiards seller in Leighton Buzzard  for a new owner in Whittlesey near Peterborough .
here is the original advert for this table back in 2014
10ft Karnehm and hilman’s are very hard to find , and when they appear up for sale they are very quickly sold
especially at this come and buy me price of just £600 .  NO OFFERS PLEASE !

as you can see a very attractive table , which has recently been re-covered .
there are a  few belt buckle or zip scratches on the top cushion capping’s but in very good order .

Looks like new nets and leathers have also been fitted recently too .
this table is quality built a 5 section slate bed bolt into slate cushions .

there is just one upgrade that I would recommend , and that is the fitting of adjustable slate bearers on the under slate supports
Karnehm and hillman never had these fitted on any of their tables , but they help to keep the slate from dipping in the center .
and this does happen it gives you 100% control to adjust it back up .
as you can see this table has none of these fitted and it would be recommended to have this done on the next install .
GCL billiards do have these brackets ready in stock  to install if you use them to move the table .

these Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham models have turned carved tulip style legs .
and sport the buttons over the bolt holes in the cushions rather than the slide in panels , I think this gives it a more classy look .
and more expensive to have buttons made rather than a slide in plywood panel .
the ball rails  have 4 runner bars too , something that is new to me , as the norm is just 3 bars .

here you can see a few of those belt buckle marks on the top capping .
a touch up with a brown pencil or wax will help make them a background mark , there is only a few of them and you will get more
if you wear  a belt or have a ZIP protruding from say jeans .
this table has only had two careful owners , I advertised it for the previous owners and moved it for my buying client who has now decided he wants the room back .
he has spent a fair few £s on this table but realizes it is a buyers market so the £600 price tag is very fair and you should not offend him by making offers.
in my opinion 10ft K & Hillman tables do not fall off tree’s in large numbers and this one is in very good order .
I predict it will not be advertised long before it is sold .
Hopefully someone between Peterborough and Nottingham buys it .
but we can pick up and deliver anywhere in the UK if cost effective .
just give me ( Geoff Large )  a call , or email me for more details of costings of such a move . 07753466064 or

of course the table comes with all normal accessories ( apart from cue’s or any extensions )
the balls triangle and scoreboard and any rests plus Peradon dust cover are included in the price , there is no light fitting or cues in this sale .
The table was re-covered in Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz , only 15 months ago by another firm probably Drinkwaters , and has not had much use as can be seen from the photo’s .

any inquiries to Geoff at GCL billiards 07753466064 or email

If you require the table collecting and  a price to pick up and install  , I need to know post code , and if the room is on ground floor or up or down stairs , plus parking and access is good .
no restrictions on parking or difficult parking attendants around .
or very low bushes and trees obstructing drive way and MWB /  MEDIUM HIGH ROOF van .
if you have a drive way with bushes and overhanging low branches we suggest these are cut back before delivery , we do not wish to scratch our new vans paintwork and sign writing for a few Hundred pounds wages in delivering a table .
you will be surprised just what a problem this has been in the past . Especially down single track roads and long driveways to country houses .