Pool table water damage , Re-cover and polish cabinet for Insurance claim.

We have just completed a 7×4 pool table re-cover that was for water damage , the actual table was in a basement that was flooded to about 2 inch only , but the damp air got into the cloth expanded the nap and was smelling a bit mouldy and with all the building work that has been ongoing to replace floors and skirting , the table was also covered in dust , our client got in touch with GCL billiards who are insurance approved renovators and like for like replacement if the damaged table is written off.
Our client was informed by his insurance company to get a quote from reliable cue sports companies to dismantle and move the table out of the flooded room to a safe area , after new flooring and skirting plus re-decorating , we returned to re-cover the table in a nice new Strachan Burgundy Red wool cloth , clean the cabinet out inside and out , spray furniture polish on and buff up as new .

GCL Billiards provided full invoice’s for the insurance company  for this two part job of dismantle and secure in safe area and also the return work of re-covering and put back in room polished and levelled  ready for play . If you have the misfortune of you’re table being damaged and wish to make a claim on you’re insurance , then please consider GCL Billiards and inform you’re insurance company that you have found an approved firm .
Our client was highly delighted and his feedback said , Delighted with the recover better than new!
we are not surprised at this because we actually fitted a better branded cloth than was originally fitted to the table from new!

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