Pool table re-cover in Strachan Super Pro speed cloth

We can also offer an alternative type of cloth to re-cover pool tables.
Our normal cloth for pool tables is a choice between Strachan 777 and Strachan 6811
We are now offering by special order , a speed cloth
The speed cloth of our choice is also Strachan branded and is called a worsted wool man made fibre mix and branded as Strachan super pro speed cloth.
toton super pro
Strachan super pro , professional cue sports cloth
toton strip down pool
this table is located in a Garden cabin , we recommended this speed cloth due to the fact that the previous cloth absorbed too much condensation and played slow
with speed cloth it is a much faster thinner cloth with less damp retention , and ideal for situations like log cabins or Garden sheds and Garage locations .
toton pool table recover
The completed table , the owner is delighted with how the table is now playing and text me a couple of days later saying, it is vastly different to play on since  we fitted the speed cloth !
We only recommend speed cloth for UK type pool tables if you are playing in conditions that can turn cold and hot , Garden buildings and Garage type locations are well known for this and produce dampness int he cloth .
By using speed cloth we keep the damp content much lower and the table plays much faster .
We would like to draw your attention to the make of cloth we use Strachan is a quality UK made cloth
Please be aware of lower all man made speed cloth from Europe and the far east , this type of cloth marks badly with friction burns and would look very bad after a few hours of play , the Strachan super pro is in our opinion the better cloth to use , that good that we can even supply it with designs printed into the cloth , like the one’s we do for Butlins with Budweiser design imprinted into the cloth
Butlins Artscape Budwieser purple and green water
You can have a design imprinted into the super Pro Strachan speed cloth , but this is expensive to do , please ask for a quote ,
if using a football club logo or trade mark logo with protection rights you will require permission from the trade mark owners to reproduce it ,
you must get this in writing and sent through to Strachan  before any order can be processed for that design .