Pool and snooker table recovering at Hunters Bar Grantham ….. and Remember Malcolm Hensby

This week we have been out to Hunters Bar which is a Pool & snooker Sports bar in Grantham to re-cover 7 UK pool tables , 4 american pool tables and one full size snooker table .
I have worked at this club under 4 different owners over the past 20 years or so .
The original owners where the Ambritas cousins who had Fish and chip shops in Grantham and in Mansfield area’s
Then Spot on group of snooker clubs took the business on and renamed it Spot On .
And Malcolm and Siobhan Hensby who made it more successful and a fun place to be seen in and may I say work in renamed it Hunters Bar .
And now the current owner is Tracie Morton who used to help run hunters Bar, first as a Bar Maid and then as manager when Malcolm’s Health  was an issue for him to carry on running the business .
Sadly Malcolm Hemsby passed away earlier this year and his last wishes was that Tracie took over as new owner of Hunters Bar .
So Tracie is carrying on running the bar just in the same format as Malcom and Siobhan had done the past 12 years but under Malcolm’s Guidance bought the business .
He could not have found a better person to take the business on .
Shiobhan who still lives in Grantham still pops in to the club now and again to see Tracie and the other staff .
photo of Malcolm Hensby and Tracie Morton .
Tracie plus two members of staff and Malcolm’s wife Shiobhan and daughter  Kathleen will be doing a sponsored Walk for the St Barnabas Hospice which cared for Malcolm during his illness
GCL billiards has made a contribution to this worthy cause to sponsor Tracie and the staff on September the 18th .

start of the week and we strip and recover five 7×4 Supreme winner pool tables on this first day .
cleaning out the insides too , and making sure the racking cloths are all good .
the large bar area at Hunters bar , they do bar snacks and meals and have a very large screen TV for live football .
chequers 6811 stamp pool
the two Strachan branded quality cloths fitted to the UK pool tables , three in super pro speed cloth and four in Strachan 6811 all wool napped cloth .
all of the Supreme  UK pool tables have now been refurbished with new cloths .
tomorrow we start the larger american Sam K steel pool tables , I will add photo’s as we progress with this work .
Four of these american pool tables to re-cover in Blue and burgundy coloured Super pro speed cloth .
At the end of the week I will end up in the upstairs room which has 3 snooker tables at present , but Tracie due to an upturn in Darts and inquires for Function room , may be altering the room’s use later on in the year .
I fully agree with this as Hunters Bar is more well known for Pool and darts , but Tracie will keep at least one full size snooker table .
There is another club in Grantham that is more well known for it’s snooker use , so a good balance between the clubs rather than compete with each other for the same type of clientele , so I think it is good idea to concentrate on what the club is more suited for .
This will open up more business to expand for League darts and tournaments in the upstairs room which has it’s own bar and toilets already up there .
one of the 9ft american Sam K steel tables strip down ready for new cloth
One problem you do get is people sitting on the side of a table , this forces the rubber off , and the cloth to come out of the plastic retaining slip
I have glued the rubber with contact adhesive , and the table is now back in use without sagging rubber .
do not be offended when a club owner or member of staff tell you off for sitting on a table as this is the result and you should know better there are plenty of seating around this club .
and they are playing them as soon as we are finished
GCL billiards also refurbished the cloth and fitted new Nets and leathers to one of the upstairs full size Enbild Snooker table .
cornwall bob 6811 stamp
we fitted top quality Strachan 6811 30oz Gold Tournament all wool napped cloth to the Full size snooker table
cricket new super pro cloth logo
and Strachan super pro in Blue and Burgundy  , we always recommend the Strachan branded cloth
I have been fitting Billiard cloth for over 40 years and Strachan is the market leader and the best in my opinion , not just for ease of fitting but for durability too .
Rear view of van Igor
GCL billiards for table maintenance and removals contact Geoff Large NBSA approved billiards fitter.
c.large@btinternet.com or 07753466064
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