For Sale Bespoke built Cheshire billiards Oak 9ft snooker table .

One of the best hand built  in the UK snooker tables I have seen
cost new £5000 from Cheshire billiards .
This table is now for sale at half that price delivered and install to Ground floor within a 100 mile radius ,  and it is still as new .
built in American Oak , no expense spared , Large turned fluted legs , with 12 ornate hand carved scrolls .
5 Diamond honed Italian slates .
Wood is unmarked and as new .
Complete with , set of Balls , 4 Cues , 1 cross rest , 1 spider , one set of long cue and rest , hooks for rests , triangle , Peradon fitted dust cover , Large Ornate Oak matching scoreboard is also included  .

Truly a master built table built by Craftsmen , not your usual mass produced Chinese table .
Cheshire billiards is one of those firms that produce high quality workmanship , The late Brian Slowen and his son Peter , I had the pleasure to meet on many occasion and talk to them at their workshop premises  , you only have to visit their web site to see they made bespoke billiard tables to order in specially kiln dried hard woods of African Mahogany / American Oak / and American Black Walnut .
This Oak table has come into GCL Billiards and is now for resale at £2500 delivered and fully fitted within a radius of 100 mile on Ground floor , if stairs are involved there may be an extra costing to install .

Carved oak scroll work each side of each leg

close up of carved scroll for detail .

Large Turned and fluted legs , this table has 6 legs .

Sturdy thick frame and slate support bearers to support 5 section thick slates
I will be making the slate bearers adjustable on set up and fixing adjusters at each end to stop any sagging of slate .
This is a belt and braces addition to the table and makes adjustment of any slate sagging easy to do .

by adjustable I mean these brackets at each end of the slate bearers , or Muntins as we in the trade call them .

Bed cloth is in A1 condition , hardly had a ball roll on it .
no ball track wear in pockets at all which is very rare to find , this table has had very little use .
more of a room filler than a played table .
but you have the option of paying extra for a brand new bed cloth if you wish .
we will acetone the old D and baulk marking out prior to re-marking out on the original cloth .

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