FOR SALE, Riley billiard dining table RARE SERPENTINE 6ft by 3ft model , PRICED at £500 or £650 with 3 IVORY BALLS !

We have a selling client based near Romford who wishes to sell on his much used and cherished Riley Billiard Dining table circa 1910/1930
serpintine riley diner 6x3

the Billiard dining table comes with 3 x real  ivory 1/7/8th Billiard balls worth at least £50 per ball . there is also a genuine John Roberts cut down cue with the table .
the table top has the rare serpentine design of wavy edge , this was made in very low production numbers so not many out there with these type of cushions and tops with the wavy edge .
The legs are cabriolet with squared off ends .
Below a photo of the table with the solid mahogany boards on , these would cost a fortune to make nowadays , in fact price up a solid mahogany dining table without a snooker /billiard table being built into it , you will be in for a shock !
Serpentine tops on 6ft
there is one bit of small damage to one of the cushion’s which can be seen in the above photo’s , the table will require a renovation of at least a re-cover and maybe new nets and leathers . plus it may require part or full re-polish or just staining and waxing .
These Billiard diners have 4 adjustable up and down dual height adjusters , lower it down and place the 4 top solid mahogany boards on to use as a dining table .
Raise up remove the boards and you can adjust for level by turning the adjustable lifters in the gap between the frame and the underside of the slate bed .
serpitine scoreboard
Matching Original riley scoreboard and old John Roberts cue included in the sale
serpitine ivory balls triangle
Three 1.7/8ths original Real ivory balls pre 1947  so can be sold without any restrictions of sale within the UK as billiard collectables  , I have seen full size 2.1/16th  ivory snooker balls sell for £150 each on ebay
these would sell easy for £50 each but are in with the sale of the table .
the price required for the table is £500 to £650 with the balls . which is a bargain for such a rare Serpentine designed one .
Ok it may cost you a bit to have it renovated , but try buying a serpentine one from a dealer who has renovated it , the top dealers like  Hamilton’s or sir William Bentley Billiards would want around £2.500 for this table fully renovated
so get in quick and buy it at this low price for a fantastic Bargain .
serpintine ivory ball
a close up of one of the ivory balls showing good cross hatch and age cracks , these balls are very collectable .
there is also a recent modern Aramith set of Snooker balls with the table also at 1.7/8th sized .
the owner informs me there is good bounce in the cushions .

*** If anyone requires a similar table with normal cushions that do not have the serpentine wavy edge which is in need of full renovation then we know of another for sale at the same price , but this serpentine one is the better buy .

INTERESTED IN THIS TABLE ?  then contact Geoff at GCL billiards on or phone 07753466064 , Geoff will pass on your details to the selling client , on this sale our client has no email address as he has no PC linked to a telephone line ,

so only telephone contact will be given .


if you are interested in the ivory balls please read the following and take it all in .

PLEASE DO NOT ASK IF THE THREE IVORY BALLS ARE BEING SOLD SEPPERATLEY , they will only be sold separately if the table goes for it’s bottom price of £500 first  , but if you offer £650 the balls can go with them , we have had three enquiries just for the balls in the first 24 hours of the advert coming online , I suspect these are dealers wanting to use the ivory balls for other purpose I get these enquiries all the time for Ivory balls  ,
to re-carve these balls for other purpose by the way is illegal as the Cites act says all ivory sold has to be pre 1947 and cannot be RE-WORKED , the balls if sold with the table or sold separately will be sold as Billiard collectibles and signed for as that to cover us and the seller.

you can in special circumstance get a license from Cites to re-carve some ivory for antique restoration , but these are very rarely given out willy nilly , only a top antique restoration business will get one .

read this link to see what happened to a dealer who re-worked ivory into walking stick handles , he got off very lightly as he could have been fined thousands of pounds . so just £1375 fine was a let off .

at the end of the day I could have got the balls relatively cheap myself and made a good profit on them , but I am honest with my selling client and informed him of their value as a Billiards collectable and being pre 1947 are perfectly legal to sell within the UK .
to export them that’s another story , so many rules and regulations made by Cites for the selling and dealing in Ivory and most countries have signed up to the Cites agreement so please visit the Cites web site and read up on the regulations of buying and selling Ivory.
GCL Billiards will only advise to do it legally .
I have seen single ivory balls sold as oxbone on ebay to get around the rules sell for £150 per ball .
I value these balls at £50 per ball and informed our client their true value as Billiard collectables  ,  but they will only be sold after the table has gone and if they have not gone with the table .