For sale 10ft size Snooker – Billiard table just £200 in need of re-cover due to faded cloth .

We have a Fire station who would like to sell their 10 foot sized billiard table for a £200 donation
The table is upstairs but I have been assured once sold they will get the table downstairs and placed under the stairs for collection ,
they may even Help you load it on your van or flat bed lorry  for you , IF they are about and not out on a duty call  , and you make another £50 contribution to the Donation ?

Not many 10fts about for sale at the moment ,  but this one requires work so a donation of £200 to the fire station ,  is all that is required to secure it .
No scoreboard with the table , just what you see in the photo .
the light can go and the rest of the accesories such as balls and rests .

I am not sure if it is a Orme and sons as this plate refers to the O.S . MARK 2 low cushions
it could just be a plate added to the table when this modification took place , I will ask for another photo of the other end cushion just in case there is a manufacturers plate at that end .
I would date the table at around 1885 to 1895 because of the top plates of the pockets .
this table will make a nice table just waxed up with it’s natural aged woodwork , a re-cover and maybe new nets and leathers
the table is in the Manchester area ,

for full details contact Geoff at GCL billiards ,

****but I will be away for two weeks from June the 1st to June the 18th .
and I will be away from phones and a PC in that time period .