NOW SOLD MARCH 14th 2019


UPDATE NOW SOLD MARCH 14th 2019 moved to sold file .

Private selling client , table is based in Reading .

Priced at £2500 for the table

and £1800 for the renovated chairs

here we have a very nice immaculate 8ft by 4 ft Riley solid oak snooker dining table
with dual height lifters and handles .please study the photos ,

Fully renovated cloth is and only can be described as new .

the raise and fall on these 8fts have pull out handles to make lifting the top up to playing height more comfortable
and then lowering to dining height , these are only found on the 8ft versions , and not the smaller 6 or 7ft tables .
the 8ft tables always fetch a high premium as they seat more and you get a better game on an 8ft than  a smaller table .
please allow around 5ft all the way around the table for full size cue use .
an ideal room would be 18ft by 14ft  , but you could use smaller 4ft cues if you wish . which would make the room size 16ft by 12ft .

this is what makes Riley diners so dependable , a rise and fall lifter mechanism

score board included .

the table on its own with some accessories is priced at just £2500 and has been fully renovated .
Chairs are optional and priced by separate negotiation but a further price of £1800 for the set of expensive fully renovated and upholstered chairs has been mentioned .
You may wish to ask about delivery costs for this table ,GCL Billiards would be happy to quote for a bespoke billiard table service for this skilled work .

All inquiries to

we will forward your inquiry to the seller .

NOW SOLD subject to collection



We have a client in West Yorkshire who wishes to sell their full size Riley Aristocrat full size snooker table
Please note this table has the standard cushions on and NOT steel block cushions .
But it is very reasonably priced at just £500 .

All the accessories are with the table, light shade , cues and rests, balls triangle and scoreboard

it will require a re-cover , unless you are happy with the cloth that is on it .

turned fluted legs

Pocket openings look around 3.5 to 3.7/8ths at the fall

Polish cushion wood capping’s look in very good condition

If you would like a quote for picking up from ground floor , delivery and assemble on ground floor only then please contact GCL billiards for a quote

also a quote for a re-cover if required .

….. PLEASE NOTE …..The table is in an upstairs location at the moment , but the seller may be able to arrange a dismantle and get downstairs ready for collection ,
this may require a bit more cost to the buyer .


any inquiries to Geoff at GCL Billiards and I will pass on your details to our selling client.
the Table is located in Heckmondwike Yorkshire


Sorry NOW SOLD as of 14th august 2014 …took only 3 days to sell !
all from an advert on GCL billiards web site .


I knew this table would not be up for sale long at the price it was advertised
This table is now sold to a client in Nottinghamshire .
Both selling client and buying client are delighted to have resolved a quick sale .


original advert


We have an opportunity for one lucky person to acquire a Bargain .
This Riley Aristocrat is UK made and is currently the best table made for the UK and World Market and retails new at £12595 but they currently have them on sale at  £9.500 plus delivery and fitting
please see this link to new prices for these tables .
this table is in very good condition and is offered at £2995 plus dismantle and delivery and set up .
so a third of the price of a new table and by the looks of it , it is not far off new condition .

much better than the woodwork and slate of a Chinese made Star table
this UK made table has the professional Steel cushions which give a good responsive accurate bounce that professionals crave for
My client is only selling due to the room required for daughter play room / nursery , and is a very reluctant sale .
aristocrat full table clear of balls
The table is located on ground floor with easy access to parked van so no problems of stairs or steps to get up or down .
Aristocrat all accesories on table
the Aristocrat table comes complete with Iron & Brush , table cover , 3 sets of balls excellent top of the range Aramith tournament and includes a ball case too ,
all rests and cues .
Aristocrat accesories on table 2
as you can a see more than a full range of accessories
Aristocrat above photo
the cloth also looks to be in very good condition
Aristocrat leg
unmistakable Aristocrat design of turned fluted leg
Aristocrat ball in corner fall
the ball placed in the corner above the fall to gauge the opening , I would say these are around 3.5 inch at the fall .
you may note that there is only feint  ball tracking into the corners a sure sign that the table has not had much use and the cloth is still in very good condition so it will not require a re-cover .
but if you did a re-cover is around £400 to £670 depending on grade of cloth used
Aristocrat ball in middle fall
the middle opening and slate fall .
Aristocrat lighting
to be honest not my favorite lighting but it is included in with the sale price of this table .
Aristocrat end plate 2
MADE IN ENGLAND , not many can say that about Snooker tables these days most are produced from china .
Aristocrat under slate heaters
the table is fully equipped with under slate heating so that speed of ball across the bed and cushion rubber is kept to a premium in quality .
the table is located in North wales close to Colwyn bay area LL29 , I would advise an inspection and then you can see the quality of this superb UK manufactured table
As many people know snooker tables do not fetch a lot of money and I have seen tables given away or go for very little money , most around the £250 to £500 price range , WITH ONE EXCEPTION
and that is the Riley Aristocrat in as new conditions normally go for around £5000 , having been bought for just under £13000 new .
I have advised my client for a quick sale to offer it at £2995 , it would be an insult to offer any less .
this table would make an excellent match table for a club , or for the private Home , safe in the knowledge that you have bought a Quality product for little money
forget about Star tables being on TV and quoted as the best , it is well known around the fitting firms that the Riley Aristocrat is the best table manufactured in today’s world .
Do not miss this one , I doubt you would be able to pick one up int he same condition at such a low price .
Aristocrat score board
If anyone is interested in buying this table then contact Geoff by email
I will forward your details onto the owner and put you in touch with him .
If you require a quote for dismantle of this table and carefully wrapping loading and installing in your home then also contact Geoff at GCL Billiards
we are very reasonable on our price to relocate this table .

9ft Snooker table REDUCED to £450 for Quick sale ……NOW SOLD MAY 3rd 2016


original advert


~April  15th 2016  update    REDUCED to just £450 for very Quick sale !

Buyer collects or employs a firm to collect

We have a client in Bray near Maidenhead who wishes to sell their very nice Karnehm and Hillman 9ft snooker table
The table I think will require a re-cover as the one on is light blue and maybe not to every ones taste , I would recommend green Strachan 6811 tournament cloth to any buyer .
So the seller on advice from GCL billiards has set a price of just £695.00p …..NOW REDUCED to just £450 for very Quick sale  .
this table is the modern 1980s built Karehm and Hillman with tulip carved legs and scrolls which they called the buckingham model.
9 fts are pretty scarce to find in good build quality like this one in solid mahogany .
K&H 9ft blue cloth end shot 2015 march
the table is covered in a  light blue cloth and looks like it has been fitted by a unskilled person as the cloth is dangling down and viewable from under the cushions
this can be rectified if you have a fully skilled billiard fitter like GCL billiards to dismantle and move the table .
we can give a quote to move the table and also re-cover it at the same time , just ask Geoff for a quote.
K&H 9ft blue cloth 695 march 2016 side shot
the table has 6 legs which are carved in the shape of what we call Tulip leg design
imagine a flower like a tulip about to open then turn it upside down , you can now see what we mean by tulip leg .
as you can see the cloth fitting looks untidy as it can be seen dangling down , Geoff could fix this if you wanted the original cloth back on , but we do recommend  a re-cover in green cloth
Green cloth is more restful to the eye that is why we recommend it for Snooker or pool tables , we use the finest Strachan grades of cloth and this is 100% new wool .
10ft K&H paul Bristol
this is what it would look like with a brand new green Strachan 6811 tournament cloth fitted properly
this one is a 10ft and was fitted into a holiday Home in Portugal .

if you are interested in the 9ft K&Hillman table then please contact Geoff at GCL billiards for more details .

NOW SOLD very nice Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham snooker table with rotating cue stand and accessories . for just £400 !


not available anymore advertised March 2016 sold by april 8th 2016 .


Original advert


Contact Geoff at GCL billiards for more information about this table . 07753466064 or

£400 for quick sale , this will be donated to charity …. It is not about the money for this table but rather that it went to a good home and is used and the Charity gains from the sale .

do not miss this table for very little money it is  a Bargain price due to time limits and the state of the second hand snooker table market values.


We have a client who wishes to sell at very low money due to house sale that has to be completed by end of Month
this is the very nice Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham full size snooker table
Normally I would say sell the cue rack seperately but if we bundle it together then it makes for a good quick sale
here are a few photo’s taken by the seller
I do not know if the brass billiards ornate gas type lighting is included this is something you will have to take up with the the seller
the Buckingham model was the top of the range table made by Karnehm and Hillman in the 1980s onwards
it has tulip carved legs and scrolls , and all Karnehm & Hillman tables had buttons over the cushions and frame bolts
the slates were hand floated too.
This table comes with the full playing kit of balls cues rests and scoreboard .
there is also a rotating modern cue rack , a reproduction of the old type
My client is selling up and contracts are due to be exchanged by the end of March
I have explained with time being so short that full size snooker tables do not fetch large amounts of money and my client has looked into this and found that this is true of today’s snooker table market
But all money raised form the sale of this table is going to charity of a worthy cause .
So please give what I call a reasonable amount to be Given to this charity , it is a very good table , there are many snooker tables for sale on Ebay and by private sales around the Uk , but I am sure you will be hard to find one that is ready to go as this one is .
As always if you require GCL Billiards to give an estimate for the safe removal of the this table and transporting and re-erecting in your home by fully qualified billiards fitters .
Then contact Geoff who will be pleased to help in arranging this .
We have the skilled labour and equipment to carry out this specialist work .
van igor loaded inside cargo
Our Van with a full size 5 piece slate bed snooker table safely loaded .

For sale Karnehm and Hillamn 10ft snooker table fully stripped and refurbished and choice of colour of polish . And cloth choice !

We have a trade seller who refurbishes tables in the North of the UK , totally re stripping them and you can have a choice of colour shade of the woodwork .
GCL Billiards have allowed this trader to use their web site to further their coverage of the sale for this table and maybe a few more full size tables will also be advertised such as BCE steel Block Westbury and Riley Aristocrat steel block tables and normal cushioned Riley Aristocrats .
If you are located closer to GCL billiards than the trader , then you may ask the seller for Geoff at GCL billiards to install the table for you .
these tables that this trader is renovating are for people who wish a more tailored bespoke service of a fully refurbished table rather than to  buy second hand and take the table as is .
So therefore the price of the table will reflect the time and materials gone into the refurbishment , it is not the lowest cost option to buy a table like this when second hand ones can be bought but 10fts are much harder to locate and these K&H tables are rated Highly because they used the best materials to build them  , you are really buying a new table when they are refurbished like this .

This 10ft Karnehm and Hillman table is made from top quality Brazilian Mahogany not Philippine mahogany lookalike wood , and also has hand floated slates ,and adjustable muntins to prevent slate sag is also being put into the build of this refurbishment
Take a look at the photo’s of this Buckingham tulip model legged table .
Chris legs strip kh 1

The legs being hand stripped

chris kh stripped end legs 2

End panel and legs stripped and put back together to show the clean wood before stain choice

Chris cushions stripped kh 3

All the cushions and buttons stripped and ready for stain

the table will look like this one below but will be Brand new totally re polished with new ball and accessories with brand new cloth choice of Hainsworth or Strachan  branding, and you have a choice of stain colour.
10ft K&H paul bristol 2
Also new Northern rubber
the cost of this table will be as a new table of this Quality should cost when leaving the Factory at £3000
Fitting and delivery to be priced accordingly .
please do not confuse the Quality of these UK made Karnehm and hillman tables with low cost brand new tables being sold on Ebay for around half the price ,
these Ebay sellers will trick you into thinking their tables are UK made out of Quality wood when in fact they are imported from China and India .
like this OAK Chinese table below , this was supplied by a UK firm and they told the buyer it was UK made , when in fact it is low quality wood made in either china or India.
GCL Billiards will always inform you of the type of table you are buying in our private sellers adverts , our reputation is always at risk if we give the wrong information out so you can be assured this K&H 10ft is the real thing a proper UK made table made from high quality wood .
caravan finished table
Above,  bad quality oak 10ft Chinese table at half the price of the K&Hillman. the Chinese table  looks good but plays awful .
Below The added benefit of adjustable muntin Brackets will ensure the slates remain flat and true
Adjustable muntins K&hillman 2
Adjustable muntins K&hillman
adjuster bracket
For contact details of this seller please contact Geoff at      and we will pass on your inquiry .
A choice of lighting at extra charge could also be arranged from standard twin tube High frequency lighting to the Brass reproduction electric gas lamp .
Chris lighting fancy brass

oak 9ft viceroy fitted new GCL lighting by dextra
cox & yeman lights