Table now located for buyer (re: wanted full size table on a budget)

A TABLE HAS NOW BEEN LOCATED BY THE THE BUYER. If you require a table please use our wanted section of the GCL BILLIARDS blog.  Many people are reading this blog and sellers and buyers are out there.

It is FREE to advertise.  All we ask is that you recommend GCL Billiards to do any work involved, eg. moving, setting up, recover, rerubber.

Geoff Large

GCL BILLIARDS for Pool table recovering in the Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln, Newark & Leicester area

Two more Supreme Prince Pool tables get the full monty treatment of brand new cushion rubber in quality black rubber and new re-clothing with strachan best quality wool cloth.  We also vacuumed the tables out, de-greased around 3 years of muck from the ball rails and centre ramp, cleaned the side chute and flip out tray, checked battery power and that the electronic coin mechs were working fine.

One thing the Landlord expressed concern with was that the tables have never played level in all the years he has been there, so the slate was re-levelled by strip packing to take out the natural bow of the cabinet which over time had become worse.  We also removed many recovers of spray on glue from the top of the slate which was affecting the ball run down the side of the table.  The ball now runs true and the table was levelled by engineers level as well as digital levelled to an accuracy of 0.1 per square metre, that’s the thickness of a £20 note throughout the level of the table slate area.  Only a time served billiards fitter would go to these lengths of making sure a pub pool table was good for play and the good news is we do not charge more for this expertise.  So why choose a quick fit pool table recoverer over someone who takes their time and does the job right.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT SOME FIRMS COME WITH CUSHIONS ALREADY COVERED AND JUST CHANGE THEM OVER TAKING YOUR CUSHIONS AWAY.  This can be a big mistake if you allow this to happen as good cushions could be swapped over with bad hard rubber cushions and this is what had happened to the above two tables including slate swap over.  At GCL Billiards we will only change over worn out sets of cushions and never just one or two cushions always the whole set.  If one cushion has gone hard the others are not far behind in doing the same, so best to replace the whole set.  All other good sets of cushions are recovered on site and refitted to their original tables, ensuring that if you have got decent cushions they are put back on your table.

To round things off we fitted our smart new green bubble badge to the cabinet side.  This displays who maintains the table and contact numbers etc.

We know we are second to none in the refurbishment of Pool tables, so if your local pub or club is ready for a revamp of its pool tables please recommend the professional cue sports people.

The Landlord was highly delighted with the work we have carried out and the attention to detail of the cleaning of the inside of the tables to stop ball jams etc. and how we got the tables level.  Not all firms do this, but GCL Billiards and Double Eight Pool Tables always do it.

Phone us today to book your table in on 07753466064 or 01159725355.  Leave a message if we are busy we always get back to you.

Another snooker table to pick up, transport and re-rubber etc.

The week is starting off very well for us.  A local removals firm has been in touch to book our services in the dismantle of a full size snooker table for this Thursday.  As we dismantle the removal firm’s crew will wrap each part and load onto the van for transport to the new owners house.  We may yet also get the job of installing the table at the other end.

A square leg Karnhem and Hillman table

Also a client who had been in touch looking for a 10ft table has secured one that I had spotted on ebay, a very nice 10ft Karnhem and Hillman table with square legs for that contemporary look.  I have to travel up to Glasgow to pick this table up, bring back to the workshop, re-rubber, re-cover, maybe new nets and leathers, fit new modification of adjustable muntins (slate supports) and then deliver to Dagenham near london to set up in the client’s brand new games room.

New install of Pool table Rental in Nottingham

Where once stood a 3/4 sized snooker table (9ft by 4ft 6 inch ) , This club comittee has now decided due to almost none use of the Snooker table to move over to a BRAND NEW winner supreme pool table in a nice light oak cabinet finnish as their choice of cue sports table. with 6811 Tournament cloth .

Today we dismantled the Snooker table and set up a BRAND NEW Winner supreme 7ftx4ft Championship play Pool table on a hire basis contract.

The club chose our Deluxe package of two Cloth re-covers every 6 months and a free set of Aramith Premier match balls for the pool team every year , this table will be maintained every 3 months with a service visit , a recover every 6 months , the table will also be cleaned inside as well as outside and the level rechecked and adjusted, what other Table hire firm promises that level of maintenace at a competitive price structure for a Hire of pool table ?

We are able to offer this high level of service because not only do we care about the tales we service and own , but we only work on cuesports tables NOTHING ELSE , it is what we are good at .

When was the last time youre pool table got a good service from your pool table hire provider ? when was it last recovered? , was it covered in good quality cloth ?
are the balls your are playing with Premier Aramith or Chinese ? our reputation is built upon provideing not only a good service and skilled work but useing quality Materials and accessories. includeing our main choice of table to operate the winner supreme which is endorced by the World eight ball pool federation , the IPA , the World tour , Strachan , and Aramith . and just about every pool table operator sales and hire firm in the UK .

New Pool table stock is being ordered on a regular basis , as fast as we get them in they are back out the door , sometimes never reaching the door but delivered direct from picking them up from the factory to youre premises.
order youre new Supreme Winner pool table today, You will not be disapointed with our service and attention to detail .


I have been guilty of pushing our work towards the Pool table market recentley , but rest assured I have not forgotten or neglected the importance of Snooker Table work .
In todays Cue Sports clubs and pubs etc , the preferance over the years is towards the quick game of Pool , it is important in my profession as a billiards fitter to balance the work between the two cue sports in order to have continuity of work  , and many of you know that pool is slowly if not allready taken over the national cue sports game in the UK , a quick easy game with more turnover for the table owner and useing far less space than a full sized snooker table , many clubs have had their Snooker table’s removed and two Pool table’s put in the same space . where once stood a table taking £4 per hour , now stands two pool,table’s taking 50p ( per 7 min game each ) thats around 9 games per hour = £4.50p each table = £9 an hour , over 100% more takings than the one large full size snooker table . (some charge £1 per game )
As you can see because of this quick easy game of pool  the snooker side in the uk is on the decline , that is why more and more countries outside the uk especialy China are more into snooker than the UK .

But I know there are a lot of die hard fans of Snooker out there , firstly let me say I am proud to have been trained by previous time served fitters who have passed down the art of billiard fitting from master fitter to trainee , sadly this practice is slowly drying up , no more time served fitters are being trained up in the UK , and the table’s have to be kept to an acceptable playing condition , at GCL BILLIARDS we point out that we are Time served Billiards fitters first and foremost., trained in the art of maintaining any billiard or snooker table from a simple service to a full revamp of the table includeing polishing , re-rubbering , Reclothing , nets leathers , leveling , and logistics .

so if you are thinking of having youre table re-covered or re-rubbered , then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Geoff Large a time served billiards fitter at GCL BILLIARDS , just pick up the phone , Geoff will discuss any work you may require and give sound advice .
we are NBSA approved .

Are We No1 for Pool and Snooker Table Recovering in Nottingham , Derby , Lincoln , Newark , and Leicester ?

Pool table division of GCL BILLIARDS

We are getting many enquiries and confirmed work from our advertising efforts for the East midlands area for Pool table Recovering and replaceing worn out rubber cushions .
Our aim is to be no 1 within this area for youre automatic choice to call us first for any work you may require on Pool or Snooker tables , rest assured that with over 37 years PERSONAL ( not bought ) fitting experience , youre table will receive the professional work that it desrves , no cowboy hit and run job’s , no cloth falling off the slate with inferior glue that has been used or the fitter was in too much of a rush to get as many tables done in a day as possible .
I take my time to get youre table playing right . Recovered , internal rails cleaned and level , re- rubber or replacement cushons if required.  new balls and cue’s and chalk are available too.
I will with youre permission affix our smart custom made DOUBLE EIGHT POOL  bubble badge to youre pool table which has our contact telephone number and web site details .you will then be able to have our contact details at hand for any work you may require for your pool table for the future.

We also work outside our normal working area of Nottinghamshire , Lincolnshire , Leicestershire , and Derbyshire.
Northampton and South Yorkshire are also within easy reach of GCL BILLIARDS as we are centraly based in the East Midlands at Junction 25 of the MI in the town of Long Eaton , We do not overcharge for our services and use only Branded Strachan cloth as used by Professionals on Snooker and Supreme pool tables .



A set of the new black rubber cushions .

This week fitting in between work , I am rerubbering 4 sets of 7ft Supreme Pool cushions 2 sets for a client and one for myself to use on a rental table the other a spare set for stock  , I will be useing the new Black rubber which lasts far longer than the original red rubber used in the manufactureing of Supreme winner and prince tables for many years, 
Supreme recently have changed to use black rubber now because of the problem with the hard dead red rubber which happens to tables around 4 to 5 years old or where a table is kept in a cold room , if you are suddenley experiencing a dead cushion or two , then the others are not far behind , the only solution is to rerubber the whole set of  cushions or buy brand new set of cushions from the Factory which will cost you around £120 /£140 per set , which we can also supply.
If the woodwork of the cushions are good then a rerubber is the most cost efective way of solving the problem of dead cushions , I carry a stock of old cushions with good woodwork that I will be rerubbering for exchange with youre old cushions at just £80 per set with the guarentee of the better black rubber being used
. the old red rubber is not good so avoid firms useing this.

I have recently experienced tables where just one cushion was replaced by the last fitter or firm , this is not going to stop the other 5 going rock hard soon after , and is false economy . youre takings wil also go down as players refuse to play on a table with no bounce in the cushions.
Being a time served billiards fitter , I have been trained in the art of Rerubbering in not just pool tables but such games as Bar Billiards , Bagatelle , bumper pool , American pool with triangle shaped rubber, and Full sized snooker tables to match template pocket openings . 
Youre pool table will suddenly play like new once a rerubber and recover has been completed by GCL BILLIARDS.

***GCL BILLIARDS also rerubber other makes of pool tables , but we do not have spare sets in stock to get ready so have to do all work on site rather than exchange ( unless they are brand new from manufacturer ) , please call for a quote . also some tables use smaller rubber such as super league which is 5/8th rubber and not full size like supreme tables ***.

2 more pool tables at Newark receive the GCL BILLIARDS treatment of professional Recover and full internal clean out of rail system

Two out of these 6 Winner supreme pool tables received a recover and full internal degrease and clean of internal ball rails and ramps by GCL billiards Yesterday , some of the best pool players around the counties of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire play at this venue in Newark town centre , just like more snooker clubs these days , Newark cue club has gone from a fully 8 snooker table only club to just 4 full size snooker tables and 6 winner supreme 7×4 pool tables all with the new pro lighting  , along with an excellent Professional 3 board darts Room that has just had it’s wall dismantled to open plan it up into the main club .
The pool players are off to play in a tournament at Great yarmouth this weekend , good luck to all the players taking part .

as can be seen here when you place a £20 note under the Electronic level it is showing 0.1 out of true , when the note is removed the reading is 0.0 , I use a combination of an engineers level and this digital level to get the best results when re-leveling a Pool table

we have had a massive influx of orders for re-covering pool tables , and I guess that is down to the winter leagues just starting , we are that busy that I am having to work weekends and evenings to catch up . the hire of pool tables is also busy with another pool table ordered for two weeks time in a local pub , the current hire people just cannot maintain the table to the high standards of the pool teams and pub managers / owners , the Landlord expressed his disapointment in failed call outs to put the table right , this has resulted in GCL,s gain and their loss .
We are true Cue sports people and we only maintain Pool and Snooker tables and that is why we are so thorough in what we do as we are not side tracked by having to put Juke boxes or gameing machines right , we do not deal in coin slot gaming machines only cue sports tables . and we also include two recovers a year in our rental agreement . Backed up by a time served Billiards fitter who knows how to get the table performing level and trouble free .