8ft Karnehm & Hillman snooker table installed in Cambridge .

Today I have been over to Cambridge to our client Eoin ( Owen )  who bought a 8ft Karnehm and hillman billiard table via our for sale pages direct from the seller .
this table was in very good order but required new nets and leathers and a re-cover .
the table is a three section slate bed , and required adjustable slate supports to be fitted as an extra and an advisable thing to do when installing .
this cut’s out the possibility of future slate sagging .

a photo of the table before dismantle and collection from our selling client , collected from the Aylesbury area .
in an upstairs location and was bought for just a few hundred pounds .

The table now installed in Eoin’s ( Owen) , Cambridge home .
Eoin  ( Owen ) has spent a considerable amount having the table collected and delivered plus the re-cover and new nets and leathers , &  adjustable slate supports
these Karnehm and Hillman tables are considered one of the better made tables here in the UK .
8ft one’s are very rare to find , this table will now give years of trouble free play .

Adjustable slate bearers are fitted to prevent slate sagging , many tables made in the 1980’s where not fitted with them .
GCL billiards fit them as precaution and preventative measure .
It also gives the client peace of mind that this slate sagging will be prevented in the future and also gives the option of adjusting it out if it did occur .

Strachan Cloth Price increase = higher recover prices from April 1st 2018

We have just had our price list from our cloth supplier for year beginning April 2018
we have seen some increases in cloth prices over the last 4 years and we cannot keep deferring this increase .

over the last three years I have kept our re-cover prices at the same price , but I just cannot do that with the latest price increase.
the largest increase is on the 29 oz version of the Strachan 6811 Tournament , this used to work out at the same price as the 30 oz  recover, but it is now more expensive than the 30 oz .
but I will keep this price for the light weight tournament still at the same price  ( if I can get hold of it )
the 29oz is not always in stock .
I will try and limit the amount of increase , but we simply cannot go on paying more for materials from our supplier and taking the loss ourselves by charging the same price that I have been doing for the past 4 years .
I try to be competitive and stay within £20 of other firms prices .
Do not forget that we do not charge VAT on top of our prices , I have to pay the VAT for the materials and lose that , as I am not vat registered , this I do as 50% of my clients are private people and none vat registered businesses ., just like myself .
I would lose 50% of my clients if I went VAT registered , so I stay below the VAT limit on my turnover , to please my none vat paying clients .

all cloth in the Strachan range has been increased

This badly fitted Strachan  club fitted by another firm , is only £15 less per full size re-cover , than the much better Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz and 29 oz finer napped cloth .
Some firms undercut us by £20 for a full size table but they then may charge 20% on top for VAT , They sometimes  fit this club cloth , and sometimes it may even have substandard writing on the under side , they get this cloth even lower priced as it is a reject , I have come across this on my travels when taking other firms cloth off as seen in Photo’s .
you will not find this stamp on any cloth GCL billiards supply .

As you can see the cloth is thick club cloth and slow but it was also fitted badly or they supplied substandard tournament with faults all over it or badly cut uneven  nap  , surely the extra cost of £20 is worth getting a qualified time served  billiards fitter in , who will advise you, and help you make an informed choice for your table recover .
So we try not to stock Club Cloth  and we do not offer it as a supplied in stock cloth , it is not rubbish cloth , but it is slow and thick and is used for duration cloth rather than a players cloth .
You can Trust GCL billiards 41 years of experience to guide you to the best cloth for your table for the type of play you require .
there is no such cloth available that is durable and lasts long and plays with speed .
to play with speed = finer thinner lightweight cloths , this reduces life span .
also some manufacturers claims to their cloth being better and lasting longer is not to be taken in .
With over 41 years personal fitting of cloths I can say without taking payment for saying this ,  that Strachan cloths are the best in the world at what they are designed to do .
From the 26 oz 6811 pool version to the very high priced No10 version , there is a cloth suited for your table and Geoff Large at GCL billiards will advise what is best for your cue sports table based on your type of play and expectations of cloth life and speed .
From pool tables to full size tables there is a Strachan cloth suited for your table and we will help you make the right choice .

Strachan also produces their excellent Super Pro Worsted cloth available in a variety of colors
this cloth forms well over the very hard to fit center slate falls of some manufacturers american 9ft pool tables and plays very well .

We can also direct you to a firm that prints designs into the Super Pro speed cloth for pool tables from 6ft to 9ft american ( Extra cost for this service )
but if you are a Pub chain or large establishment , you may wish to have a word with one of the brewery reps to pay for this , and cover advertising cost .
or even pay for the cloth and just pay GCL billiards the labour charge to fit it .
we can work with your brewery or beer rep to provide this service .
here are some we did for Butlins in skegness .
From personal coat of arms to football teams emblems , to beer logo’s , and also club names
the back ground design on this cloth could be stars , rain drops , paint ball splatter and so on .

You may notice that the shade design also follows into the cushions , these cushion strips have to be fitted to correspond with the design , it is like matching wall paper up .

the cloth kit comes with instructions on where to place each cushion cloth strip to align up with the pattern .
each cloth is colour coded .

Artscape Strachan super pro printed cloths come in various designs , and can be custom made using one of their back grounds to your own artwork logo

Arts & Crafts Thurston 9ft Billiard table move to North Wales.

I have had the pleasure of moving a very nice carved Arts & Crafts billiard table this week to North Wales .
My Client Alan contacted me over several months to locate a table he also kept an eye out for one suitable that could be picked up between Nottingham and Wales .
this one was advertised on Ebay and was located in Knutsford in Cheshire.
so nicely placed between us .

I arrived at Knutsford to be met by Alan and the seller Jo , the home was a very nice arts and crafted designed Home .
the table was left in the house by the previous owner , and Jo and her Husband wished to use the room for another purpose .
the table was supplied by Sir William Bentley Billiards to the previous owner who paid a very large sum for it .
Alan got it at a very good price , but it has to be said selling a  snooker table these days is not a very easy process and low offers or bidding is the normal process at which a table is sold
Alan won the bidding on the table so he arranged with GCL billiards to do the table dismantle move and set back up in North Wales .

the table being dismantled in Knutsford , note the arts and Crafts fireplace
the legs of the table are carved Acanthus leaf design , a common design used in Victorian time and later arts and crafts carving .
This table dates from 1910 to 1936 , that was the reign of King George V and this table sports a Thurston name plate in Ivory on one cushion .
This is also within  the time period of Arts and Crafts Movement from 1880 to 1920’s .

the Name plate on one end cushion of Thurston , the time period is of course taken from the King George V statement .
note the brass billiard chalk cup under slung the cushion .

the table was transported to Penygroes north wales near llanberis , I arrived approx 1.30pm
and the table was completed and ready for play by 4.30pm .

the finished table , now located in Alan’s North wales home .
a modern Home , yet will look the part with oak flooring and skirting , the oak table although darker blends in .
a modern LED light unit clad in oak on the ceiling is being planned .

Side frame carved buttons and lower bowed frieze and knee panels with matching buttons complete the Arts and Crafts look .
note the 1/4 sawn oak grain in the side frame .
the polish of the table is in very good order , and Alan did very well for the complete package of purchase and dismantle transport and erect in North wales .
I can only see the value of this particular table increase in value in the future .
A sought after 9ft size and a collectible Arts and Crafts piece , I am sure even Drew Pritchard & T just down the road from Alan at Conwy , would appreciate this classic time piece .
Now is the time to buy these tables , antique dealers shun away from them because of the weight and time it takes to employ billiard fitters to move correctly .
It is only a matter of time before antique Billiard tables take off again and become sought after especially the 3/4 sized ones like this 9ft , and prices then will be much higher ….NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY
An unskilled move can cause damage , Alan had the foresight to contact GCL billiards to  carry out this specialist work .
And also had the foresight to inquire about tables well in advance of buying one and then asking for my opinion of that table ,   and getting a quote to relocate it BEFORE BUYING !
GCL billiards have 41 years personal time served billiard fitter in Geoff Large .
If you have a table you wished to be moved contact the professionals at GCL billiards .

UPSTAIRS INSTALL OF SNOOKER TABLES ….limited to just a few now .

Due to my age now , we are having to turn some difficult lifting job’s down .
we will now not take tables upstairs unless a 6 man team is involved to save strain on backs arms and joint’s .
and I am afraid I only supply two men , so the other 4 men would have to be supplied by the client on their risk and insurance and not GCL billiards .
a 6 man team to bring in two vehicles is expensive so we just supply two men .
but I do have all the lifting loop straps and two piano trolleys .

A few years ago the building trade suppliers cut down the weight of a bag of concrete and sand to half bags , this was to save on damaged backs and joints within the building trade .
this was under guidelines set out by health and safety  .
unfortunately Billiard slates cannot be cut down in size and I have to set out my own risk assessment these days for work like this ,
and it is becoming unsafe for an ageing fitter like myself and my mate Steve who is just a few years behind me to do this type of work now ,
Yes I have done it in the past and I am now suffering for it , in that my elbow and wrist joints are now playing up especially after lifting heavy slates upstairs .
thankfully 95% of Billiard / snooker tables are on ground floor level or have lift access to all floors .
so still plenty of work to be had moving tables without the heavy damage that can be incurred lifting slate upstairs .
I am 64 this month and would like to carry on working well past my official retirement age which is two years away , that is how much I enjoy my work ,
I plan to carry on until I am at least 70 full time then part time after , and reducing strains on the body to achieve this,  is the advice of my Doctor .
I do have a slate slide to get slates downstairs which only involves a three man team , providing the stair case is suitable .
so we will take on the majority of moving tables downstairs installs and removals and delivery , but upstairs is now becoming a problem for full size snooker tables for me .
Some smaller tables as long as they are 3 to 5 sectional slate beds will also be taken on upstairs due to much lighter slates .
all ground floor relocation are always welcome , so nothing changed there .
I am just trying to make sure I am able to commit to a job and future work without injury from lifting very heavy slates by hand to upper floors .

a typical slate slide carpet run to get slates downstairs without damage to treads .

Slate slide fitted to one section of slate ready to lower flat and slide down stairs

slate safely at the bottom and ready to load onto piano wheels .

sometimes if a local farmer is around with a tele handler extending beam fork lift we can use this to gain access to upper floors .

or the client may have a lift that can take more than the slate at 200kg plus one man
this is a disabled lift and has a capacity of 450kg
so one man and slate up and lower back out onto piano trolley will work and will not limit the lift from working as within limits .
most larger lifts will take two men and a slate and trolley , or 6 to 8 people or around 800kg .

some clients have their own machinery on site , this tele handler crane lowering slates into a basement before being capped off with floor .

In the basement and lean upright against a far wall .
well ahead planning on getting these slates into the cellar by crane rather than carry them down when finished down past a GLASS staircase rail .
when room is finished we will return to assemble the table .

And that table set up

BAD Weather stops play for some …some job’s may be cancelled due to weather conditions and travel .

Due to the beast from the east and clashing with a low pressure arriving from the south we are expecting some severe weather conditions to hit the UK this week .
6 inch fell last night alone where I live .

Parts of the country will be getting much more than this and main roads will become very dangerous , especially for a large van .

and having just bought a brand new van I am reluctant to risk damage to it or myself if the weather turns bad and restricts traveling .
it is also noted that any red warning area s the van insurance is null and void if I take it out on a day with a red warning in that area.
and insurance company will also frown upon amber warnings too , if they can prove I was negligent , or irresponsible of conditions .
I have had to cancel a few local job’s this week , just a few miles up the road Eastwards from Nottingham towards Lincoln and it get’s very scary to travel .
So if you have a job booked in with us for next week , it may be OK and still on , but then again it may be cancelled , we can only go day by day to see if things get better .
IF cancelled this is where it gets tricky to get you booked back in as we are booked out until mid April .
People who have booked are very reluctant to move over to let a cancelled job back in quick .
I will of course try and rework you in as quick as possible ,  if you are unfortunate that the weather and travel conditions meant a cancellation .
Weather and Sickness are out of my control I’m afraid .

Geoff Large
NBSA approved billiards fitter
GCL billiards

Fully booked out for work , now taking orders for April 2018

Sorry to say if you wish to have any work done to your pool or snooker table we are booked out until April 12th 2018 as we speak
and this will change daily as more work keeps coming in .

Due to demand we are working a 6 day week to accommodate clients old and new .
please book well in advance for your pub or club Cue sports re-cover or maybe a table move ?.

We work on many differant sized tables from 6ft pool to full size snooker tables .

we can transport a full size snooker table dismantled in our van to most parts of the UK
we do this on average about twice a month , our main work is maintenance of cue sport tables .

Work like Re-rubbering to a high standard of finish .

Re-cover from standard cushions to these professional steel cushions .

A 6ft snooker table re-cover

We also sell and hire on contract rental the professional series Supreme pool table

If you require a rental pool table on contract hire then we think we are the best value around and include two re-covers a year in out rental program .
ensuring you have the best playing conditions in your league for home and visiting teams .
A good looking pool table increases trade over the bar .
our next stock of pool tables are coming in on March 14th ,so get your order in for one .

If you want the best care and attention for your cue sports table , then Geoff Large has over 42 personal time served  years .
An experienced time served billiards fitter known throughout the cue sports industry .
GCL billiards has become that popular we are always booked up in advance , so get your order in well in advance,
That is our advice if you wish to choose GCL billiards to carry out your table maintenance .

Riley Steel Cushioned Aristocrat open up pockets , re-cover , new nets leathers and fit Adjustable bearers

I have Been over to Derby this week to a clients house .
My client bought a table and had it installed around two years ago .
although he did not complain about the match pockets being tight ,  his guests who played there often did .
so he contacted GCL billiards to open the pockets up and at the same time refresh the playing surface .

As you can see it is a genuine two bolt hole per leg face Riley Aristocrat , but it did not have adjustable slate bearers .

this is what we retro fitted to the underside of the table to make sure we could adjust the centre of the slate and get any slate bowing or dipping out .

Bed cloth fitted , a lightweight 29oz version of the popular Strachan 6811 tournament .
we had spent a bit of time making sure the table was level and the slate joints where skimmed and blended in .
our client was complaining that the joints where showing through the old cloth , we did not wish this to happen to the new fitted cloth .

we reshaped the corner pocket openings from tight WPBSA template size to Snooker Control council size , around 1/8th opened up .
note this is a steel cushioned professional standard table .

my client had made some WPBSA templates out of soft wood , as you can see we have altered the angle into the corner slightly each side

the older Billiards snooker control council templates  ( B&SCC  ) where used to make the pockets more approachable for the average to good player
these are not club Bucket sized pockets and they still measured around 3.5 inch at the fall , and these B&SCC  templates date from June 1990 .
As you can see the template fits nice and snug , we kept the flat profile in place when cutting back the rubber , and there is minimal undercut .

the undercut template fitted snug against the flat face of the corner and aligned perfectly with the 3.5 radius cut falls of the slate .

the middles where also brought in line with the older B&SCC templates

as you can see we also fitted new Riley match pocket leathers and superior grade nets , and we fitted plastic ring ball rails and removed the old brass ones which where splitting the nets .
I always recommend to Snooker club owners to remove all metal ring ball rails and replace with lower cost option plastic ring ball rails as the nets last much longer .
and it is the same in Private houses , my client also sanded a round nose to the ring net plastic to make even more kind to the ring nets .
they also hang at the correct angle when a  ball falls into the net then through the net ring hole and  into the correct angle of slope , this is crucial to a longer lasting net .

the finished table

the plastic ring ball rails .
I feel we have solved our clients needs and not ruined his table by putting large bucket club pockets on there , they are still 3.5 inch at the fall ,
but they will take a ball much better in all 6 pockets .
The WPBSA plates are very unforgiving to most players , and you can soon lose interest in playing on a table with tight pockets .
there is a reason the pro players have that tight pocket , they can through years of practice and commitment play at a high level on these tight pockets , but the average to good player would be much better off with the older pre 1990 B&SCC template size .
A story I do like to tell now and again is in 1982 I was watching a young player on the next table I was working on , playing on pockets that where nearly 4 inch wide at the fall in a club in Kirkby in Ashfield Nottinghamshire  .
I said you would never make it as a pro playing on such large buckets for pockets .
That young man was a 16 year old just left School Gary Wilkinson and he was ranked at world No5 in 1991/92 season
Gary became a pro 5 years after I said he would not make the grade , just goes to show that bigger pockets do give confidence in playing and keeping a young man that interested , that he went on to play on tournament pockets that where in those days  sized by the same B&SCC templates I am still using today .
From 1990 onward’s the pockets where closed up a bit to around 3.3/8ths at the drop and a new governing body took control of the pocket size this is the WPBSA templates .
IF you are having problems with pocket openings you may decide to go through what a few people are doing and actually open them up a touch .
I have done many job’s like this over  42 the years I have been fitting tables .

A standard none steel cushion opening up of pocket

A burroughs and watts steel cushion set what it looks like under the cloth

and the same Burroughs and watts after I had completed the table alterations of pocket size .

trimming rubber back to alter pocket size .

sometimes I can just peel back the cushion cloth alter the pocket opening and put the cloth back on , but only if the fitter before did a decent enough job on the re-cover
if not you would probably have to have the cushions re-covered .
it is really best to have this work done at the same time as a re-cover .

as I have said 3.5 inch or even 3.7/8ths of an inch at the fall is not large club pockets .

this is what I call bucket pockets , at nearly 4 inch at the fall !

3.5 inch at the fall for comparison

8ft Karnehm and Hillman snooker table for sale … NOW SOLD

as from March 6th 2018


We have a client who wishes to sell their 8ft three section slate bed with bolted into slate cushion and 6 legs Snooker table
offers around £500 is what he is looking for .
Aylesbury area is the location of the table .
the table looks like it could do with a re-cover and maybe new set of pockets nets and leathers to bring up to date .
I can vouch that K&H is a very good make , one alteration i would recommend is that it is fitted with a set of adjustable slate supports as it is lacking these .

cloth faded and pockets discolored but is it is playable as it is .
and worth the money being asked .

a photo of underside , three section slate but could do with  some adjustable slate supports to make much better for keeping level .

this is the improvement of what I mean about adjustable slate supports or muntins .
these wind up to and support the slate from sagging and recommended to have fitted if you have the table moved and set up again .

bolted cushions into slate make for a much better firmer cushion and good bounce .
this table is made just alike a full size table and build quality is very good .

all inquiries to Geoff Large at GCL billiards