Golf club in Derbyshire has table re-covered by GCL billiards

I have been over to Kedleston Golf club near Derby
This very upmarket Golf club is in the Grounds of Kedleston Hall
I once dismantled and moved a full size table in the main hall around 18 years ago and relocated it in North Yorkshire.
The General Manager of Kedleston ( Robert ) called me to arrange a re-cover and maybe new nets and leathers .
I arranged to carry out the improvements to the playing surface in February .

The table when I arrived looked like this , a re-cover around 6 years ago by another billiards firm who used some very poor none branded cloth
and some of the leathers had split and the brass pocket plate was showing through which was damaging the balls on impact .

pocket leathers look OK  from above and the rear , but it was the inside part where the ball makes contact that was wearing badly and splitting
and because Robert had mentioned the club where going to buy a new set of high standard balls , it was important to replace these leathers at least to protect those new balls from chipping on the exposed brass pocket plate .
a new set of nets where also recommended as it would look bad to have new cloth and new leathers yet have stained smoke nicotine stained nets from before the smoking ban still left on

the finished Snooker table , New Strachan 6811 Tournament branded cloth fitted , and looking good with new nets and leathers to compliment and show off that the table has had a thorough renovation of it’s playing surface .
I also checked and adjusted for level as part of the Service .

the very smart upmarket club house of Kedleston Golf club , one of the best Golf club house facilities that I have visited , and I do many Golf club snooker tables in my time

When I visited I was impressed that in the club house they had a TV on in the lounge area,  going through all the holes in simulated video .
here is Hole 18 as a demo .
unfortunately Kedleston Golf club is limited to 300 members and I was informed they are pretty much booked up , but you can get day guest tickets now and again , a very nice course with the back drop of Kedleston Hall .
a very good car park and club house facilities .

For sale full size Riley snooker table Satin black frame and cushions in Northampton . SOLD SOLD SOLD !



Table is now sold and could be on it’s way to Italy or Norfolk for storage .

Hi , we have a client who wishes to sell their full size snooker table
a Riley Imperial circa 1920s to 1960s square leg which has been renovated by the Billiards Barn I think he said .
the table has been finished in a satin Black polish to blend in with modern decors .
the table looks to have had some modern cushion replacements recently ?
please study the following photo’s

full size table with all accessories , including dust cover .

matching satin black polished scoreboard . as new condition

table has only had 15 months home use so the cloth is still in very good condition
the table is a Riley imperial model with chunky square legs and deep side and end frame between .
a very well made table when it left the factory , manufacture period is 1920s to 1960s for this model .

all new pockets nets leathers and rails fitted . hardly any use at all .

offers are invited fort his table , the seller is aware of the low prices full size snooker tables are fetching at the moment , it is a buyer’s market as we all know
but I think that the table is worth a bit more than a rough table , as it has been renovated in the past 15 months .
and would have been around £2000 to £2500 when new fitted with all accessories.

Renovated tables like this at low prices sell quickly , as there no extra cost having it renovated or re-covered , it is ready to go once delivered and installed .

if you would like a quote to have the table collected and installed then please contact Geoff at
for more details .

Geoff will be happy to guide you with a price to offer for the table .

Full size Karnehm & Hillman …….NOW SOLD ,


Table is now sold ………SOLD after being priced for Quick sale .

We have a client who has what looks like a Karnehm & Hillman table , the cushions and pockets certainly are .
but I have not seen a frame and legs like this on a K & Hillman unless it was an experimental designed one or a one off for a client .

as you can see it is a very attractive table with good cloth condition and polish .
The legs are a nice turned design , and has the buttons on the cushions concealing the cushion bolts rather than the slide in panels .
How can someone turn this down at just £400  NOW SOLD

as you can see the cloth has some fair wear but plenty of life left in it if you did not want to have it re-covered Geoff at GCL Billiards could refit this cloth .

but at just £400 for the table you may wish to spend a little extra and get a full re-cover in strachan 6811 tournament 30 0z napped wool cloth  , the choice is yours.
the nets and leathers are also in very good order .

The full size snooker  table is a Private sale direct from the Private seller . no middle men fees you are buying direct from the owner .

The Snooker table is close to Junction 17 of the M1 , if you would like a quote for GCL billiards to relocate the table and set it up in your new Home or club
then please contact Geoff or Carol at


Fantastic Burroughs & Watts full size snooker table for sale with sought after STEEL CUSHIONS , circa 1930s in Superb condition …..Offers



We have a client who wishes to sell their full size snooker table
The superb quality of Burroughs & watts circa 1930’s and has the important steel block cushions so sought after .
please study the photo’s to see the condition of this Fantastic table , rarely offered direct from the seller with no middlemen fees .
if you require a quote to relocate the table please get in touch with Geoff & Carol Large at GCL billiards by email
giving your post code and if the table is to be sited on ground floor.

the cloth looks to be in hardly used condition .
all though if you prefer we can re-cloth the table on set up in your home .

classic 1930’s design , comes complete with lighting and Scoreboard plus accessories .

the woodwork looks superb condition .

We are looking for offers at the moment on this Beautiful example of British manufactured Billiard table made in a time when they used only top quality materials .

Full size snooker table for sale …. NOW SOLD

NOW SOLD and due to be moved on 20th February 2017



We have a client who is looking to ( Now SOLD ) their full size snooker table due to house sale .
the table was supplied by a firm I used to work for in Nottingham , so I can recommend it .

Above side shot of table showing leg shape .

above shot of table showing cloth condition , I suspect it is now due for a re-cover and maybe a new set of nets to bring it up to standard

End shot of table , the table is complete with a nice velour covered shade and a full range of accessories .
the scoreboard is not included in the sale though , but new ones can be bought for a round £65.00p

Illness and it’s affect on Job’s booked in for january and February

I will be re-booking some of the jobs going into the new year , I am off work at the moment with an illness that is preventing me from working and Driving.
this has meant me cancelling two jobs which have to be fitted back in , and this may mean re juggling some other jobs that have also been booked in .
I am sorry if this effects you , but you cannot take into account illness , it strikes us at anytime , normally I would work through it , but sometimes it is that bad that time has to be taken off .
I will contact anyone who will be affected by this time off work to recover .
if I have not contacted you then the work is still scheduled as booked .
I am on antibiotics and I have been given 7 days of this so hopefully within a few days it will kick in and start working .
I do have work over the weekend and from Monday and I am sure this will not be affected .
it was just two job’s that I had to cancel that is going to be the problem of fitting them back in , I do not like letting anyone down so I am sure if you get a telephone call asking you to reschedule ,
you will understand if the work is not urgent and you can wait a few more days or a couple of weeks for it then I ask you to help me refit the other two job’s back in .

Full size snooker table for sale in Barton on humber excellent renovated condition only 12 months ago

Re-advertised and brought to the top of the list again , to remind people this excellent full size is still for sale .  OFFERS

I have a friend in the Billiard industry that has asked me to advertise one of his clients snooker table .
this table is of excellent Build quality and only went through a renovation 12 months ago by one of the best Billiard table renovators in the Country .
the table has Square legs ,  it has a Wille holt Burnley billiards badge on one end cushion .
please have a look at the photo’s below to see the condition of this table .
Brians mate wille holt barton on humber side shot
A side shot photo of this well made chunky square legged table in mahogany
new nets and leathers and ball rails , cloth hardly been used as it was only renovated 12 months ago .
this table is on a ground floor location so easier extraction on dismantle and load onto van , without the hassle of extra men to get up or down stairs .
It also had new rubber fitted at the same time .
just look,at the condition of the woodwork to see this table has not had much use , it would be like buying an ex display model from a showroom !
Brians mates wille holt sqaure leg barton on humber end shot
End shot photo showing Willie Holt Burnley billiards badge on end cushion slide in panel
the table will come with all accessories and balls
The Price has not been discussed with me yet , but if you are interested then I will forward your contact details to my Friend
who can give much more information on this table as he renovated it .
you can then phone him to discuss the table and  price .

8ft Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham ….SOLD

Now sold ….SOLD SOLD SOLD !!!


BARGAIN just £325 for this 8ft three section slate based table …….. I would have left it at £500 but my client wishes for a quick sale .


We have a client based in Oakham near Leicester who wishes to sell their 8ft Tulip legged K&Hillamn snooker table

these do not come up for sale very often and if they do they are normally in shape of their square legged introductory model table.
this table is a the Buckingham Tulip carved legged model , I am afraid the table is dismantled and is ready for collection so here is a library photo of a 10ft version
the table will be 8ft by 4ft and has a three section slate bed in the same design as the above photo . ( this is not the actual table )
My client has moved from Norfolk to Oakham and the table was dismantled for that journey , he never had the table set back up and they are moving back to Norfolk
sadly the move will not allow for room for this very well known make of table , only one of a hand full of modern makers who actually manufactured good quality tables in the 1980s onward’s .
I am informed that in the sellers opinion the table will require a re cloth , and I do not know the condition of the wood work so I recommend any buyer to inspect the table before purchase .
the table comes with a good range of accessories including ball sets score board and rests and a proper coffin type green shade with gold fringe .

all inquiries to Geoff or Carol at GCL billiards to email ,
we will then put you in direct touch with the seller .
the asking price is just £500 for this well made table .
If you require a quote to pick up and deliver and set up with new cloth re-cover and maybe new nets and leathers then ask Geoff or Carol  at GCL Billiards email

this is what the standard square leg version looks like , but my client assures me it has the tulip carved legs as in library photo of the 10ft above .
and has 6 legs and a three section slate bed  with bolt nut inserts inside the slate bed , this is not a low cost screw on cushion but a proper in slate bolt type .
8ft k&hillman 3
ay I remind anyone who is thinking of a 8ft table like this  K & Hillman,  that full size table’s do sell for lower money and people find this hard to believe ,
the reason is simple there are Hundreds in fact Thousands of full size table’s available at low prices , try looking for a 8ft Karnehm and hillman Buckingham carved legged for sale , I think you will find there is only one and that is this which one was at £500 ( now £325 for very  quick sale !!!!! )  I would say is a good buy it price for seller and the Buyer so we are being very fair with the valuation taking into account the sellers honesty that table will prob require a re-cover .
one of the actual legs so you can be assured it is a tulip carved leg
and top cushion capping polish also looking in great condition on this 8ft table .