Wanted 10ft snooker table .

Date of inquiry of wanted ad 17th April 2017…………………….  WANTED TEN FOOT snooker table

We have a Client who is moving to a new home in Pulborough in West Sussex , and he has a nice large Loft area for a 10ft tbale .
If you have a Snooker  / Billiards tables for sale please send photo’s by email and we will forward these onto our client  to c.large@btinternet.com
any table considered from Modern to old , but must be a 10ft slate bed sectional slate table . 6 or 8 legged .

Easter Weekend , we are not answering the phones this Easter or answering Emails .

Just chilling out .

Some people may not celebrate Easter but this year We are going to have a break from work just like the rest of the UK .
I will at this time of the year be out in the Garden getting it ready for the coming summer and a time to reflect on life as I work on cleaning the patios.
So please do not be offended by us not answering telephone calls or emails over the Easter period .
We are just taking a full Easter off for a change this year .
some celebrate Easter as a Christian religious festival and rightfully too as this is what Easter is all about , some say the greatest Story on Earth !

some celebrate by chocolate egg hunts

some take a holiday maybe a trip to the coast ?

and some by just Gardening or DIY time .

What ever way you choose to celebrate Easter Have a good one relax and just reflect on life ,
I know I will be celebrating by all 4 of the above reasons if I can squeeze them all into 4 days .
Friday & Saturday Gardening patio cleaning & time for thought and Christ who gave his life for us .
Sunday Day of rest and out for a meal with wife, Thoughts about resurrection and maybe a trip over to the coast ?
Monday Garage clean out and get Van ready for work on Tuesday .
well that is what I am planning weather permitting .
I am not a regular church attender the odd wedding and funeral is perhaps the only time I attend church if I am am honest ,  but throughout my life I have been brought up in the belief of Christianity and all the good that this faith brings out in people .
so whatever you do at Easter try and relax and take it all in , Watch the old films on TV , Ben Hur  or the Robe , I always watch them if I get time .
Back open for  work on Tuesday the 18th April .

Full size Riley Aristocrat steel cushioned match table for sale in Wolverhampton

We have a selling client who wishes to move on through lack of use a fully renovated Riley Aristocrat match table with the all important genuine Steel Block cushions
these cushions are not the sandwich type that some so called billiard firms put out , but genuine two piece , one section steel plate and the other part is the wood capping bolted to the rear .
I have to point his out due to the fact of one firm putting out inferior steel cushions that are really bodged standard cushions and sold as steel cushion .
so back to this table for sale , the table is located in a Wolverhampton post code.

as you can see this table has not had much use so someone is going to get a good deal for a quick sale .

the cloth condition , this photo shows no track lines to pocket openings .

Centre pocket opening , leathers and nets also in as new condition as is woodwork polish.

corner pocket opening with a ball to show the estimate of pocket opening size , I would say around 3.5 inch at the fall .
again as new nets and leathers and polish looking in good order .

I am not sure if the lighting is included this is something you will have to take up with the selling client .

All these accessories are included with the table as well as a cover

CLOSE UP OF LEG the upper leg block may have suffered from rest head damage at some point,  you can also see the hook hole has been plugged on the arch way .
so on renovation I suspect the firm beveled the edges of the block to give a clean edge to the blocks . I do like to be thorough with a tbales description .
GCL Billiards have not inspected the table , but I have seen a photo of the underside and in my opinion the only point that I would make is
the table will require some adjustable muntin slate bearer brackets .
these are add on units that will cost extra and I would recommend the fitting of these at installation of the table .
as per photo’s here

after seeing that the table has no adjustable brackets for the slate bearers , I would say the table was  standard Riley Aristocrat and has been upgraded with match steel block cushions
the table offers good value for money , and my selling client is looking for offers around the £2000 mark for a quick sale .
The proper made Steel cushions alone I priced up trade the other week at around £1600 for another client who had been sold the not so good sandwich steel cushions by a Firm up Leeds way .
the Price of the table does not include any dismantle load and transport or unloading and erecting of the table .
If you require  price for this you can contact Geoff at GCL Billiards who would be happy to quote for such work based on ground floor or upstairs locations and post code .
Riley Match Quality steel cushioned Aristocrats do not come up often , but this week I have two that are coming up for sale by private sales through our for sale section  of the website , the other in Cardiff is coming up for sale next so anyone down that end of the country may wish to go for that one and I am still awaiting details and photo’s of that one to come in .
But this table in Wolverhampton is in as new condition and is ready to go .
In my opinion a much better table than a Chinese made star , so first come first served . and  new Riley Aristocrat today will set you back £13000.00p
that’s around £11.000 more than this table , check it out in the link below .

Sew 4 inch by 4 inch L shape tear on full size Antique snooker table at a club in Derby .

Saturday and working again when will I ever get a full weekend off ?
Got a phone call Friday afternoon informing me of this L shape tear on a club table in Derby .
with a few bills coming in the club wanted me to sew the tear up and then around September maybe re-cover the table ,
but for now they just wanted to get the table back in use for a nominal costing .
this is what I found when I got there this morning .

a 4 inch by 4 inch tear , obviously someone knew they had done this , not saying deliberate but it took some downward cueing stabbing power and  a sharp ferrule or very hard tip to rip this cloth to this extent . Especially as this cloth has had two stretches in the past and is on very tight not slack at all .

to sew this large tear the cloth had to be sewn from the reverse which meant two cushions coming off and taking tacks out of two sides .

Right I can now get at the tear and get the cloth to close up a bit rather than trying to pull it together sewing from above , which was impossible due to tension of cloth .
so not a quick repair like some are , this tear was too large to do that . with traveling of around 10 mile each way , this repair took almost three hours of the day up .

Lock stitching the tear together from the reverse side.

when finished I always rub a little candle wax over the threads to strengthen them

the repair of tear fully sewn up and tapped level with hammer and wood block , then cloth is ironed as flat as I could get it .
there is some slight ball deviation when a ball rolls over it but this will get better as the table is brushed and ironed more .
but at least this repair will last them until September , unless someone rips it more or decides to have a go at the repair .
I have suggested  CTV in the room from now on .

not many firms would do a call out job like this , preferring to turn it into a full re-cover

but GCL Billiards do work with clubs to look for a more affordable solution to keeping the table in play until they can afford a re-cover
like most clubs , they have expensive rates and bills to pay at certain times of the year , and the budget for the next re-cover for this table is in September 2017 .

Hunters Bar Grantham 7 supreme winner pool tables re-covered in Strachan 6811 tournament cloth and one in speed cloth .

Just been over to Hunters Bar this week to re-cover 7 Supreme winner 7×4 pool tables .
6 in Strachan 6811 tournament and one in Strachan super pro speed .

with 7 supreme winners and 4 Sam K steel 9ft pool tables int his club , it gets very busy at times

a photo showing  the Sam k steel 9ft American pool 9ft Tables in the back ground .

gluing of the bed cloths to the slate bed

We strip every staple out of the cushions , cowboy speed fitters cover over old staples and it is not unusual to have 3 to 4 sets of staples left in when stripping down
at GCL billiards we like to take every staple out every time we do a re-cover .

close up of a finished table  re-clothed in Strachan 6811 tournament cloth .
the day before I went to Grantham I also re-covered 4 Supreme winners in sleaford at the Reel Club in the new Simonis speed sky blue cloth .

Silver Supreme Winner pool table for sale with blue cloth , plus pool table moving wheels trolley £345 worth £45 included . CASH on collection only

we have a Silver pool table at £345 Cash on collection . this is a PRIVATE SALE . and not part of GCL billiards stock .
a supreme Winner 7×4 coin operated with super six coin mech adjustable from 10p to 50p
The table has a hardly worn Strachan 777  Blue cloth fitted to it .
this pool table has come back off site and is now for sale as it stands buyer collects from long Eaton near Junction 25 of M1.
in my opinion all it requires is a respray by silver Halfords can of paint to top surround to look good again .
it is a second hand Pool table and has the usual knocks and scrapes associated with on site use in a pub site .

the top surround is suffering from coin flipping to the silver surround and has marks above where the coin mech is as seen in above photo .
this table will look good again with around £20 worth of spray paint and masking tape , that is all it requires to make it look really good like this photo below when it originally went out on site 18 months ago

the table has been used since this re-cover but no much , and the cloth is in very good condition .

This photo is the current condition of the table as it was picked up off site and as it is for sale .
there is a set of moving wheels with the table that is include at the £345 price , but if not required we can sell for £295 .
this price is for pick up only from Long Eaton near junction 25 of M1.

as you can see if the top was resprayed like this photo the table would look a lot better for it .

The table side door has new locks fitted 4 silver legs to match the cabinet and two sets of balls , a set of blue and yellows and a set of spots and stripes
it has a triangle brush and two cues .
the coin mech can be set for FREE play if required .
there is also a ply wood hard top cover to the table as seen in this above photo .
the table is also up for sale on another site so please inquire to see if still available .
In my opinion the cloth has plenty of life left in it , a re-cover in Strachan 6811 is an extra £185 if required , but as said it does not require this .
these COIN OPERATED supreme winners are around £1200 to £1250 delivered and set up depending where you purchase from  , grab yourself a second hand one at below 1/4 of the price of new.

here is one example of silver 7×4 Supreme winner table with blue cloth and coin operated at £1253.00p

Supreme Winner 6 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft English Pool Table


FOR SALE – 9ft Burroughs and Watts Snooker table , location in Scotland on the Taymount Estate. £995.00p Fantastic Value for complete table and lights and accessories

For sale a very nice 9ft Burroughs and watts 6 legged table circa 1900 / 1910 .

if any Scottish based  buyer wishes to buy the table I can recommend a more local fitter to dismantle and transport the table for you .
my clients have added a period table light to this table’s photo’s to follow and add to advert.

there is also a small round cue rack and various cues and rests and a Vintage scoreboard all for a complete price of £995 now that’s really good value for this type of table

I have copied and pasted this previous report to show that the table was only installed at Taymouth house in December 2013 , our clients wish to use the room for other purpose’s
so the table sadly has to be sold rather than waste away in dismantled form stored somewhere on the Estate .
the table cost my clients a pretty sum to buy it then have it transported all the way up from Derbyshire and then set up , as you can see it was a two day job .
I am informed that the table did not get the use that my clients where expecting hence why the change of mind over the room use .
the table has not had much use since the install so is in good condition , but by all means if local By PRIOR ARRANGEMENT with the owners  go over and inspect the table .
please no casual callers , all inquiries to GCL billiards  at c.large@btinternet.com

Again any inquiries to GCL Billiards who will pass any details onto the seller to Arrange viewing appointments or sale .   c.large@btinternet.com
you have a choice of fitters in Scotland and over the border in England to relocate this table , the cost would have to be calculated and post codes and if upstairs or basement location is required .

here is the previous story put on our blog of the table being installed at Taymount Estate in December 2013 .


The last couple of days we have traveled up-to Scotland having dismantled a 9ft snooker table for our Scottish buying client’s John & Amelia  from one of our selling clients , Carol  in Ashbourne Derbyshire loading the 9ft table the previous day.
We set off at 6am arriving at 12.15 in Stanley near Perth , the house is located down a 1 mile Forest road , where the Holiday let properties are located at the end of the drive with stunning views of the river Tay and it’s salmon jumping falls .
Taymouth house is the largest of the properties and this was the location for the snooker table to be fitted , a large building that has stood on this site since the 1700’s
Scotland Taymount house main house

Taymouth house pro photo

please click on the details here for further information about this holiday let http://www.taymountestate.com/index.php/about-us
There are three properties the main house , West house which we where allowed to stay overnight in , and the Gardeners cottage.

Scotland taymouth house cottages
The West house which is to the left of the main house is where we stayed for a night , and very comfortable it is too ,
the best bed I have slept in for a long while and that includes my own .

Scotland Taymount veiw across the TAY
With views like this in December , it must be stunning in summer months . and when the snow is on the ground ,
we where around 6 weeks too late for all the colour of autumn leaves on the trees.
Scotland Taymount water fall veiw salmon
once the table was set up level with the slate on the filler was put in the slate joints , while this was drying , it gave us 30 mins to explore the outside views of the river
this part of the falls was where we saw at least 3 salmon jump the fall on the far right of this photo.
Scotland Taymouth house billiard table
Oops what is wrong with the table ?  green and yellow balls on wrong spots , just shows I don’t play the game !
This is the very nice condition Burroughs and Watts billiard table that our Scottish clients bought from one of our selling advertisers ,
who used the Free to advertise feature on our web site , we assisted both the buyer and the seller reach a price that was acceptable taking into account that the table had to be transported up-to Stanley near Perth in Scotland some near 700 mile round trip and taking two days to complete and get back , plus the half a day for loading in Ashbourne.
I think the seller got a good price as it had been up for sale for over a year , and the buyer got a period table for his period holiday let , also at a good price as a buyer as he was buying direct from the seller .
Scotland Taymouth house billiard 9ft
The client is fitting some period looking lighting within the next day or so , ready for their new year booking of the house . the main house has just gone through a complete renovation ready for the 2014 season , so book early to avoid the rush , when word gets around about these holiday let’s, I am sure the Fully booked signs will be up for most of the season , they offer extremely good value and as a billiard fitter I have worked in a large holiday let house  similar in Lincolnshire , but it has not got the Location and stunning views of this House  , and I will let you into a secret , the Lincolnshire one is more expensive .
this Holiday let is very good in that if enough people fill the house then it is extremely better value than any Bed and Breakfast .
You have a choice of different activities in the area , Walking with stunning views , Golf , Shooting , Fishing , Skiing , Glasgow and Edinburgh are around 1 hour away , there are many historical points of interest within the area , Castles and distillery’s to mention just two , plus famous battle grounds like the William Wallace memorial at Stirling just 30 minutes away.
then relax back at Taymouth house with a beer or whisky or wine and play snooker or pool on the period circa 1900 Billiard table . or just 1 minute  down the slope in front of the house and you are standing on the bank watching salmon jump the falls .


Away for a long weekend break to Belfast , no emails or telephone calls will be answered until Tuesday 14th March

We are off to Belfast for a long weekend 12 am Friday to late Monday .
we will be out of office from Friday March 10th   until Tuesday 14th of March , no telephone calls or Emails will be answered during these 4 days .
Myself and my family are ice hockey followers and full season ticket holders at Nottingham Panthers , and we have not been to an away game in Belfast as a Family for years, so decided to do it this year and go watch our local team the Nottingham Panthers take on the Belfast Giants , the weekend is a double header meaning  two games one on Friday evening and the other on Sunday afternoon .

as you can see when the Nottingham Panthers are in town the rink is normally a sell out at the Odyssey Arena  in Belfast .

sometimes a fight breaks out , I have been watching Ice Hockey since 1980 , you do get fights and scuffles it is very rare to see an all out bench clearance these days but it does occur now and again
A player normally gets a 5 minute penalty for fighting , if one is adjudged to be the instigator he gets an extra 2 mins .
you get 2 mins for roughing , but things like checking to the head gets you an 5 + match and you are thrown out the match , a team member has to take your 5 min penalty
a panel sits during the week and that player who checks to the head  can get an extra 5 game penalty .
if blood is on the ice the game stops the ice machine ( zamboni ) comes on and cleans the ice before it can resume .
now come on ,  tell me this is exciting than watching football ?

I was actually at this match in Belfast a few years ago now, this kicked off after the game on the hand shakes . ( no that is not a ghost in the background but some sort of advertising mascot )

Nottingham Panthers already have a very highly prized trophy this season in the continental Cup winners 2017  ( its actually a shield )
no other club in UK hockey has won a European trophy , Panthers are the only team to win a European Trophy and they did it this year in Italy .
It looks like Cardiff Devils will win the league this year but chasing them all the way to the end of the season are the Belfast Giants so we expect a tough two matches this weekend .
Cardiff have already won the League Challenge Cup ( normally panthers win this every season ) .
so whats left is the Play off trophy which always takes place in Nottingham the home of the panthers .
10 teams in the league top 8 go into a play off 1/4 finals , last 4 teams meet in Nottingham to play two semi finals on the Saturday and the last two teams in the final on the Sunday
all the fans from around the UK come to the play off finals it is like their Wembley .

When you win the big three and that’s a grand slam in ice hockey .
Winning the Continent cup this season must go down as an equal to lifting all these three trophies in 2012 -1013 season.