Cue ball Derby Recovers and re-rubber .

This week I have been local in derby working on a few tables in the Cueball club .
Danny had stripped one set of cushions down and stained and re-varnished them prior to my visit , he had also fully dismantled the table to re-level the bad out of tilt floor .
so first job was to put slates back on the frame and re-level .
I then re-rubbered two sets of cushions and cut to B&SCC templates the openings

I then undercut and smoothed the underside angle of the rubber to accept the balls better

a nice undercut and smoothed out , leaving sharp edged cut and not sanded  rubber will cause the cloth to split
So I always smooth the rubber out by rasping and rounding off the sharp cut with sand paper
the rubber used is Hainsworths Northern Rubber made in Retford Nottinghamshire .
The best you can buy .

the table that Danny had re-polished the wood capping of the cushions
now sporting Hainsworth Match on the bed and Hainsworth smart on the cushions
I do this mixture of cloth on bed and cushions because the smart is more hard wearing and the cushions would wear out very quick if all match was used .

The bed cloths require clamping and stretching at certain points to ensure a very tight fitting and speedy playing surface .

two tables on the back of the room had all Hainsworth smart cloths on bed and cushions .
It is best to have a mixture of tables around the room and the match fitted beds are a bit more expensive to play on .
these two tables are for more  wear and tare use .
they will play a little slower at first but will soon quicken up once they get more use  and brushed and ironed regularly .

Cue club Customer thinks this table is playing great
this table used to have odd sized pocket openings on , now with the new rubber fitted and all pockets are the same size .

pocket opening on varnished cushions match table .

Pocket openings on 2nd table in

same table another pocket opening  looking into it
note the flat faced rubber in the jaw , this is now the norm on modern undercut  just the same as you see on TV .
older tables used to have the rubber undercut to a pointed triangle at the radius of the opening .

you have to be accurate to make the shot now , the angles are the modern game so you may have to adjust your game to play on modern table openings .
most old tables in working men’s clubs still sport the older sharp undercut this enables the ball to get under the overhang , and makes the pocket much easier to pocket a ball , but it also deflects the ball downwards and wears out the cloth in the form of track lines , you may see this on badly worn cloths , but you also see it on tables that have sharp undercuts , and the cloth is worn out before it is due to be re-clothed because  of this .
Danny will slowly transform all the tables at the Cue ball club to have modern pocket flat faced openings  .
It is not a new thing we have been doing the flat faced openings  since the 1990’s . but it takes time for tables to be re-rubbered , most get done every 25 years .
But there are a lot of those boom years of the 1980s , the pot black years where thousands of tables had the sharp undercut and they are still out there .

Cue ball Derby the main snooker room

Cue ball Derby pool room on a league night .
Danny was informing me he has a few alteration plans for the room this year especially the bar lounge area  , and some exciting news for next year if every thing falls into place as planned  .
the cue ball club is located in Derby at ~Mansfield Road under Roller world DE21 4AW
Turn left at Nissan Garage if coming from Pentagon island and look for roller world and through the main gates to right .
contact details 01332 360924

Wanted reasonably priced 9ft or 10ft snooker table must be in excellent condition .

We have a client who is looking for a 9ft or 10ft snooker table ASAP.
if you have one in good condition , then he would be interested , Ground floor location preferred for removal .

one like this would be a preference
a Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham

or the same 10ft Karnehm & Hillman table with square legs ?

or a 9ft Titan  or  Riley  oak or mahogany .

let me know if you have any of these types of table or one similar in good condition wood work wise , ideally with excellent cloth but we could re-cover so not a problem if cloth need s replacing , but wood work has to be in excellent order .
I have a buyer waiting for one

contact Geoff at GCL billiards .

quote 9ft or 10ft wanted May 2018


Sam K steel 9ft pool tables for sale ( four tables available )

We have a Private selling client who is wishing to sell on 4 X Sam K steel pool tables already dismantled .
These will be priced to sell at just £350 each no discount for quantity  here they have already been discounted and priced to sell .
if you want all 4 tables it is £1400 if you want one or two only it is still £350 each table , first come first served a Bargain .
all 4 have been dismantled and will require new cloths , maybe new rubber , we have not inspected them they are in storage ready for collection .
In Ravenshead NG15 area of Nottinghamshire .
here is a photo of what they would look like once recovered and cleaned up .

and this is the current state before dismantle

top cushions surround still complete all 4 stacked on side
the finish is Brown / Black lacaluca finish .

legs and feet

slates 3 to each table .

side skirts that go between each leg and some of the under steel frame construction beams
yes these K steel tables have an under frame work as sturdy as a land rover chassis .
and are regards as the best American pool table to buy here in the UK ,
any spares can also be bought from SAM billiards based in Coventry so you are not buying discontinued tables .

more side and end frame parts with rest rack on .
if you would like  a quote for a table to be fitted or re-covered then I am happy to quote you for this service also re-rubber if you wish to bring them right up to date
these Sam k steels where over £4000 when new .
so at just £350 ready to collect they are a Bargain buy , if you are a club looking for a few of these table then £1400 for all 4 is the best you will find on price for 4 of these Sam k steel tables .
here are a few that GCL Billiards have renovated in the past

a nice Black cloth on this light wood colour table .

we also did a  re-rubber on that one too , a photo showing aged cracked rubber and new rubber side by side .

a sequence of photo’s showing install of a K steel , you can see the frame to finished table here .

one I did many years ago

and Six tables  I set up and re-covered in another local club .

Hunters Bar in Grantham have four SAM k steels  too that I still do recovering on .
as you can see the Sam k steel table is a proper tournament 9ft American pool table , all work on these table would be extra to the actual cost of £350 per table and quotes can be obtained from GCL billiards

Tables are ready for collection from NG15 area , if you require more information contact Geoff by email if possible to

and I will arrange a viewing for you with the Private seller .

ERIC CLAPTON’S old 3/4 size snooker table for sale (9ft x 4ft 6 inch)

I have for sale a much cherished 3/4 sized snooker table that Eric Clapton gave his ex wife Pattie Boyd when she was setting up a new home.  The table once stood at Eric’s house and studio named Hurtwood Edge in surrey and some serious rock gods have played on this table – Jeff Beck, Ronnie Wood, The Stones, The Beatles etc.  If the table could tell a story of the wild parties that are well documented in Erics and Pattie’s autobiographies!

Hurtwood Edge, Eric’s country home in surrey where he also had a studio and where the table originaly came from before Pattie sold it to me.
Pattie was also married to George Harrison and the song Layla and wonderfull tonight was penned by Eric who wooed her away from George. but they remained good friends .

The table is a 9ft by 4ft 6 inch, a true 3/4 sized table.  These tables hold their value as they are sought after due to them not being full size ,there are houses with enough room to house a 3/4 sized table where a full size table would be too large so they are much sought after and are thin on the ground unlike full size tables.

The table is a Palmer & sons circa 1900 so just over 100 years old and is mahogany with 6 turned legs.  I did not take photo of it when it was up, but will take some of the legs and end cushion name plate.  I will rerubber the table, recover it, and put new nets and leathers on.  If the new owner would like a full repolish then that is down to them, but I could get this done for an additional cost.  I would rather keep it as it is with its original polish and a few marks here and there just as it stood in Hurtwood Edge.

I have a signed provenance from Pattie Boyd that the table was from Hurtwood edge and owned by Eric.  Eric recently sold all of his Guitars in the famous Crossroads auction and many of these where priced at way over what most people could afford. Blackie the worn out stratocaster Eric played so often getting a final bid of  $959,500 in 2004 a world record for a guitar at that time.  By comparison, in 2004 Britney Spear’s used chewing gum sold for $14,000

I am a big Clapton fan.  I have experienced the 60s and the 70s and lived through that period as a young teenager and Eric inspired me to pick up a Fender stratocaster and play in a Rock & Blue’s band myself for around 10 years , I play hank Marvin instumental’s at home now, but now and again play Bad Love and some of the Who’s classic rock theme’s.

I shall regret selling the table as I always thought I would have a games combined music room , but I have decided to sell now and invest the money into Pool table stock for the rental side of the business, as we have had many enquiries for pool table hire .

 A  fantastic piece of provenance of a Rock God who is still alive and kicking and still playing the blues and long may he live , if you have a games or music room large enough and like rock and blues , here is a centre piece for that room and a good talking point of famous ownership. I am not asking for the same amount as a John Lennon rolls royce or Elvis’s Cadilac , or Britney Spear’s used gum .

If it sells then it sells if not I still get to keep it . The table could be pallatised and shipped to the USA if fans that side of the pond would like it , but at their cost of shipping and insurance.

Photo’s to follow

SNOOKER AND POOL TABLE RECOVERING IN LINCOLN , DERBY , NOTTINGHAM , LEICESTER , make sure you are dealing direct with professionals not middlemen and agents

Many of the advertisements that you see on search engines are not what they appear to be , many claiming to be experienced in the art of billiard fitting for snooker and pool tables are just agents passing on work to qualified people , they then take a commission out of the price for passing on this work . this applies mainly to Pool table operators who recover pool tables passing on information to proper time served billiard fitters who are then hit with a commission fee or sub contract to the middleman for a fixed labour fee.

When looking for experienced people to work on youre cue sports table , always do some home work , ask if they or an EMPLOYEE ( not subcontractor ) will be doing the work or passing the information onto a third party .

At GCL BILLIARDS we are fully experienced billiard fitters for working on any cue-sports table , UK POOL , AMERICAN POOL , OLD BILLIARD TABLES , and modern SNOOKER TABLES , BAGATELLE AND BAR BILLIARDS ,  the best way to find out if the person you are talking to is fully qualified in the art of Billiard fitting , is to ask technical questions , such things as pocket sizes and cushion rubber height , table height , History of tables etc , difference between tables made in periods significant changes where made such as pocket plate design , slate first used , what was used before rubber etc .
GCL BILLIARDS will not overcharge for their service , a pool table recover starts at £185 , a Full size snooker table £420 club cloth £440 Tournament cloth , and we only use top graded strachan cloth unless the customer prefers another choice .
we will point out we are not the lowest price , yet we are also not the dearest price , we try and stay within £20 of our equal competition , that extra £20 is for Experience , and safe in the knowledge that your table is in safe hands and that we are using top quality materials not seconds as some do .
And you can be assured you will have the work carried out by a TIME SERVED billiards fitter . *** with no added commission or middlemen charges.***

GCL billiards do not subcontract to other firms and we do not use sub contract fitters  , we have our own identity and our own fitting standards based on 42 years experience , we do not want to assist another firm who do not have the same experience have that skill and compete against us in our market sector , it would be like letting someone in on our area and helping them establish themselves using our 40 year experience and skills as a spring board ,
Our main area covers from Sheffield to Northampton and East coast to Stoke on Trent , we do further than this but we like to remain a Billiards firm that concentrates at least 90% of its clientele in the midlands .
I am constantly refusing subcontract work for other firms on a monthly basis as they try to muscle in on our area .
Most of these firms that contact us are just keyboard firms using subcontractors around the UK to form a business of which they pay peanuts to the firm and pocket a good percentage for themselves .
they have no experience in Billiards / Snooker & pool table fitting apart from what they have read on the internet or from books .
I do take on the odd table sale from other firms say from Scotland , that require a fitting service if they have sold to a client in my area , but that is about as far as I will let other firms into my area and to compete against us .
My advice to anyone seeking a skilled firm for their snooker or pool table re-cover is to look at that firms past work and standing within the Billiards fitting community .
Geoff Large of GCL Billiards has over 42 years personal experience of Billiards fitting from early antique Billiard tables to modern day Billiard tables that are mainly designed for the game of Snooker .
We also have a vast experience on Pool tables renovation , from UK pub type tables to 9ft american pool tables .
Butlins hotshots artscape bud dec 2015
Brunswick 9ft pool tables at Butlins Skegness maintained by GCL billiards
alfreton sam pool tables
Sam american K steel pool tables installed by GCL billiards .

From 1st of May Another Factory Price Increase on Supreme tables …. OUR GCL BILLIARDS RENTAL PRICES WILL STAY THE SAME.

Heywood Supreme have just implemented a further price increase .
The reason is increased prices for raw materials such as wood, aluminium, laminate , cloth and slate to name but a few .
add the sundries of chroming of parts and shipping of some parts into the UK , plus nuts bolts and screws balls cues chalk .
and of course the ever fluctuating increase in Diesel for pick up from Manchester and  delivery .

We collect our tables in batches of two or three .
there is normally a 6 to 8 week waiting from order to our tables being available for collection , so we try and keep a couple in stock ready to go .

the Supreme winner is in great demand .
and to make matters a little worse for some people who only have room for a 6ft table  , the 6 foot versions are no longer £50 less money than a 7ft , they are priced the same due to exactly the same amount of work to put them together and minimal difference in materials as there is more waste from cutting out the laminate  panels for 6fts , the sundries like pocket plates alloy trims and coin mech side are the same as a 7ft .
We do not rent 6ft tables so that part does not effect us , all our winners are 7 ft versions and all coin operation mechanical straight six type ,
although we do free play for sites which demand a no coin operation , we are doing this to two tables  next Saturday for a site in Nuneaton that is increasing their rental tables from two to four !
This conversion still keeps the ball separator intact for the cue ball to return to balk end .
Remember our rental tables get two £185 re-covers a year plus balls and cues every year , half of your rental fee you get back in this service for the re-covers and accessories upkeep per year .
The actual rental side is not a lot of money and when put aside against tax it makes it not worth buying your own table , but rent a table fully maintained from GCL billiards .
We have two clubs with multi tables in one room that have worked this out .
They do not have to worry about recovers or maintenance as it is all in , and we put these visits in our yearly calendar and turn up on or around those dates to carry out the work .
Your Club or Pub league players will not get onto you about bad cloth condition , as it is taken care of on a regular basis .

our rental  tables are in Black pearl finish

they all sport the latest die cast metal chrome corners and not the early plastic type .

latest green badge

and anti bounce up full slotted Allen bolt down ball rails .

we call every 6 months to re-cover in our rental price
this covers winter and summer leagues and makes sure your table stands out from many in your league that does not have their tables recovered as often .
Players within the league want to play on your rented looked after tables rather than a shoddy one .

And the league often use our tables as finals table’s in the leagues as they know they are in good order and recently recovered .

and the cloth we use to re-cover , in our opinion and many players the best choice  , Strachan 6811 quality cloth .
we have had a few that try the Hainsworth cloths , but I can honestly say they always come back to the all wool Strachan cloth .
as the ball does not respond as good on a mixed fiber of wool, and man made product .
We are always looking to increase our rental portfolio within our local area , and some just outside it .
If you are in the market for a new table think about Renting from GCL billiards with two re-covers a year it makes sense .
GCL billiards are solely a cue sport operation , we do not get sidetracked in maintaining video game machines or fruit gambling machines ,
we are 42 years in the business of maintaining  Cue sports tables .
From Pool tables to Full size tournament match play Snooker tables 42 years of personal Experience of working on cue sports tables .

WANTED, we always have clients looking on our web site for BCE westbury and Riley Aristocrat match tables .

I placed an advert on here a few weeks back for a BCE Westbury steel cushioned table for a client .
well that advert was successful in unearthing a very nice mint condition BCE Westbury for my client .
and he was highly delighted with the table and condition  and the price .

We also have inquiries for the Riley Aristocrat  table too with steel cushions and without steel cushions .
so if you have these type of tables for sale then get in touch a simple insert on our web site will see it sold .
they are the most sought after for the modern game .
and if sensibly priced taking into account condition and removal and delivery costs to our buying clients then it will sell .

Riley Aristocrat

Steel cushions

steel cushion stripped down

BCE westbury steel cushions

Bring full size snooker table in for storage at Jonills removals

Today we have been over to a village near Grantham to dismantle a Orme and sons Zulu model table .
The table was coming in for store for the German based owner .
Our instructions from our client where to dismantle bubble wrap and box parts of the table only and bring into Nottingham to be dry stored by jonills removals .
We use jonills as they are experts in the dry warm storage of furniture .
there is nothing worse than a cold damp billiards firms storage warehouse , all sorts of damp problems could occur and problems setting up if the table warps
Jonills are experienced Furniture and house hold goods removals and storage .
We find by using their experience of dry warm storage, this  is the best thing for our clients table .

Cloth off and we take note of any filler and damage already on this table .
also any bolts missing , ( one frame bolt centre leg ) and three buttons broken due to owner wood glueing them in .

some damage that we found that had been filled in by previous fitting team .

slates are carefully slid to one end and lifted / pivoted onto soft rail piano trolley , ready to load onto the van .

as you can see neatly loaded onto the van , 5 slates , three double cushions wrapped , end and middle cross members wrapped ,
6 slate support muntin’s wrapped , long sides wrapped , slate lings wrapped , and a box for all balls screws pockets and bed cloth which was a Thick Special Strachan cloth
and also 4 x bubble wrapped of double packed legs .
I did notice that the previous fitter had covered the cushions nap the wrong direction from top to bottom rather than sideways to follow nap direction on bed cloth as is the normal way to do this .
so will also give a full condition report to my client so he is upto date with improvements he may wish to carry out when he has the table re-erected .

and with tools and shade loaded .

Table in dry warm storage at Jonills removals yard and warehouse in nottingham
the shade is stored just a round the corner of the photo.
My client in Germany is now paying Jonills to store the table for him , and he will inform when he is ready to have it delivered to Germany .
all accessories where kept by my Clients Father for safe storage , we only brought in the main table and rest hooks as it stood with the  balls / cover / scoreboard / rest’s and cues / and rules , kept back by my clients father for safe keeping .

And if you are in the market for a competitive house move quote I can recommend Dave at jonills removals phone 01159 602092
he also has smaller team vans or van and a driver on some work too .
Piano’s is his specialty too .