Another Snooker Table brought back from the dead …it was rough but now is in pristine playing condition .

Just been over to a Caravan Park club house in the East Midlands to put back in playing order a very rough and neglected table that has not been touched for years .
the owners did warn me that the table had seen better days , and could not remember when the last re-cover was carried out .
this is what I found when I arrived ,
A club in the throws of renovation Decorators and builders and window fitters all working at the same time .

the club house having new Double glazing Fitted.

Proctors Caravan Park in Barrow on Soar .

the table is a Riley fluted turned leg circa 1910/20’s , but it had Riley Viceroy cushions fitted to it , an upgrade to this type of table .

having windows of three sides of the room you can see that the sun had faded the cloth to almost white !
the fact that it had tacks holding the cushion cloth on and not more modern staples fixings informs me of around the 1960′ early 70’s that the last time this table was re-covered
the cloth was very thick that was coming off , the table must have played very slow , and the rubber was cracking and deforming .

having stripped all the old cloth and cushion slips off the cushions I then cleaned and sanded the blocks ready to take the glue for the new rubber that I was fitting .
the six new Northern rubbers are aligned on my glueing board also ready for glue to be applied .
Take a look at the table at this stage then look at the finished photo further on down my report to see the difference .

I used the template as a guide and then opened them up a little more at the front to allow for the not so serious player to gain confidence and return to play on the table .
Not all clubs demand such tight tournament pockets , and after discussion with the owner it was decided to open them up a little , with these old table it is not possible to open them up to the rear
we have to leave some rubber on to protect the cloth from splitting .

The undercut of the rubber is hand rasped and sanded , and my aim is to keep the flat profile to the end of the rubber , in the old days they used to rasp a undercut to a point , it is now done like this on more modern tables , and looks a lot better for it .

and at 3 and 3/4 inch to the fall the pockets are around 1/4 of an inch more generous than TV match tables at the fall .
but are actually tighter at the rear of the pocket , due to having less of a gap on this period 1910/20’s table at the rear , over a more modern cut cushions as used on TV tables with steel cushions .

cushions finished having fitted new rubber and re clothed in Strachan 6811 30 oz tournament cloth , it was time to move on to the leveling of the table .
This table had ultra thick Welsh slates on it , these are very true slates unlike the more modern softer Italian and Chinese slates as used today .
the table leveled up very well , I only had to shim disc under 6 legs to gain the accuracy I was looking for .
Earlier this week I had to re level two table’s in a snooker club in Lincolnshire that had been leveled useing playing cards and beer mats between slate and frame , that job took some time to put correct .
So a lesson to anyone who assembles their own table , level it only by packing with shims under each leg , do not shim it under the slate bed .

with slate now level and the joints skimmed and sanded with car body filler it was time to lay the cloth on ready for tacking .

The bed cloth fitted and marked out , now ready to refit the cushions .

the finished table , you may also note I also replaced the nets and leathers

and a photo from the other end  , You can now see a vast improvement from when I started from the badly worn and faded cloth with bad deformed rubber .

to a more inviting fully refurbished playing area of the table you now see .
a more faster cloth fitted and with extra bounce from the new profile Northern rubber , from a ploughed field to a proper Billiard table surface .
and with regular Brushing and ironing it will stay that way .
The owners are to replace the old carpet with Carpet tiles and finish the decorating off , and fit the new modern ;lighting for the table .
I am sure the Caravan Park members and visitors will find the club more inviting and the table will get the use it deserves .

Fully booked out for work right up to the last week of July ….but please work with me to accommodate your table work .

Due to our web site attracting so many readers and people following up with work bookings already taken !

We are now  running at 6 weeks advance bookings for work , but we also have to allow for our three weeks Summer holidays which we are taking in June .

this means we are booked out for work including some Saturdays right up until July the 27th .
Do not forget we also have our own community of Rental pool tables out on site which we re-cover twice a year , this also takes a few days a month to pull in .

We are are only a small company , gone are the days of large billiards firms with many fitters where you could pick the phone up and book work within a week and get the fitter there within 14 days , many firms are my size now like myself owner fitter and extra labour to help lift slates now and again , I only have one pair of hands so cannot take on more work than I can physically complete .
I do not like turning work away and will work the odd weekend if possible to try and accommodate .
I suppose my web site has been too successful in getting out just what I do at GCL billiards , along with my good work ethics and working direct you know you will get a good job done with no corners cut .
I am even cutting back on advertising and sponsorship as I do not need the headache of extra work and trying to fit it in .
My Small Billiards  / Snooker & Pool table repair and maintenance company ticks along nicely , it will not make me a millionaire but I get job satisfaction out of it .
and you the client get a good job done every time , I am worth waiting for , there are a few  speed fitters out here who are in my opinion hit and run fitters .
so please work with me in trying to fit you in for future work .
the closer you are , then I may be able to squeeze you in quicker maybe by working on a Saturday .
Hopefully once the rush of this current amount work that we have taken on , will be completed  and the holidays have been taken , I can get back to the norm of a comfortable work in work done balance in a  reasonable amount of time .

Stapleford Cue club another recover in Strachan west of England pure wool 6811 tournament cloth .

I have been over to my Local snooker club to fit another table with the Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz pure new wool cloth .
This club keeps on top of the work by having me in on a regular basis , maintaining their Snooker and pool tables.
a small club with 6 full size snooker two with match play steel cushions  and 4 match play Supreme winner pool tables.
This was the table in the centre I have recently worked on , a Riley Regis circa 1980s .

The cushions off ready to be recovered .

A before photo showing the track marking wear on corner opening fall , and wear patches in cloth and faded cushions .

another satisfied client , the table now sporting a brand new strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz weight cloth .
if you are in the area of Beeston , Bramcote , Chilwell , Toton ,  Long Eaton , Sandiacre and Stapleford .
the Stapleford cue club is the best club for this area , the tables are well cared for with regular brushing and ironing .
As Carlsberg would say Probably the best snooker club in Notts !

Dennis Taylor on a visit to Stapleford Cue club for an evening with Dennis Taylor .

Cueball Club Derby , re-cover in Hainsworth Match on table 1 ….an insight to what it takes to fit match cloth to a full size snooker table

I have been over to the Cueball Club on Mansfield Road in Derby today to finish off the work of three full size re-covers on their snooker tables .
today I was working on table 1 in the corner of the room .

cushion stripped and recovered in the thicker Hainsworth Smart for better wear on the cushions , I find that fitting Smart cloth to cushion is much better for wear  ,than the thinner match cloth which easily splits on the facing edge and down the middle pocket falls where the ball makes contact with the wood end of the cushions and does not last long .
so we have gone with match cloth on the bed and smart cloth on the cushions , my client at the Cueball    ( Danny )   preferring Hainsworth over Strachan cloth .

here I have stripped the bed cloth off the slate bed and I am starting to fit the match cloth to the table .
stretched at each end then the middle falls are stretched  and tacked .
at this point I have to fit a large clamp to each side of the middle fall to pull each corner out , this prevents me ripping the cloth , and getting wrinkles in the centre slate fall .

Match cloth whether it is Hainsworth or the Strachan no10 is one of the hardest cloths to stretch out .
the cloth is thinner yet it is very unforgiving when it has to form around corners or falls like a centre slate fall .
thus the clamp is used to help things along .
I have wet the centre slate fall , this helps to form the cloth into the fall and look better , the cloth will shrink a bit into the fall as it drys .
you may see some odd fading’s on the TV table around the centre falls this is Starch , I prefer the old fashioned water damping rather than the starch for fitting wool napped cloths .
the damp cloth is also better to grip than shiny dry cloth so I keep my hands damp at all times when stretching cloth on to gain ta very tightly fitted cloth .

with the corner slate fall area pulled and tacked down and the ends stretched , you can see the wrinkles have been pulled out so it is now OK to take the clamp off .
you have to relocate the clamp at each side of the centre fall you as are pulling towards the corner pocket fall , so 4 operations of clamping and unclamping and pulling out of wrinkles .

as you can see a p erect fitted bed cloth around the centre slate falls , this is the hardest part of any stretching and fitting of bed cloths on snooker tables .

a corner pocket opening .

the centre pocket opening inwards view from inside of the table playing surface shows not wrinkles .

and the same on the corner pocket opening viewed inside the tables playing area towards the pocket .

the completed table 1  ready for play .

For sale solid OAK BURROUGHS & WATTS steel block cushioned was £1500…………PRICE REDUCTION April 28th 2017 to just £850….SOLD SUBJECT TO ?

Table is sold subject to being paid for and collected in July ….the buyer got a good table at a very reasonable price for a Burroughs and watts period Steel block table .


This table has just been reduced from £1500 to just £850 ,this table has steel cushions just like the tables on TV that Selby and Higgins are playing on in this years world championship final
these cushions alone could fetch £850 for any who is wishing to convert a standard table to a steel cushioned match table .

Not often a table of this build quality comes up for sale on the second hand market
this solid Oak burroughs and watts bulbous fluted leg with steel cushions in very good condition is being sold by our client direct to the buyer
The price is £1500, this will not include pickup or delivery and setup costs , if you require a quote from GCL billiards then ask Geoff giving your post code and if you require a ground floor or upstairs or cellar installation , Ground floor is just a two man operation , upstairs or down stairs would require more men.
This Burroughs and watts table was manufactured by the older B&Watts firm and has nothing to do with a firm trading in the same name and using the History of the Name as a foothold in the market .
oak burroughs and watts chris wells end arrowflight plate
The new Firm using the Burroughs and watts name has no history links to the old firm which was bought out by Rileys in the 1960s , the name then turned to Riley Burwatt and then the Burwatt name was dropped to go back to just Riley .
Riley burwat cue badge
above a photo of a 1967 Riley Burwat cue , Burwat was added to Riley name and used for around 7 years before being dropped .

I do not know how the new B&Watts firm got to using that old name but this happens a lot in moderns times . so please do not ask too many questions to this modern firm, on the history of this table as all records were bombed by the luftwaffe at Soho Square  in the second world war of all their tables that they made,  and no records of serial numbers for these older well made tables exist ,
I was told even Riley destroyed many B&Watts records when they took over the firm in 1967 when they took over the firm .
Without any existing records on table frame numbers no one can say what year this table was made , but guessing from the leg design and oak wood I would say any time between 1920 and 1960s this table will have Welsh 2 inch slate and Burroughs and watts steel cushions .
what we do know is Burroughs and watts was established in 1836 and is one of the oldest firms behind firms such as Thurston and before them Gillows .
and that The Burroughs and watts steel cushions patent was claimed around 1895 to 1897 .
these steel cushions are still used on the modern match tables as seen at the Crucible in sheffield , sadly they are now made in China as the Star table used today is of Chinese manufacture .
Why a UK table could still not be used is a sign of the times , Sponsorship is more important these days and Star have the deepest pockets at the moment.

Oak Burroughs and watts £1500 chris wells whole table
This table has the much sought after steel cushions , just look at the size of those large turned fluted legs .
You can see from this photo that this table was built out of quality 1/4 sawn solid oak timber .
oak burroughs and watts chris wells end corner shot
a more close photo up of the oak timber frame and cushion surrounds with oak turned buttons all present covering the cushion bolts .
oak burroughs and watts chris wells side end
the table will come with all the accessories of balls cues long rests and other x rests , and light shade canopy.
plus the scoreboard on the far wall .
The table is located close to Sandhurst near Farnborough , and the seller requires £1500 for it plus dismantle and removal charges .

Daylight and Soft white Tubes in Table lights can bleach cloth WARNING !!!

A few years ago Snooker clubs  started using High Frequency strip lights for snooker tables
I think this craze started in the Leeds area and soon spread around the UK ,
out went the old Coffin  canopy shades and in came the modern lighting in tube and now LED daylight or soft white lighting .
I have recently dismantled a Match Riley Aristocrat table for a client  , this table was uncovered most of it’s life with the balls just set up on their spots and in the triangle area .
I was amazed at how the light had bleached the cloth and in fact the balls also where bleached , yet the dark mahogany wood cushion surround and leathers had remained unaffected .

Now I know this is a one off situation where the table lighting is controlled by an auto switch on PC system and that the lighting was on almost 24 hours a day in this part of the house
due to no windows , but it does show what is happening slowly but surely with these modern White light tubes , I cannot comment if this is happening on LED lighting , but just look at the photo .

7×4 Super league pool table for sale £100 spares or repair

Seen better days but could be made playable for say a Garage or youth club or patio area undercover
it is free play only as all the flip out gear has been removed and also the coin mech has now gone .

The table is an Hazel Grove Superleague 7×4 foot table it had a re-cover around 1 year ago and has been used in a 6th form rest area in a college .
I had two of these come in , the other one was scrap , in my opinion this one is in much better condition .

As can be seen the trim would require straightening out on the door window area or just remove  , there is no door keys but it is open as it is now Free play .
The coin mech has been removed since this photo , but it was doing nothing as the flip out gear is fully stripped out for Home play ,
and the balls return to ends automatically without the need for pushing a coin mech in .
One cushion requires a couple of fixer screw barrels  which I have and will be with the table , it has no pocket l;liners butt these are low cost off ebay
overall for a garage or patio summer use it is good to go as it is with a couple of repairs to do , which are within most peoples ability .
£100 Cash , buyer collects and takes away from Long Eaton , the slate and cushions are worth that to most people with a 7×4 super league pool table .
table only no balls or cues are with it .
it is what it is as in photo’s bought as seen , a low cost table for renovation by buyer ……… at this Price BUYER COLLECTS !

all inquiries to Geoff at GCL Billiards

phone 07753466064
email …

Any one wishing to advertise snooker or pool tables on GCL Billiards web site , just one rule .

Sellers who advertise on GCL Billiards free to list web site .

Please let me know if the table is sold as it is very embarrassing to give details out to a prospective buyer when the table is no longer available .
please remember you have advertised it on GCL Billiards for sale pages and it stays on until instructed otherwise by the seller .
I do not wish to hear from a buyer that the table is no longer available , only the seller should do this .
We have had this experience twice recently and it is not professional way to conduct business .
we do not wish to get a reputation of wasting buyers time by sending them on a wild goose chase that a table is still for sale.

a full size Burroughs and watts withdrawn as sold but failed to notify GCL Billiards until last minute of a buyer that had arranged to have it as they got a last minute better offer
if an agreed price has been agreed with buyer and the seller please honor that agreement , again this looked bad for GCL Billiards who had recommended the table for sale and introduced the buyer to the seller , our buyer was most upset !
I am pleased to say this is a rare occurrence as most sellers listing tables will contact if the table is advertised elsewhere and they have found a buyer from that process .
I will point out that we do get a very large number of hit’s on our for sale pages , looks like people know this is the place to look for tables at prices that incur no middle men fees .
We have had many success stories of table’s being sold on , and GCL billiards where the firm of choice to complete a dismantle transport and set up  service for the buyer .
And to move on your table that is for sale , being linked into a few other snooker sites we get many referrals too from Snooker forum members .
to the point that my google rating is all natural hits not paid to get on page one back door entry , I am not saying we are page one of every search it depends how you look for us .but if you are reading this , it means you have found us through a  search or by word of mouth recommendation , proof that people do find us when looking for tables for sale and table removals .
I must get emails every day of the week from so called we will get you onto first page of google for a fee agents ?

I just ignore them as we are doing very well thank you from the general public finding us from popular searches rather than paid ones ,
as an example just search Snooker table removals into Google and look down the page I think we are around 7th listed out of 16 on the first page , and we have not paid an agent to get there .
It is all down to hard work and the public looking for a specialist in the description of Billiards fitting / Snooker table for sale / Snooker tables removed  .