7×4 Super league pool table for sale £100 spares or repair

Seen better days but could be made playable for say a Garage or youth club or patio area undercover
it is free play only as all the flip out gear has been removed and also the coin mech has now gone .

The table is an Hazel Grove Superleague 7×4 foot table it had a re-cover around 1 year ago and has been used in a 6th form rest area in a college .
I had two of these come in , the other one was scrap , in my opinion this one is in much better condition .

As can be seen the trim would require straightening out on the door window area or just remove  , there is no door keys but it is open as it is now Free play .
The coin mech has been removed since this photo , but it was doing nothing as the flip out gear is fully stripped out for Home play ,
and the balls return to ends automatically without the need for pushing a coin mech in .
One cushion requires a couple of fixer screw barrels  which I have and will be with the table , it has no pocket l;liners butt these are low cost off ebay
overall for a garage or patio summer use it is good to go as it is with a couple of repairs to do , which are within most peoples ability .
£100 Cash , buyer collects and takes away from Long Eaton , the slate and cushions are worth that to most people with a 7×4 super league pool table .
table only no balls or cues are with it .
it is what it is as in photo’s bought as seen , a low cost table for renovation by buyer ……… at this Price BUYER COLLECTS !

all inquiries to Geoff at GCL Billiards

phone 07753466064
email …..c.large@btinternet.com

Any one wishing to advertise snooker or pool tables on GCL Billiards web site , just one rule .

Sellers who advertise on GCL Billiards free to list web site .

Please let me know if the table is sold as it is very embarrassing to give details out to a prospective buyer when the table is no longer available .
please remember you have advertised it on GCL Billiards for sale pages and it stays on until instructed otherwise by the seller .
I do not wish to hear from a buyer that the table is no longer available , only the seller should do this .
We have had this experience twice recently and it is not professional way to conduct business .
we do not wish to get a reputation of wasting buyers time by sending them on a wild goose chase that a table is still for sale.

a full size Burroughs and watts withdrawn as sold but failed to notify GCL Billiards until last minute of a buyer that had arranged to have it as they got a last minute better offer
if an agreed price has been agreed with buyer and the seller please honor that agreement , again this looked bad for GCL Billiards who had recommended the table for sale and introduced the buyer to the seller , our buyer was most upset !
I am pleased to say this is a rare occurrence as most sellers listing tables will contact if the table is advertised elsewhere and they have found a buyer from that process .
I will point out that we do get a very large number of hit’s on our for sale pages , looks like people know this is the place to look for tables at prices that incur no middle men fees .
We have had many success stories of table’s being sold on , and GCL billiards where the firm of choice to complete a dismantle transport and set up  service for the buyer .
And to move on your table that is for sale , being linked into a few other snooker sites we get many referrals too from Snooker forum members .
to the point that my google rating is all natural hits not paid to get on page one back door entry , I am not saying we are page one of every search it depends how you look for us .but if you are reading this , it means you have found us through a  search or by word of mouth recommendation , proof that people do find us when looking for tables for sale and table removals .
I must get emails every day of the week from so called we will get you onto first page of google for a fee agents ?

I just ignore them as we are doing very well thank you from the general public finding us from popular searches rather than paid ones ,
as an example just search Snooker table removals into Google and look down the page I think we are around 7th listed out of 16 on the first page , and we have not paid an agent to get there .
It is all down to hard work and the public looking for a specialist in the description of Billiards fitting / Snooker table for sale / Snooker tables removed  .

John Gent 9ft Snooker table NOW SOLD


NOW SOLD after just one  day on advertising , the buyer arranging dismantle as we speak ….just shows people do look at GCL Billiards web site for sale pages as they know they can get a table without middle men fees .
keep a look out we have a nice 8ft one coming up for sale in Beeston Nottingham , again another private table  sale this time due to bereavement .

We have a client who wishes to sell their 9ft snooker table which is located in Bingham Nottingham

John gent produced tables for the local East midlands from 1880 to 1920s  ,
above photo of Gent tables being installed in Nottingham for John Hopkin at Burnaby billiard hall . circa early 1920s or just after world war 1 .
the tall man in the hat is John hopkin my old boss’s Grand Father .

John Gent 9ft table that is for sale in very good unmolested order .
all accessories you see are with the table , a three section slate bed 6 legged table .

any inquiries to c.large@btinternet.com

Pool table for sale 6ft sized in Stapleford Nottingham . £325 ono BEEN informed it is sold ?

Been informed by the second person I sent over to this seller that the table is now sold , but awaiting confirmation from seller .

SOLD ????????


Here we have a 6ft pool table , I think the manufacturer is Optima but no sure , it certainly looks like one of there older series tables .
this is the smaller 6ft version so would fit into most homes , you could make an over sized dining top for this and use as a dining table if you had high enough chairs .
so if the Mrs says no just tell her you are buying her  a new dining table …..lol

a much better alternative to most small snooker tables that use tiny balls and bag nets and leathers .
much easier to maintain and lower costs to re-cover than a small snooker table .
you can purchase a set of snooker balls and play snooker on it too .

it comes with balls and triangle only . A PRIVATE SALE ! not part of GCL Billiards stock .

although cloth is in good un-ripped order it may be slightly faded .

the table is in Stapleford Nottinghamshire not far from junction 25 of M1 and just down from Bramcote roundabout and  this is a private sale for Steve Bates a friend of mine .
please email and I will forward his contact details onto you .

Wanted 10ft snooker table .

Date of inquiry of wanted ad 17th April 2017…………………….  WANTED TEN FOOT snooker table

We have a Client who is moving to a new home in Pulborough in West Sussex , and he has a nice large Loft area for a 10ft tbale .
If you have a Snooker  / Billiards tables for sale please send photo’s by email and we will forward these onto our client  to c.large@btinternet.com
any table considered from Modern to old , but must be a 10ft slate bed sectional slate table . 6 or 8 legged .

Easter Weekend , we are not answering the phones this Easter or answering Emails .

Just chilling out .

Some people may not celebrate Easter but this year We are going to have a break from work just like the rest of the UK .
I will at this time of the year be out in the Garden getting it ready for the coming summer and a time to reflect on life as I work on cleaning the patios.
So please do not be offended by us not answering telephone calls or emails over the Easter period .
We are just taking a full Easter off for a change this year .
some celebrate Easter as a Christian religious festival and rightfully too as this is what Easter is all about , some say the greatest Story on Earth !

some celebrate by chocolate egg hunts

some take a holiday maybe a trip to the coast ?

and some by just Gardening or DIY time .

What ever way you choose to celebrate Easter Have a good one relax and just reflect on life ,
I know I will be celebrating by all 4 of the above reasons if I can squeeze them all into 4 days .
Friday & Saturday Gardening patio cleaning & time for thought and Christ who gave his life for us .
Sunday Day of rest and out for a meal with wife, Thoughts about resurrection and maybe a trip over to the coast ?
Monday Garage clean out and get Van ready for work on Tuesday .
well that is what I am planning weather permitting .
I am not a regular church attender the odd wedding and funeral is perhaps the only time I attend church if I am am honest ,  but throughout my life I have been brought up in the belief of Christianity and all the good that this faith brings out in people .
so whatever you do at Easter try and relax and take it all in , Watch the old films on TV , Ben Hur  or the Robe , I always watch them if I get time .
Back open for  work on Tuesday the 18th April .

Full size Riley Aristocrat steel cushioned match table for sale in Wolverhampton

We have a selling client who wishes to move on through lack of use a fully renovated Riley Aristocrat match table with the all important genuine Steel Block cushions
these cushions are not the sandwich type that some so called billiard firms put out , but genuine two piece , one section steel plate and the other part is the wood capping bolted to the rear .
I have to point his out due to the fact of one firm putting out inferior steel cushions that are really bodged standard cushions and sold as steel cushion .
so back to this table for sale , the table is located in a Wolverhampton post code.

as you can see this table has not had much use so someone is going to get a good deal for a quick sale .

the cloth condition , this photo shows no track lines to pocket openings .

Centre pocket opening , leathers and nets also in as new condition as is woodwork polish.

corner pocket opening with a ball to show the estimate of pocket opening size , I would say around 3.5 inch at the fall .
again as new nets and leathers and polish looking in good order .

I am not sure if the lighting is included this is something you will have to take up with the selling client .

All these accessories are included with the table as well as a cover

CLOSE UP OF LEG the upper leg block may have suffered from rest head damage at some point,  you can also see the hook hole has been plugged on the arch way .
so on renovation I suspect the firm beveled the edges of the block to give a clean edge to the blocks . I do like to be thorough with a tbales description .
GCL Billiards have not inspected the table , but I have seen a photo of the underside and in my opinion the only point that I would make is
the table will require some adjustable muntin slate bearer brackets .
these are add on units that will cost extra and I would recommend the fitting of these at installation of the table .
as per photo’s here

after seeing that the table has no adjustable brackets for the slate bearers , I would say the table was  standard Riley Aristocrat and has been upgraded with match steel block cushions
the table offers good value for money , and my selling client is looking for offers around the £2000 mark for a quick sale .
The proper made Steel cushions alone I priced up trade the other week at around £1600 for another client who had been sold the not so good sandwich steel cushions by a Firm up Leeds way .
the Price of the table does not include any dismantle load and transport or unloading and erecting of the table .
If you require  price for this you can contact Geoff at GCL Billiards who would be happy to quote for such work based on ground floor or upstairs locations and post code .
Riley Match Quality steel cushioned Aristocrats do not come up often , but this week I have two that are coming up for sale by private sales through our for sale section  of the website , the other in Cardiff is coming up for sale next so anyone down that end of the country may wish to go for that one and I am still awaiting details and photo’s of that one to come in .
But this table in Wolverhampton is in as new condition and is ready to go .
In my opinion a much better table than a Chinese made star , so first come first served . and  new Riley Aristocrat today will set you back £13000.00p
that’s around £11.000 more than this table , check it out in the link below .

Sew 4 inch by 4 inch L shape tear on full size Antique snooker table at a club in Derby .

Saturday and working again when will I ever get a full weekend off ?
Got a phone call Friday afternoon informing me of this L shape tear on a club table in Derby .
with a few bills coming in the club wanted me to sew the tear up and then around September maybe re-cover the table ,
but for now they just wanted to get the table back in use for a nominal costing .
this is what I found when I got there this morning .

a 4 inch by 4 inch tear , obviously someone knew they had done this , not saying deliberate but it took some downward cueing stabbing power and  a sharp ferrule or very hard tip to rip this cloth to this extent . Especially as this cloth has had two stretches in the past and is on very tight not slack at all .

to sew this large tear the cloth had to be sewn from the reverse which meant two cushions coming off and taking tacks out of two sides .

Right I can now get at the tear and get the cloth to close up a bit rather than trying to pull it together sewing from above , which was impossible due to tension of cloth .
so not a quick repair like some are , this tear was too large to do that . with traveling of around 10 mile each way , this repair took almost three hours of the day up .

Lock stitching the tear together from the reverse side.

when finished I always rub a little candle wax over the threads to strengthen them

the repair of tear fully sewn up and tapped level with hammer and wood block , then cloth is ironed as flat as I could get it .
there is some slight ball deviation when a ball rolls over it but this will get better as the table is brushed and ironed more .
but at least this repair will last them until September , unless someone rips it more or decides to have a go at the repair .
I have suggested  CTV in the room from now on .

not many firms would do a call out job like this , preferring to turn it into a full re-cover

but GCL Billiards do work with clubs to look for a more affordable solution to keeping the table in play until they can afford a re-cover
like most clubs , they have expensive rates and bills to pay at certain times of the year , and the budget for the next re-cover for this table is in September 2017 .