Last week working at Butlins , this Week RAF Cranwell .

Just spent last week working at Butlins Skegness  in the Green Baize club .
three complete re-covers , one replacement Bed , 3 sets of nets and leathers and odd nets and ball rails to replace .

This week I have two full size snooker tables to re-rubber and re-cover and a 7ft pool table at RAF Cranwell Sgts Mess .
Image result for raf cranwell
they are in a bit of a mess having had low cost rubber bad rebound value  fitted last time , and all cloth slips nailed in by a well known local Midlands firm they used last time .
I am putting them right fitting top quality Northern Rubber and Strachan Tournament 6811 cloth 30 oz and new nets and leathers .
The pool table has rock hard cushions so I am replacing these too

You only get a good table if you use Good materials , so be aware of lower quotes and always ask what rubber and cloth they are using , and look at the goods when they fit it .
fitters who tend to use lower grade goods also do a lower grade workmanship , they have no pride or morals , so be aware , you  get what you pay for , there is no such thing as low cost quality materials and workmanship .

Northern rubber comes in packs of six with stamped date of manufacture on each rubber
this is an old photo for an example of what to look for ,  I fitted November 2017 made cushions .

the cloth will have this transfer on the underside

also two blue lines embroidered in on one edge .

Nets and leathers I use are top quality and supplied by Peradon .
all the materials I use are top quality , I cannot barter the price down on quality goods .
and firms that do undercut me do use inferior materials and bad workmanship such as nailing in cushion cloth slips ,
as proved today when I stripped down the first table in the RAF site .
And I am finding by showing the client these things I get repeat work from them .
they Know GCL billiards is a firm to trust their cue sports tables with .
No corners cut , and no inferior materials used .

Work flying in for July and August almost booked up !

Just got back from holiday to 174 emails and phone answer service full of messages on both land line and mobile .
it has taken me three days to sort it all out .
I was supposed to be working on my house this week but I have sat in the office for 3 days sorting this back log of inquiries that have come in while on holiday out .
Sorry if I have missed anyone out , if you feel that you have not been contacted due to phone answering service full ,  then please get back in touch via email system rather than the phone .
But the good news for us is we are getting very busy again , not that we have ever been slack for the last 6 years .
In fact business is booming .

but just to keep people in the loop requiring work , please try and book me 6 to 8 weeks in advance

I am busy for a reason with 42 years personal experience as a time served billiards fitter , and my ethics of quality work ,
this seems to be what people require when they are looking for a Billiards fitter to carry out work on their tables .
and word of mouth is a powerful tool too , many of my new clients have been referred by previous work that I have carried out .
at the rate work is coming in I will be ready for a another break around September for a week .

do not forget we also move the odd table for people , it is not all about working on site only .
here are just a few of the quality and type of  work that we have carried out

so please book early for work , I do work the odd Saturday if it helps , but tend to keep these week end days for local work rather than traveling .

Superb condition Mawson of Leeds 9ft billiard table for sale . circa 1895. £1000 no offers.

Not very often we get one for sale in this condition as a private sale .
Direct from seller no middlemen fees .
Table is based in Sheffield and is upstairs location .

A recently refurbished condition to a high standard 9ft Mawson of Leeds billiard table for sale
some very nice flame mahogany to frame and turned legs

the table looks to be in superb condition and the cloth could be refitted back on as a normal re-stretch

the wood work is in Superb condition , with new nets and leathers also having been replaced .

E Mawson of Leeds is the maker , just look at that flame mahogany on the end frame .

a three section slate bed 9ft table , with double muntin centre supports
Mawson made quality tables .

Rare to find a date on any table , but this paper transfer sticker says Nov 1895
now this could be the manufacture date or it could be a table move work to another property .
one thing for certain top plated billiard tables where from a period of early 1800 to 1897 .
but I think the date of 1895 is bang on for this design and slate bed table .

GCL billiards will be happy to give anyone a quote for dismantle loading and delivery and setting back up of this table .
this table is a private sale .
the table is up for a NONE NEGOTIABLE price of £1000 direct from the seller .
HE IS IN NO RUSH TO SELL and offers will be refused , the table is a bargain at £1000 in this condition .
Try finding a table like this from a  dealer at this price .

( DISMANTLE AND DELIVERY EXTRA ) contact Geoff for a price with your post code .

all inquiries through Geoff at GCL billiards , I will forward any genuine inquiry onto the seller .

email for details

For sale full size Karnehm & hillman Buckingham carved tulip leg snooker table £500.

We have a client based near Bishop Storford / Stanstead Airport .
He wishes to sell on his very nice condition Karnehm and Hillman full size snooker table at  £500
At this price it is a come and get me price attractive to buy and then employ a billiards firm like GCL billiards to dismantle and set back up .

as can be seen the Buckingham model has carved tulip legs and scrolls and buttons to the cushions with reeded design to side frame and lower cushion .
an attractive looking table that resembles old billiard table yet has the benefit of playing as a modern table , this table was manufactured from early 1980s onward’s .

with the table is all the accessories and the shade lighting scoreboard etc.

The cloth from the photo’s looks in very good order and could be re stretched back on ,
the baulk line and D could do with erasing with acetone to remark out in order for it to be a professional job .
you see a few of these come up , but this one is private owned and looks in very good order , unlike some that have had a hard life in a  snooker or working mens club .
of course there will be some marks and scratches associated with belt buckle marks that you always get on a polished cushion capping when you lean over for a shot .
but from the photo’s it looks minimal if any at all .
buyer to pay for dismantle and removal and delivery and set up as an Extra to cost of the table
if you would like a quote please contact Geoff at GCL billiards .
all inquiries for this table to GCL billiards and we will pass on any interested parties to the seller .
this table will not be up for sale long , in this condition and with the Karnehm and Hillman excellent build quality this should sell quick .
We have moved on a few of these K&H table’s in the past here are just few

a 10ft square leg version

another sold on our site

another 10ft version

another full size

and yet another 10ft tulip leg Buckingham
below are example of how e go about loading and delivering full size snooker tables .

as you can see we are professionals at removing and transporting full size snooker tables .
We offer a bubble wrapping service at extra cost if going into long term storage .

or we just blanket wrap on normal dismantle and deliveries

lifting heavy slates is no DIY job , get experienced fitters in .

filling slate joints

checking level using very accurate engineers spirit level .

to finished table , ready for play .

Away from UK for two weeks and then a week off working on our house in June .

Now taking orders for July , June is fully booked out ….with Butlins Skegness work at end of June booked in .
My Daughters at Home looking after the dog’s but , She will not be answering any emails or telephone inquiries while we are away .
if you wish to make contact with GCL Billiards then June the 18th week is when I am back but still off the third week working at Home .
No inquiries will be answered in the time we are off on our annual holidays .

We will be right on the sea front at Puerto Del Carmen Harbour .
please try and not to phone while we are away , as always my phone be will be switched off for two weeks from June 2nd to 18th and not even taken away with me .
I am switching off from work , I did this last year and it was so refreshing not to have to worry about work and trying to fit people in for table work when on holiday .
please respect my wishes to be left alone and not to have to come back to emails and answer phone full ,
best leave it until June 18th to try and make contact with me .
I have a few job’s booked in for the start of July first week 2nd to 6th is booked out in Lincolnshire , so is the 9th of july in Ashbourne , 10th and 11th is free but 13th and 19th is booked out to Beeston  ,
16th 17th 18th and 20th free , 25th and 27th 30th and 31st all free in July as we speak .
Then we are into August , as I often say to clients please try and book GCL billiards for table work  ,  6 to 8 weeks in advance at any one time .
there are not many of us Qualified and time served Billiard table fitters still left working , most have given up and retired , I am worth waiting for if you want quality work done to your cue sports tables .

Many of my clients do recommend me , Cue Ball Club in Derby is one

Stapleford cue club another

Ivanhoe club Ashby de la zouch is another

Hunters Bar at Grantham another .

and even some Private owners with just one table , I am not all about bulk club work , I like to have a good mix of club and private dwellings to work at .

and smaller pool table work too .
As I said I am worth waiting for , GCL billiards has got more busy as each year passes , we are very popular and recommendations do travel through social media ,
Especially face book , my name gets passed around when opposing league teams play at an away venue and they ask who does your table recovering ?

Please help me to take two weeks Holidays and not come back to a phone and email system full of inquiries .
As you can see we are fully booked out until July , so there is no point in asking for a day before that time period .


Geoff Large
GCL billiards

Fully booked out right up to first week of July

With work already in , and our two weeks Holidays in June and a weeks work on the house long overdue , we are booked out for work during the months of May and June .and that’s  FULLY BOOKED OUT !
There is no possibility of cancellations , so please look into July at the earliest for work on your cue sport tables .

Cue ball Derby Recovers and re-rubber .

This week I have been local in derby working on a few tables in the Cueball club .
Danny had stripped one set of cushions down and stained and re-varnished them prior to my visit , he had also fully dismantled the table to re-level the bad out of tilt floor .
so first job was to put slates back on the frame and re-level .
I then re-rubbered two sets of cushions and cut to B&SCC templates the openings

I then undercut and smoothed the underside angle of the rubber to accept the balls better

a nice undercut and smoothed out , leaving sharp edged cut and not sanded  rubber will cause the cloth to split
So I always smooth the rubber out by rasping and rounding off the sharp cut with sand paper
the rubber used is Hainsworths Northern Rubber made in Retford Nottinghamshire .
The best you can buy .

the table that Danny had re-polished the wood capping of the cushions
now sporting Hainsworth Match on the bed and Hainsworth smart on the cushions
I do this mixture of cloth on bed and cushions because the smart is more hard wearing and the cushions would wear out very quick if all match was used .

The bed cloths require clamping and stretching at certain points to ensure a very tight fitting and speedy playing surface .

two tables on the back of the room had all Hainsworth smart cloths on bed and cushions .
It is best to have a mixture of tables around the room and the match fitted beds are a bit more expensive to play on .
these two tables are for more  wear and tare use .
they will play a little slower at first but will soon quicken up once they get more use  and brushed and ironed regularly .

Cue club Customer thinks this table is playing great
this table used to have odd sized pocket openings on , now with the new rubber fitted and all pockets are the same size .

pocket opening on varnished cushions match table .

Pocket openings on 2nd table in

same table another pocket opening  looking into it
note the flat faced rubber in the jaw , this is now the norm on modern undercut  just the same as you see on TV .
older tables used to have the rubber undercut to a pointed triangle at the radius of the opening .

you have to be accurate to make the shot now , the angles are the modern game so you may have to adjust your game to play on modern table openings .
most old tables in working men’s clubs still sport the older sharp undercut this enables the ball to get under the overhang , and makes the pocket much easier to pocket a ball , but it also deflects the ball downwards and wears out the cloth in the form of track lines , you may see this on badly worn cloths , but you also see it on tables that have sharp undercuts , and the cloth is worn out before it is due to be re-clothed because  of this .
Danny will slowly transform all the tables at the Cue ball club to have modern pocket flat faced openings  .
It is not a new thing we have been doing the flat faced openings  since the 1990’s . but it takes time for tables to be re-rubbered , most get done every 25 years .
But there are a lot of those boom years of the 1980s , the pot black years where thousands of tables had the sharp undercut and they are still out there .

Cue ball Derby the main snooker room

Cue ball Derby pool room on a league night .
Danny was informing me he has a few alteration plans for the room this year especially the bar lounge area  , and some exciting news for next year if every thing falls into place as planned  .
the cue ball club is located in Derby at ~Mansfield Road under Roller world DE21 4AW
Turn left at Nissan Garage if coming from Pentagon island and look for roller world and through the main gates to right .
contact details 01332 360924

Wanted reasonably priced 9ft or 10ft snooker table must be in excellent condition .

We have a client who is looking for a 9ft or 10ft snooker table ASAP.
if you have one in good condition , then he would be interested , Ground floor location preferred for removal .

one like this would be a preference
a Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham

or the same 10ft Karnehm & Hillman table with square legs ?

or a 9ft Titan  or  Riley  oak or mahogany .

let me know if you have any of these types of table or one similar in good condition wood work wise , ideally with excellent cloth but we could re-cover so not a problem if cloth need s replacing , but wood work has to be in excellent order .
I have a buyer waiting for one

contact Geoff at GCL billiards .

quote 9ft or 10ft wanted May 2018