A merry Christmas and a happy new year to all our clients from GCL BILLIARDS .

We wish all our clients a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year

We are now on two weeks Holidays , and will not be able to answer any emails or telephone calls until Monday January 8th 2017
We would like to thank our customers for using GCL billiards and making us a very busy firm during the past year .
We value your custom and look forward to returning customers who feel that GCL billiards are the firm to trust with your cue sports table work.
A lot has happened in the past year that have helped establish GCL billiards as the NUMBER ONE  Billiards Snooker & Pool Table repair firm in the Nottingham Lincoln & Derby area for cue sport repairs ,but do not forget we do go further afield now and again delivering tables dismantling and setting back up .

Three days in France installing a full size Riley Aristocrat Snooker table bought from advert on GCL billiards website.

I have today just got back from a trip to France to install a nice Riley Aristocrat full size snooker table ,
my client had spotted the table for sale in our private adverts section on GCL billiards website .
Or it may be that I did not even advertise it as I knew my client was after one and put him onto it as soon as I had heard about it and seen the photo’s .
This was not the first table I had put my clients way the other two falling foul of last minute change of minds and selling with the house .
This does happen , but as they say good things happen to those who wait .
My client has bought an holiday / retirement home right up in the National park of The Parc National des cevennes , about one and  half hours drive from Nimes airport .

a link to guide of the area


this large home sits in around I think 40 to 60 acres of mountain side and the land stretches down to a forked river with part ownership of the bridge .
it is a good hike up this mountain side , and my client has to keep electric fencing all around his main perimeter to keep the large wild boar out of which there are many in this region .
they would make short work of any garden uprooting plants for roots and digging up worms .

The view down the valley over to other mountain peaks and on a clear day you can even see the french alps .
the land is covered with many chestnut trees .

My client had met me in the UK and we had loaded his own transit van with the dismantled table
my client then drove to France and with some thoughtfulness and the use of a 4×4 quad bike and trailer unloaded each slate and drove them up to the house .
the slates where as instructed lent against the side and far wall .
I flew out and met my client at Nimes Airport on Monday the 18th December and then we then started to erect the frame work

after some discussion we found the best position for the table allowing for good cue room with no obstacles .
here you see me using an end cushion as  a straight edge , we put an engineers level on this which then gives us a good enough rough first level of the frame , before the slate go on .

the slates going on and pining together , you may notice a bit of damage , this was already done by previous fitters back in the UK in it’s past history ,
so required re-gluing back in then filling and leveling in .

with the damage repaired with car body filler and all slates joint blended in the table has been fitted with it’s original bed cloth which had not been used much .
here you see the pockets being fastened to the side cushions before bolting cushions to bed .

The table is now finished , a bit of re-positioning of the light fitting and a few minor leveling adjustments and it played superbly .
A few instructions to my client about brushing and ironing the table , and we then had three frames of play .
My client beating me two games to one , well my excuse is you have to let the owner win now and again ….lol
and he did get me plastered on red wine to win the deciding frame ….well that’s my excuse.
All in all a good job , this table had been in the planning with myself and client since 3rd July 2017 with a few phone calls and around 107 emails back and forth .
Finding the right table was the key here , my clients first choice was the Riley Aristocrat so third time lucky and he got his wish .
and as you can see from the photo’s what a cracking table he got for what some would say a Bargain selling price direct from the buyer with no middle men fees using GCL billiards .
My client looked after me very well cooking two very nice meals followed by cheese and bread my favorite when in France washed down with plenty of red wine .

Please no more inquiries for work before Christmas or New year we are fully booked out .

We have been inundated with work inquiries to be carried out before Christmas
my mobile message service and my email service is being bombarded with work request , it is good that people take notice of what GCL billiards is all about .
but it is getting stressful trying to reply and politely turning down work because we just do not have more free time left .

Unfortunately we are a small firm with one main billiards fitter and a few who help if required for moving and relocation of tables .
this means we cannot take on more work than we can actually carry out .
I would love to be able to take the work on , and I must admit have missed out on some really interesting job’s .
Next week I am off to France for three days on just one table install , fly out day / Work day / fly back day Luton to Nimes .
work like this LIMITS me to taking on more work as I am away for three days , where in the UK it would be one day only if local.

I would like to say to anyone wishing to use GCL billiards professional billiard fitting experience ….WE ARE WORTH WAITING FOR !
just email me at


and I will give you a date for work in the new year , But as we speak January is almost full up, we have just the odd day left .

Hopton Hall Large country home in Derbyshire Full size Billiard / Snooker Table install .

We have returned to the Large country house in Derbyshire to re-install a full size table we took down for the Decoration of room and to have a new Carpet fitted  .
I have worked in this home before for a previous client who had another table installed but not in this room .
I must say the place has changed since my previous visit for the other owner some years ago .

Myself and my workmate Steve  arrive to find an empty room with just a light fitting on the floor and a Tartan Carpet  .

We carry the frame parts from a room just down the corridor and place them ready to assemble .

we assemble the frame but this is not the position it is going to be placed in , our client wishes to have it off set from the centre of the room

having had a discussion on the final position we start the level of the frame only without slates on .
it is important before you place heavy slates onto a frame to at least roughly level the frame to avoid compression twisting of wood to the floor level .
I have seen owners have go and then send for a billiards fitter to fit the cloth only for the fitter to find the table is not level and the slates have permanently bowed the frame .out of true .
At Hopton Hall where this table located ,  our clients are not DIY owners they always use professional trades people .

the slates are placed onto the frame .

The slates are on central and ready for leveling to a fine accurate leveling , plus tack wood fitting to outside edge
and then slate joint filling and sanding , then we move onto the bed cloth fitting .

Bed cloth fitted with line to measure for spot placement .

the table has very ornate carved legs with scroll work and flamed mahogany veneered side panels .
I would date the table to around 1895 to 1915 , it is not often you come across a mahogany Orme and sons table like this , most where made from oak .

the finished table , with a new re-cloth in Strachan West of England 6811 gold tournament 30 oz all pure new wool cloth .
Hopton hall is located near to Carsington water , and they are open for visits during the season , in fact the snowdrop season will be here in February .
coffee shop and tea room on site .
They also rent out Holiday lets on a self catering basis . http://www.hoptonhall.co.uk/

a few photo’s of Hopton Hall

Hopton Hall rose Gardens .

Hopton Hall Drive way Entrance

and the view from the main lawn area , although when we where there this week  it was covered in a thick carpet of snow very picturesque with pheasants and sheep roaming around the fields .
If you are anywhere near  Carsington water in the Summer then take time to have a look around Hopton Hall Grounds or visit the tea rooms
or if you would like to book a Self catering break then they have some superb accommodation  in 5 superb furnished Holiday lets .
The Granary , The Dovecote , The Butlers Quarters ,  The Card House , and the Gardeners Cottage .

The lady of the house , Julie who looked after us very well on the day , plenty of Tea biscuits and some very nice home made soup .
it was a pleasure to work at Hopton Hall .

For sale full size modern snooker table near Coventry …. looking for quick sale and out in January …Offers

We have a client who wishes to move on their full size snooker table
the table is a modern table and looks like a re pro of a Burroughs and watts ridgidus framed table .

as you can see the cloth is faded and used so it will require a re-cover , rubber in the cushions is to be accessed by any buyer .
A price to move the table and re-cover could be sought through GCL billiards , Geoff will be happy to quote for any Removal + Delivery and any work you may require if you buy this table from our selling client , THE TABLE IS A PRIVATE SALE ADVERT . the table is not part of GCL billiards stock as we do not buy and sell tables ourselves .
We only quote for dismantle and erection of table plus delivering and any work required .
I will just leave the table as offers at the moment unless our client wishes to put a price on it , and you may discuss the price with the seller and come to an arrangement on final price to pay  .
It is always best to get a quote for the following before making an offer as this avoids confusion when purchasing .
A ) Dismantle load and delivery unload and assemble plus miles traveled .
B) a re-cover in Strachan 6811 tournament all wool cloth 30 oz .
C) a full new set of nets and leathers ,…… but these look OK.
D ) a price for a set of new balls if old ones are past their best .
E ) and if not fitted adjustable slate bearers …..search adjustable on my site to see what I mean .
F ) new cushion rubber , only if required on testing ball bounce from cushions .

a cover is supplied with the sale .

The table has  a makers name on it but cannot make it out who it is from the photo , I will ask the seller to confirm .
Now confirmed as Halls of Tamworth table .

The Derwin Table

The cue rack and cues also included

also the scoreboard too .

Nets and leathers do look in good condition , but as you can see the cloth has faded a bit .
the table will come with all accessories seen in the photo’s .
all inquiries to


I will forward any genuine inquiries onto our client and then put you in contact with him .



New van in silver on it’s way 7th of December delivery day .


Due to new van arriving every 4 years we are now looking to sell our 3500 125ps L2 H2 van with cruise control .
Having just turned over 60.000 miles this was the miles that I had in mind when I would look to buy a new van , not that there is anything wrong with our van it is just as a business we intend to change the van every 4 years around the 60.000 mile range to keep our image up and reliability risk at a lower level .
it is just good business to do this and of course offset the van against tax where applicable .
the van has a service history and recently 2 new front tyres fitted .
it has been very well cared for . Never been overworked or over loaded , never been thrashed always kept at cruising speed on motorways of 70mph with rev counter bang on 2000 revs and always try and keep it around those rev limits , 5000 is red line limit and never taken over 3000 on change down revs  .
we do have another second vehicle ( Car ) so this has helped keep miles low on this van , making it  a good buy for a set up business or just a good buy for an established one .

the private plate is not going with the van and will be transferred to new van .
as an optional extra and because it gives my right foot a rest , I had Cruise control fitted as a after thought at an extra cost of around £400 .
The van takes a payload just over 1600kg , and although I do move snooker tables around the UK , this van only does this at a rate of 2 a month if that .
it mainly is used just to carry my tools around and a good sign advert when out and about , and knowing that I do have the capability of moving the odd snooker or pool table’s around .

as you can see it takes a complete set of slates and on this load 2 sets of cushions 12 legs 2 sides and in fact two whole snooker frames dismantled
plus 2 shades , this was being stored at a council yard for a council run leisure center , and even with me in the drivers seat this only came to 1450kg
well under the limit of 1600kg capacity .
The van is ply lined and if you look closely it even has the original Factory check list paper stuck to the bulk head , I never took it off from 2013 .
the van also has the mid range 125ps engine so not the low under powered 100ps  one , or the high powered 160ps with lower  MPG use one , this is the mid range 125 ps engine and the one most Van magazines say go for .
6 speed manual box around  35 mpg average  , Air con , Hands free phone bluetooth connection , Electric Windows , electric heated mirrors . two 12 volt charger sockets . Reversing warning sensors ,  Fold down center seat for table use and cup holders  , three seats ,
fabric is in good condition no wear or split seating that you find with many of these trade use vans , in fact passenger seats hardly used .

I of course had the van sign wrapped , this can be taken off by any buyer or leave it on if in the same trade and just put your firms details over the GCL Billiards parts and phone numbers changed
the van has one slight dent to the top of the rear door as can be seen in this photo above , this caused by hitting the gutter clip above my garage when reversing , the reversing sensors are at bumper level .

the van easily carries three Supreme pool tables and maybe could take a 4th

An older welsh slated table has slightly more heavy slates than the softer Italian slates , so you have to slide the sates more to the bulk head .
Easy to do with 2 inch over lap of slates so you do not trap your fingers , a roller and the wheels upside down to wheel them to the rear ( as in photo )
this table with two men and full tank of fuel and tools and trolley is approaching the capacity 1600kg .
I did my home work when buying a van and this is the best one size wise the L2 H2 for carrying Snooker tables .
the longer wheelbase you come down to 1530kg , you have to put the long table plank  sides ,  on the side above the wheel arch at an angle as you can see int his photo above ., and being as it is the H2 height van you can stand up in it , I am am 6ft 2 inch .
What makes this van attractive to most private buyers of small firms is that  I paid the vat when new and lost that in full and that cost me over £3000 loss  , and I am not vat registered so no vat will be added to this sale .
Look around the country on web sites and Ebay for the same spec and year June 2013 , same miles of 60.000 ( with cruise control ) and you will see they do fetch this sort of money up to £8000 PLUS VAT and that around £1500 to  £1600 saving , if you find a vat free one like this that has been looked after .
I have had a quick look on Ebay and there are two lower priced but at 149000 miles and 129000 miles not a patch on this van at just 60.000 miles and not thrashed or worn out .
The van has an MOT to June , But I will put a full 12 months on this van if bought at selling price listed at £7495…no vat to pay .

the van has been very reliable and I have never had any breakdowns or problems that involved taking it back in
apart from a noisy vibration from the fuel pump which was changed after two weeks of picking it up new ,

this photo was taken the first day it was sign wrapped , the original plate will be back on the van for the sale .
all inquiries to Geoff at GCL billiards

Sale is strictly bank transfer or paid into account by bank checked cash before van could leave our possession .
we will not accept cash for this amount as too many false notes around !
and yes I have been caught out before with false notes .

phone numbers as on back of van above photo .


10ft Oak Birmingham billiards Snooker table for sale …. Solihull NOW SOLD !

SOLD ….Moving Monday 5th February 2018


We have a client wishing to free space up for other purpose .
and the only solution is to sell his very nice Oak 10ft by 5ft Snooker table with hard cover top included .

as you can see the table comes with a sectional matching oak table top .
with the correct higher than normal chairs this could be used as a dining table ?

from the photo’s supplied by our client the cloth and table looks as new as the day it was fitted .

Solid oak frame and cushions , in light oak , this table will fit well into a modern home
the room required would have to be 20 foot by 15 foot .
This is the nearest size to a full size 12 foot table and one that is sought after if you cannot fit a 12 foot in then this  is the next best option .
Full size balls and full size pockets , just two foot shorter and 1 foot less on width .
I must point out that I know that Birmingham billiard usually miss out the adjustable slate bearers on many of their tables even full size .
please read about adjustable slate bearers or Muntins by searching on my web site for them , this will explain why they must be fitted .below is a Birmingham billiard full size table where they missed out the adjustable bearers and I retro fitted some in .

now this 10ft table also has no center support bearers under the slate beds
this can be easily be sorted if you bought the table and had GCL billiards relocate the table for you , and we are always improving tables by fitting these adjusters and new support beams to rectify slate sagging , a common problem on modern tables .
As can be seen in these photo’s we have fitted many adjustable brackets and beams to help keep the slates playing true without the risk of slate dipping through lack of support .

if you required a price for moving this table then please get in touch with Geoff at GCL billiards who would be happy to quote not only for a relocation but also the added costs of fitting adjustable slate bearers and adjusting brackets .
My client at this moment in time is looking for offers for this table .
I have given him a figure that I think he should accept but that is for any buyer to talk to the seller about,  and thrash a price out between them selves , all tables on this web site are private sales,
GCL Billiards do not own the table , we just advertise them for the selling client to try and find a buyer who just may choose GCL Billiards expert workmanship to relocate this very attractive oak 10ft table .
there is no middle men fees to the buyer , you are buying direct from the seller .


all inquiries to



Another FREE Full size table near Grantham Lincolnshire……NOW GONE TAKEN >>>>>



The table was only on for one day before it was claimed for free , and believe it or not to a village that is only 3.5 mile away from my clients village .
The person who is having it has agreed to have GCL billiards to remove and deliver the table and erect it , then at a later date go for a re-rubber and re-cover .


We do get these offers of free tables now and again and they go pretty quick especially in this condition of woodwork .
keep a look out for more bargains direct from seller to buyer , or in this case a FREE table to a person looking for a table .
this has enabled the person to spend what they would have buying a table , to renovating the playing surface and replacing the rubber .
the cost of removing a table and delivering it is always going to be there though , if you buy or get a table at low money of FREE . That part of the work is not FREE I’m afraid .






We have a client who wishes to give away a free full size snooker table , this table is at the top of his Garden in a separate Games Room
boards will have to be laid on the grass to wheel the slates to a parked van .
We put this table in a couple of years back , and due to our clients busy schedule as a TV sports presenter Journalist he just does not have the time to do the table justice .
as he is  out and about from Home reporting for a well known TV channel .
We got this table for our client as a free table around two years ago  and he paid us to collect it and deliver and install it .
from memory the cloth on the bed looks OK , but I think the cushion rebound was not good or at least could be better , so could do with a re-rubber
but you could have that done at a later date , the table is good to go as it is and be played on .

the polish does have a few marks on it , but generally this is what we call good condition
the table is circa 1930s to 1960s .
So will have a few age related marks , it came from a private house previously , so I do not think it has had any commercial use .
It will come with the range of accessories that is in the photo ‘s
Long rest and cue , end rests . rest hooks , scoreboard . cue racks and cues .

I think anyone would be happy to have a free table in this condition .
just pay for removal and delivery and set up , and it’s your’s .

As you can see the cloth is all right for now , and due to cost of removal and delivery ,
I suggest anyone go for it as it is , then at a later date consider a re-rubber , re-cover .
Geoff at GCL billiards can guide you on a price for this .

you may also wish to have new nets and leathers fitted , but some like the old antique look of old leather .
provided they are not worn through where the ball hits the plate then they will be OK as they are .

there is even a fitted table cover dust sheet .

A good range of cues and two wall racks .

and a Scoreboard .

ALL INQUIRES to Geoff & Carol at GCL billiards by email.
I will be happy to pass on any genuine interest in this table to our client .