Stapleford Cue Club , re-cover plus new nets and leathers fitted on full size snooker table .

Been over to Stapleford cue club on Derby Road Stapleford Nottinghamshire today .
About 3 mile from my own house .
and one of the best little Snooker clubs around to play snooker or pool in .
6 full size snooker tables and 4 Supreme pool tables , all very well cared for , Run by a Cue sport Player for cue sport players.

My work was to re-cover a full size snooker table , a Riley club table circa 1930’s / 1950s with modern Riley Aristocrat standard cushions .
A table that we sourced a couple of years ago from a Long Eaton club closing down as seen below .

And replaced a BCE copy table that was not really up to The owner Jed’s standard so did not take much persuading to have this table put in .
it is an upgrade table with good welsh slate  and plays very nice with the modern cushions and pockets .

New Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz and new nets and leathers fitted .
the lads at this cue club get pampered as this table was only re-covered around 18 months ago , just shows with regular  recovering and good maintenance this table gets plenty of use .
Jed is not afraid to bring a table in for a re-cover where other clubs may try and get another 6 months wear out of a cloth , when its ready it is ready says Jed .
it is one of the best tables to play on in Nottingham .
as near to match play as you can get for a standard none steel cushioned table .
not that Stapleford cue club lacks steel cushioned tables , they also have two full size match play steel cushioned tables .
and three more full size Riley standard tables .

Full size snooker table for sale turned leg modern circa 1980s onwards

FOR SALE £250 for full size snooker table .

We have a client in Edenbridge Kent area
who wishes to sell their full size snooker table circa 1980s onward , this modern table has modern large broad bow pocket plates .

I should think that all accessories  including the lighting shade is with the table at just £250 all in .

Not sure on cloth condition , this is something any buyer would have to find out if on a budget for a table as a re-cover is £440
nets and leathers look OK .

a dust cover is also included .
Any buyer is responsible for arranging dismantle and erection of the table , a price for this could be arranged through GCL billiards  for dismantle and load , then traveling then unload and set up , plus miles round trip , and any overnight stop over B&B + EM  if required for two fitters if travelling and fitting  is not possible in one day .
We would require full address and post code if table is going in on ground floor no steps or up or down stairs basement or loft upstairs area .
the table is based on the ground floor at the moment .
all inquiries to

American 9ft pool table install re-rubber and cover near Wolverhampton .

I have just visited Ian near Wolverhampton .
Ian contacted me to set up his 9ft American pool table in his very well built extension .
He had custom lighting and all top quality materials for the re-rubber and cover .
plus a very expensive lighting unit .

I arrived and with Ian’s help quickly assembled the under frame work and legs plus placed the slate on the frame and the rough leveling .
I then started to strip down the cushions for the re-rubber , and clean the blocks up of old glue ready for the new rubber to be attached .

this is where I first encountered my first problem , the new rubber which was match play standard did not align up with the half round molding on the block work .

Some fitters would have walked away at this stage , or refitted the old rubber back on !

A 10 minute think and the solution was to plane the half round molding off the block work and make some half round molding and fasten on in the correct place to suit the new rubber profile .
so a quick trip to B&Q we found some dowel we could plane down to use as the half round molding .
This set us back a couple of hours but you take the rough with the smooth as they say in this line of work .
once I had re-rubbered the cushions , formed the angles and covered the cushions , we started back on the slate bed for the fine leveling and filling of slate joints to make smooth .

cloth is now laid on ready to staple and stretch down

Stretching to the cloths full amount of possible stretch  is a must for a tight cloth , here the center pocket falls are formed .
you cannot have any wrinkles around the fall areas .
Stretching these american cloths onto such large pocket falls  is much harder than stretching wool napped cloth on a full size snooker table .
Quality cloth is a must and I recommend either this Simonis 860 or Strachan Super Pro speed or even Hainsworth Elite Pro speed cloth  , these three cloths seem to form better around the falls .
one cloth you should be very wary of is the Euro pool brand , it is like stretching cardboard on , it will put blisters on your knuckles stretching that thick euro pool cloth on .
for around £20 to £40 saving from the quality brands , it just is not worth fitting these thick cardboard type cloths on , and I refuse all jobs that would have me fit it .
You often see this cloth in Bowling alley pool tables , it marks easy and looks a mess within weeks , you may have noticed the white burn ball skid acceleration marks appearing on them .
A wool mix cloth is far better than a high percentage of  man made fiber one .

the cloth fully stretched out and stapled down , and skirts in place  to cover pocket staples
you may notice some damp patches around the pocket areas ,this is spray on starch , these will dry out  , a trick that most American pool table  fitters now use , I also spray the entire bed cloth with starch and even iron the bed cloth after fitting , this to prevent slackening off of cloth over the future months , a common problem with speed cloths .

The cloth of choice was Iwan Simonis 860 .

Aligning the cushions up using the 6ft straight edge , it is important especially for shots to go down the side cushions to not be deflected out by none alignment of side cushions , these must be kept parallel to each other with NO V shape in or out and both nose’s of rubber in alignment .

the finished table .

a few practice shots to make sure our client Ian is happy with the table .

Ian plays a 8 ball game is the shape of a diamond racking

nice new shiny Aramith pro balls

this is a very expensive triangle that Ian had shipped over from the USA

Ian also arranged to have a very expensive light fitting unit above the table shipped over from the USA .
I must say this is the first time I have ever seen one of these , it looks very nice .

the table Ian had installed is a Longoni manufacture and is a copy of the USA made Brunswick Gold Crown as seen at Butlins in Skegness in above photo .
I will say this , the Longoni is a better built table using better materials than the Brunswick that I have worked on .
but to be fair these Butlins tables have taken some hammer over the many years they have been constantly played on .

For sale offers around £250 Riley full size snooker table square leg Regis model …. NOW GONE SOLD .

NOW GONE SOLD for recycling to help cover removal costs and extra costs for recycling parts collection and delivery .

The table was in very nice condition and only required a re-cover , but no takers so choice was to go with owner and store in new home or recycle , the owner chose recycle .
cushions and pockets saved for future use on other tables also all bolts too , frame and legs into hobbyist wood crafts workshop , slate for worktops or flooring .
we do not mess around storing tables , it costs money for warehouse storage and bringing into storage so parts are distributed to various recycling specialists .
nothing goes to waste and all parts are used for other purpose 100%


Original advert






We have a client who is moving house and the Snooker  Table has to go very quickly so be quick and you could get a full size snooker table for very low money .
this table has to go before the end of November beginning of December .
all accessories that are in the room are to go with the table balls cues rests and shade and scoreboard .
The table is based in Daventry and at the moment I only have photo’s with all toys and stuff stored on it but I have attached a library photo of what the table looks like but it has green cloth on it .
It will require a re-cover so please take  this into account when buying the table .

as you can or cannot see in this instance the table is covered in all sorts of things , our client is busy parceling up all this for  a house move and clearance , looks like the snooker room is the sorting room .
I have been assured it will be accessible and ready to dismantle with a clear pathway to the van that it is being loaded into .

This is not the table but an identical one
The Riley Regis square leg in light mahogany , this one has blue cloth but our selling clients has green cloth on it , but we cannot see the condition of the cloth to comment if it is ok .
£250 buyer arranges collection .
you could arrange GCL Billiards to collect for you and we would be happy to quote you , please all inquiries to email .
the Regis is a very good table ,

as you can see the table above having been transformed with a new Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth in Royal blue .
the table for sale will also scrub up well with a new cloth and maybe a new set of nets and leathers if required .
the table at the moment does require a re-cover to bring up tot his level , GCL Billiards could quote for any work you may require .
the table is being sold privately from our selling client based in Daventry .
The table does not belong to GCL Billiards , it does not come with anew blue cloth on it but sold as seen from the photo with all the toys and stuff stored on top of it
at the moment our client cannot clear the room for a photo of the actual table to give a better view .
but the room will be cleared for the table to be collected . .


Full size snooker table Collect and Install for RAF Waddington

We where instructed to dismantle and remove an old billiard table for recycle and then transport a full size Riley Aristocrat from Stoke on Trent over to RAF Waddington for install .
this work was organised over a matter of a couple of months , as anyone who has dealings with any of our armed services would expect , these things have to be discussed by committees and get the stamp of approval .
I have worked on the old table in the RAF Waddington’s Officers Mess for many years and yes it had seen better days .
David contacted me and asked if I knew of any Riley Aristocrats that where for sale , and just by coincidence I had just put a private sale one up for sale on my web site .
John from stoke had contacted me , he had moved into a split level bungalow and inherited a snooker table with the sale and they had no use for it .

I put buyer and seller together to thrash out a price for the table , this is how I work at GCL Billiards we do not carry our own stock but prefer to sell direct from sellers house to buyers house and the buyer uses GCL Billiards we hope to move and install the table , of which we quote for before they arrange to buy .
I have been in the Billiards and snooker maintenance business for over 40 years and believe me gone are the days of large firms stocking tables and selling them , this is the way most table sales are now conducted .
Priced sensibly and taking into account the removal and deliver install costs they do sell this way far better than on Ebay where they can go months without any one buying .
We know that anyone seeing a table on our web site will more than likely choose GCL billiards to move it , it is like buying and not having to search around for transport or a qualified firm to install it .

and it means GCL Billiards do not have large stocks of hard to sell full size snooker tables taking up space in a costly rented warehouse with rates and electricity ,  all our stocks are direct from seller to buyer , no middleman fees to pay .
So what’s in it of us ?
where do we make our money ?
on the basis that most buyers use GCL billiards to collect the table and deliver and install . We charge for that experienced workmanship .
Geoff Large A qualified time served billiards fitter with over 40 years personal served  experience and a right hand man in my mate Steve who has worked with me for around 14 years now to help the move .

As you could see the table was in very good order in the basement room of our sellers split level Bungalow , but with good access from the rear Driveway at ground level to load up .
on dismantle I noticed that the table did not have any of the new adjustable brackets that support the center section of the slate and the bearers where not touching or supporting the slate bed .
so I reported this to David at RAF Waddington who sanctioned for the fitting of these brackets at an extra cost to improve the table .
And I did find when I assembled the table that it did actually have a slight dip in the center of the slate and these brackets adjusted the support upwards and rectified this problem with just a few turns of 6 bolts .

Photo of one of the brackets fitted , the adjustment bolt and a few turns lift the beam upwards to deflect any warp or sagging that may be present in the slates .
we have been modifying most table that we fit with these brackets as it does help maintain a true level and most importantly prevents table slate sagging .
A common occurrence of the many table manufactured in the 1970’s 80’s onward .
most tables these days do have the adjustable brackets on them , but this has only been in the last 10 years that we have seen this .
so when buying a table just look under the table for these brackets on the center slate supports .

as you can see the cloth was in extremely good condition , hardly played on and I was told it had had a recent re-cover from the previous owners who John bought the Bungalow from .
the polish capping’s surround  where also in very good condition hardly a scratch on them which you do get from belt buckles .
This table was sold for just £500 , A trader from Sheffield  was after it for resale , but John sold it to the RAF and was very happy that the Officers Mess  had the table , Johns relative was also in the RAF and he was more than happy to inform the other Snooker Trader buyers it was sold and held onto it for a couple of months while payment was sorted out by David , what with holidays and people being away from the base this took a few weeks , but the day finally came together this week for GCL Billiards to collect and install .

all that is required now is new lighting , we have recommended two 1200 x 600 LED light panels with hanging kits available on line for around £60 per panel .
some tables even have three of these side ways on . hung around  6 ft from the bed .

For sale set of Full size Burroughs and watts steel Snooker cushions and pocket plates complete with oak cappings frieze .

I have a set of Genuine Burroughs and watts steel cushions for sale by private seller .
they have a light oak frieze capping , and bolts , plus pocket plates and bolts .

not the actual steels for sale but a photo showing what they look like .
steels are slotted so they will fit any older 5 side bolted cushion and 6 bolted end cushioned table .
the capping frieze  could do with a re-polish to bring up to a good standard and then you could stain to suit your own table  , has a commemorative plaque on one end so has some History
also has the Burroughs and watts badge on the other end stating steel vacuum cushions complete with pocket plates this will upgrade a normal table to steel cushion match play type .
as is for £400 the set collection from Long Eaton near Derby and Nottingham

the type of cushion plate name badge on the end looks like this .
inspection welcome no offers they are worth the money and will sell at this price all day long .
Sold as Seen these do not belong to GCL billiards they are a private sale by a person who bought them and never got round to having them fitted and then sold the table they had .

Barely twist leg Riley dining / billiard DINER ….NOW SOLD

NOW SOLD NOW SOLD NOW SOLD as from 30th December 2017


original advert

We have a client who wishes to sell their 7ft Riley Barley twist leg dining table
it has  serial number starting with A7 **** A is for Acrington and the first number 7 is the size for the table = 7ft
please study the photo’s the table is for sale at offers and can be bought with the chairs if you also wish to buy them or without .
a fantastic piece of furniture , priced sensibly as owner does know it will take some cost to relocate it . but open to offers . ?

Rare Oak Barley twist design and an original Riley made table which they made from the 1900s to 1960s .

the chairs are also up for sale and could be included if the price offered was agreeable .
the Chairs do have some matching Barley twist design to the upper back sides and front legs .
with what looks like a rattan seat and back area .
A good match to the table .
the solid oak table tops in position and in its dining low height

hard to say what condition the cloth is from photo , but you could have a re-cover if you would like the normal Green that was original to this table when first made .
also bounce of cushions would also have to be accessed .
and make sure with the seller that all the dual height lifters are with the table and work .

there is also a scoreboard that is included , and a round cue rack and cues which could also be included if the offer price was to our clients approval .
This is a rare opportunity to acquire one of these Barley twist oak tables , E J Riley made the turned leg and square legged version in their thousands then came the cabriolet legged tables also in their thousands , with pad or claw feet ,  and then these Barely twist tables .
So you are not going to find many of these for sale . I have worked on a few Barley twist legged versions and this one looks in very good order polish wise .
Contact Geoff by email for more information .
All genuine inquiries I will forward your email on to the Private  seller .
I just have to make sure the table is on the ground floor for collection .
If you wished for a quote to move the table from GCL billiards then please also email at the address below .
We are very busy on our run up to Christmas but if we are in the area of this table and can collect we will be very pleased to give you a quote .we have the proper van and tools and equipment to move the table .
the table is located close to Stanstead Airport junction ,  just off the M11 Motorway .

inquiries please Email

Pool tale re-cover from speed to napped cloth for Rugby Player

I met a very large Samoan Rugby player the other day who plays rugby for Leicester Tigers .
Now I’m a big guy at 6ft 2 inch but this Samoan Rugby player nearly crushed my hand when we met .

my work was to replace the speed cloth on his pool table to a napped cloth ,
he did not like the table being so fast and preferred playing on napped Strachan pure new wool cloth .

I had called in the previous day to bring his cushions home with me and I stripped and recovered the cushions at home in the evening ,
as I was in the same village working on a full size snooker table for a friend of his , and pulled this work in at the same time .
with cushions now re-attached to upper frame all I had to do was re-cover the slate bed .
and level once fitted back together .

The table is a DPT make

once back together I jacked the table up and adjusted the feet to level the table .

I had not seen a DPT table with these legs on before , they look very much  the Spanish Sam manufactured tables legs  .

the upper body normally comes with legs on like this one , as you can see above the legs these are the same table .
it is called a DPT ELITE .
it looks like the american metal tube style legs are a more expensive option .