10ft snooker table for sale , NOW SOLD

NOW SOLD to private buyer .>>>

BUT WE DO HAVE CLIENTS LOOKING FOR 10 ft tables so if you have one for sale get in touch .


original advert

We have a client based in Essex who wishes to sell his 10ft snooker table
a popular size due to people not having the room for a full size by just a foot or so , so the next best thing is a 10ft by 5ft table .
I would like to say they do not come around so often but we have had two advertised and sold within the last month .
I suppose with people in covid lock down wish to have  their own table at home has spurred interest in the market .

10ft …Solid chunky looking frame with 6 legs

cloth looks in reasonable condition , you may wish to have it re-clothed but if it where me I would just go with the cloth that is on it for a year
then in one year have it re-clothed and also re-checked for level again .
It depends what you are after , a table that is pristine playing condition from the minute it is installed , or get your monies worth out for the cloth that is on it .

if you are in the market for a solid chunky looking 10ft by 5ft Snooker table look no further .
you can have this one for offers around £750 .
I do not know what is included with the table I will add a list later on once eth owner has given me this . .
but normally things like triangle balls , scoreboard , rests and cues are included .
maybe a dust sheet and a lighting shade .

Riley Aristocrat full size snooker table for sale ..EX footballers table

Here we have a very nice riley Aristocrat 12ft full sized snooker table for sale with celebrity status past owner .
and a story concerning Steve Davies Gifting the table , which may be hard to prove on that one unless you could speak to Steve Davies about it  , but the footballer past owner is genuine .
This Riley Aristocrat once belonged to an England / Arsenal footballer and now TV pundit  …. Ian Wright .
Table is based in Croydon .

I would say it is in need of a re-cloth to bring it back to it’s former glory , but the woodwork is in exceptional condition from the photo’s
all accessories you see are included in the price .
but buyer has to arrange for dismantle and collection and delivery , GCL Billiards could quote you for this !

The house once belonged to Ian Wright , my selling client informs me and this could be proved .
and that the table was left by Ian when the house was sold as in with the house sale .

Pockets openings look pretty good and not too tight and not like buckets , just correct for the average to good player , I would say 3.1/2 inch  to 3.5/8th at the fall .
Riley Aristocrats are a top end table , the cushions are the normal standard wood cushions .

If you would like to make an offer on the table , I will pass all offers onto my selling client
looking for a quicker sale so you never know what offer he will take for it ,
but I do have an idea of its current value based on what they are selling for in the market today .and have informed my selling client on those values .

once bought if you would like a quote from Geoff at GCL billiards
to relocate the table for you then please get in touch with your full post code and tel number .


all enquires to

Geoff or Carol Large at GCL billiards


Another full size Riley Aristocrat table destined for France .

We have just dismantled and loaded this Riley aristocrat full size table from Collingham in Nottinghamshire to our shipping agent in Lincoln
then palatized everything to three compact parcels .
We sent a BCE Westbury out last month , and used the same shipping agent who sends two very  large removals lorry’s out twice a week to France and Spain
Image may contain: outdoor
that large that they even load a Mercedes sprinter in the rear to do delivery’s from the large lorry once over there , to different locations throughout France .
that really surprised me when they said that’s what they did , but just look how large that juggernaut is in above photo , imagine this fully loaded then a MWB sprinter also in the back of it !

In the shipping agents yard in Lincoln , unloading into a storage container ready  to be put into the delivery vehicle later next  week .
Nice new White Movano van with new livery , only 2nd time we have used it since we bought it in January …..but blame covid restrictions for that .
we hope to use it a lot more this year once the covid rules are relaxed .

Pallet wrapped , and yes there is a full size Riley Aristocrat under that black wrapping , which is also ratchet  strapped to the pallet then double wrapped again
all wood parts are also bubble wrapped  .
cushions plus slide in panels  x 6 , legs x 8 and all frame buttons  , polished end frame x 2 , cross members x 2 , 6 adjustable brackets for muntin’s , 3 muntin’s ,
all long cues and rests , balls triangle bolts nets leathers rails all in a box and sealed , bed cloth and scoreboard also Double wrapped
Lighting shade is just bubble wrapped .
polished long sides of frame is bubble wrapped and black wrapped .

the table that is on that pallet now .
A very nice 1980’s Riley aristocrat in superb condition .
If anyone in France is looking to buy snooker tables , We can collect from ground floor any table in the UK and deliver to the shipping agent in Lincoln for delivery to France , he also does Spain .
We dismantle bubble wrap and palatize the table ready for shipping and deliver to shipping agent .

We have teamed up with Cosy Garden Rooms . Are you looking for a bespoke built Garden pool / snooker or Bar room ?

I have teamed up with a  Local Nottingham / Derby based  firm that custom manufactures on site Bespoke  Garden rooms
So let Dean Selby of Cosy Garden rooms Quote you for a Garden Room and GCL billiards for your Pool or Snooker cue sports table .
Just let Dean Know that Geoff at GCL billiards sent you to him .
I have today re-clothed Deans own table and once he informed me he had this garden room business , I informed him I often get asked to recommend a Firm that manufactures these rooms

I would not  just recommend something that I thought was not up to scratch but having seen Deans room and his extension room to his main house I was impressed .
Now Deans is an extra long Room with fitted Bar , Pool table large TV screen and WC room .
and I was informed including base this room would come in at around £22000 to £25000 depending on inner fitments and Electrics  and extent of drainage connection required .
I would like to say the finish of the room is very nice with custom made paneling and a fitted Bar .

Just two thirds of the room here

and the rest of the room to the left , plus as an extra he had a hot tub covered and deck area .
the room is heated very economically by a diesel heater .

another one of Cosy Garden Rooms build’s

From medium sized to the same size as Deans own room , and for snooker tables even larger , although you may need planning for a full size snooker table room .

Dean decorated his room in the peaky blinders Edwardian  style of decoration looking for older style furnishings like the repro ball and claw American type pool table which Dean sourced himself .

Plenty of room around this 7ft by 4ft table to use a full size cue all the way around .
the cloth Dean chose , was Hainsworth Elite Pro in Black .

So if you are in the market for a Bespoke made Garden room contact Geoff at GCL Billiards for more information
or go direct to Dean



Just completed this Re-cloth on Hainsworth smart Royal blue , and letter of Recommendation .

This week we had the pleasure of re-clothing a 12ft snooker table in Hainsworth Smart Royal blue cloth near Ashbourne Derbyshire for our client Colin .
I tried to order my normal fit Strachan 6811 Tournament in blue but both my cloth stockists had run out and had none arriving soon to complete this job .
my Client fully understood this and went with my other suggestion of Hainsworth Smart  in royal blue .
I was only just in time ordering this cloth in because Hainsworth also had a rush on this Blue cloth and only had a small supply left in stock and not to be put back on machines for at least another month for production in Royal blue .

My clients table stripped down and fitting the cushion cloth one by one .
He wanted to try a different colour and settled on royal Blue .

nice tight fit around centre pockets .

Bed cloth fitted and marked out .

Table finished and ready for play

Hainsworth smart is available in many different colours , it is a long lasting not too thick not too thin cloth 90/10 wool blend .
and has a very short fine nap enabling this cloth to actually play fast is kept well and brushed and ironed every 10 hours of use .
My client had a few issues with some cushion bolts missing which I replaced , and also nailed in cushion cloth retaining slips , so again replaced these with tighter fitting slips .
the Room has very hot underfloor heating and this transmits upwards and into the slate ,a t first I thought the slates where heated but they are not , it was just heat rising up from the floor and into the slate .

My client was over the moon with the transformation of his table   , that he kindly took the time to write me a letter of recommendation .

Review from Client

Where to begin, from the first point of contact everything with GCL was amazing. The communication and assistance were first rate and great value. Geoff arrived at the agreed time and set to work respecting all the Covid protocols.
Geoff recovered our snooker table, bearing in mind I had made things more challenging not going with a traditional green colour, his professional approach and expertise meant that he completed the work quickly, competently and to a standard The Crucible would be proud off and made sure everything was clean and tidy before leaving.
Post the installation again excellent communication and assistance with other things I had asked for over and above the recovering, I Highly recommend GCL, They do exactly what it says on the tin.
Colin H (Ashbourne)


Very nice renovated 6 x 3 Riley Raise and fall Billiard / snooker Dining table @ £1125 ono

We have a very nice table that is a private sale and is close to Underhill near Barnet North London Area for collection .
the table in it’s recent past had a full renovation in cloth rubber polish nets and leathers ,

it sits on it’s own legs and has a raise and fall system that raises for playing , and lowers for dining off .
As you can see above it is solid mahogany and has 4 table leaf’s , that fit on top for dining table use .

the table comes with a good range of accessories in pool and snooker balls, triangle, Brush , rest cues
rules and cue rack .
these tables normally sell in the region of £1500 to £2000 form a dealer if your lucky , some may even charge more .
this £1125 price guide is spot on for this table  , it would have cost more than that to renovate it .
Buyer to arrange removal from property .
A piano trolley is the normally way to move a table slate top  to a vehicle .

under the table there are 4 lifting brackets with leveling knurl that you turn to level the table off .
there should also be anti bow  bar beams , visible to the left of the photo x 2
when dismantling the table it should be in the lower position , go under the table  and unscrew the 4 brackets off , but mark where they go back on
as the brackets wear into the other surface they should be put back on in the same order .
some brackets have a number on the side of facing edge , but not all the time .

A matching scoreboard , this is original to the table , is also included .

Rules and cue rack with assortment of cues is also included .

You can see that the firm who renovated the table kept the original transfer of E J Riley masked off when stripping and polished it back in
A proper professional Billiards  firm did this .
most would have just stripped it all off .
Some firms would have removed all the small knocks and indentations of age , this is wrong to make a old table look new ,
this renovation still lets you see it is an old original Riley diner .
but in pristine polish condition .
cloth is pretty good condition from the photo’s , and does not require a re-cloth .
as is the nets and leathers .

Very nice turned and fluted legs , with buttons to the cushions finishes off this table .
In my opinion , Riley Diners are the best Dining tables to buy , they will be the centre piece of conversation
they are well made and used top quality materials , and the raise and fall system is copied by other firms even today
I would say this table is from a time period of around 1910 to 1930  , later models from the 1930’s onwards did not have buttons but slide in panels
like this later model below .

all inquiries to Geoff and Carol at GCL Billiards

If you require a price for picking up and delivery then also ask Geoff for a quote giving your post code
Please note , we only do Ground floor to ground floor pick up and deliveries of tables .
Table must be paid for prior to pick up .
this is a Private sale direct from the seller , it is not owned by GCL billiards

by email if possible


or mobile phone 07753466064
or home office 0115 9725355

Pool Table rental for 2021………THE RESTART of the Rental side of GCL Billiards .

Once the covid restrictions are lifted and Pubs and clubs are back to normal business
How about a Brand new Supreme Winner Pool table fully maintained to announce to your clients you are back open for business .
If you have  an old pool table on site and are thinking of refurbishing it …STOP
look at what Rental of tables has to offer fully maintained .

Having had our pool table rental business ripped apart by Covid restrictions and pub opening and restriction times .
many Pub site’s  requesting we take our tables off site to free the space up for more seating and eating tables , as it was becoming impossible for them to carry on offering pool tables for use under the strict covid ruling of mixing leisure sport pastimes in close quarters .
a few clients just pushed the tables to one side and we will recommission these tables , when the Restrictions are lifted and they are allowed to use the pool tables again .

Photo above at supreme tables Factory loading new tables onto our van .
We have sold a lot of our used stock off , but I have invested that money along with an investment added to it to replenish our rental stock with Brand new Supreme winner coin op tables .
All Brand new tables now come with a new colour badge …gone is the old green one and replaced with a new Blue design one .
Supreme Winner | Latest Finish - Rustic Black Pool Table
Our Rental terms are as follows

First year

Sign up for the first year at £90 per month no vat will be added , you will get a re-cloth every 6 months in Hainsworth Match cloth in Green
the cloth that comes on it for the first 6 months is Strachan 6811 , once that is worn out at 6 months every re-cloth will be done in Hainsworth match  .

After the First year .

Then the rolling contract is for 6 months after the first year , once re-clothed you are committed to a 6 month contract until the next re-cloth time .
You will get two sets of standard reds and yellows  balls from new , one for general use one for match use .
4 cues and chalk .
This will be replaced by a set of balls every 12 months and 2 cues and chalk .
any coin op breakdowns is covered by our contract .
Most pool, tables take at least £40 a week some take much more , I have Clients who take over £100 per week on pool tables .
as each Rental client has the keys all that is taken into the cash box is your takings , all we require is our monthly rent .
all our pool tables are Black pearls cabinet , we do not operate any other colour cabinet .
As you may know Each re-cloth in Hainsworth match can be around the £250 price mark so take that yearly  £500 just in re-clothing into account that you do not have to pay for a re-cloth every 6 months it is all included in your rental price .
Your pool, table is maintained well with a 6 monthly re-cloth , and your clients will flock to play on a decent clothed table .
Rental prices will only increase if we have higher overheads , we did not put our prices up for the last 8 years until now , it used to be £80 a month
but I am sure you will agree after 8 years costs of tables and cloth and accessories  have increased .
We still feel this is the best Value Rental contract offered out there by any Rental operator  of pool tables .
we never had one complaint in 8 years in the way we operate our rental business . but plenty of praise .
and with Geoff Large having over 44 years experience in the snooker and pool table maintenance side of the cue sports business as a time served Billiards fitter you are in no better hands .

Now taking bookings for table repairs and logistics for January 4th 2021 onwards .

*** Please note we are on Christmas and new year holidays until January 4th .

We will be open for business from the 4th of January to take bookings

we use traditional methods of attaching bed cloths to billiard and snooker tables always hand pulled for tightness tacked on .
if you would like a quote for any table repairs ,erect or  dismantles ,  re-cloth’s , re-rubber , stretch bed cloth or nets leathers on pool table or snooker tables
from a Time served billiards fitter with over 44 years in the trade experience on all sorts and types of cue sports tables , I have training and fitting experience on most types of tables that are out there in the market place ,  including Bar billiards and American pool .

then contact Geoff Large on our email address …..   c.large@btinternet.com
or phone 0115 9725355 home office  —– or 07753 466064 mobile .

American pool tables we use the staple gun to fit the bed cloth to the cloth slate linings .

We also do  a vast amount of pool table re-clothing , And we also have a local to Nottingham and Derby pool table rental business that runs a long side our fitting
Brand new supreme winners now in stock ready to install on site ( Ground floor only )