Wanted Full size Table ….NOW LOCATED ONE FOR OUR CLIENT !

We have a Client based near Ashbourne in Derbyshire who just missed out on the Mint Riley Aristocrat that was advertised in our for sale section by one week , someone else nipped in and bought it . BUT NOW LOCATED ONE FOR OUR CLIENT .
Riley Aristocrat stark 1

So we are looking for a table in good condition , the type of make we have recommended to our client is Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham tulip or turned or square leg  , Riley UK made Aristocrat, or Enbild .
We are not too fussed if the table is in Oak or Mahogany at this moment in time , although an oak one would look nice .
We are also going to consider a nice antique table , a Burroughs and watts , or Orme & sons or George Wright but they must be in very good condition  .
Budget wise anything up to £2000 is a guide we have been given to work with . Geoff will look at the table to see it’s market value , it may be that we do not offer the full asking price if things like cloth or rubber require work or replacement.
If you have any table like the one’s in the photo’s listed on this page in good condition then please get in touch with Geoff at GCL billiards on 07753466064 or email c.large@btinternet.com , we are not in too much of a rush to go and buy the first one that come’s our way , we want to sift through them have a short list of say 3 and pick what is right for our client , you should only buy once and it is an expensive mistake if you get the wrong one . we have until Christmas as the room is still being built as we search .
karnehm and hillman 10ft square
K&H wellow leg K&H wellow cushion plate Khillman-Newark-CC
enbuild table legsaritocrat made in Englandoak skeg finished table satin coatSTEVE B's OAK ARISOCRAT 2012 recover
bens b7watts wood capping badge
k7 hillman park to wid leg photo
k&hillman park to wid

Wanted 2 x 7ft second hand mechanical coin operation supreme winner pool tables

DOUBLE 8 POOL our rental side of GCL Billiards  are looking for two second hand 7 foot  Supreme winner pool tables , they must be coin operating tables and mechanical coin operation type not battery operated although the battery type may be considered .
prefer Black finish cabinets , but we cannot be too fussy so mahogany oak beech or even white will do .
Remember we are trade and can get the tables  at a competitive price new , when we buy these tables we have to take into account the cost of pick up ( van and two men ) and delivery back to base , plus new cushions and re-cover . and new balls and cue’s etc
we normally get the tables in like the second photo below with all stains on the cloth plus dead cushions .

If you have a Supreme winner or even a Prince coin op table or tables for sale then contact Geoff on 07753466064 if I am busy leave a message I will get back to you , also email c.large@btinternet.com

winner green mahoganyworn cloth supreme

These two tables are for a special low rental short 6  month period, we normally put brand new tables into establishments that we think will have a long rental period from us , so with the low rental agreement or high risk premises from damage ,we are not putting our brand new tables into these establishments  , so we are looking for tables to refurbish , if you have say a batch of 6 of these tables in need of restoring with new cushions and cloth we will also consider buying all 6 . all we ask is the cabinets are in good cosmetic order and the slate is in good condition .
Torn or stained cloth or dead rubber is not important we can replace these items .
Remember we are looking for COIN OPERATING tables only !

Selling a table or tables? Please read if you want to advertise free of charge on GCL Billiards web site

We are getting a few people leaving a message in the comments section in the for sale section of our blog and just phoning leaving a message for me to phone back.  We do allow you to sell your table free of charge, but please do it in the following manner:

Email c.large@btinternet.com do not leave a message for me to contact in the message section as you are just asking me go around the roundabouts to read this when a direct email is the way to do this.

GCL Billiards do not buy tables.  We are not interested in buying any full sized snooker table.  We are 100% maintenance only. BUT WE DO offer a free service to advertise them on our web site.

When you email please describe the table and have your contact details for telephone number and email address and a postcode where the table is located.  Also state if any stairs or steps are involved in taking the table out.

Send an email to GCL Billiards attaching three to five photos of the table showing the whole table by using a digital camera.  Most iphone pics are not good enough so we cannot use them.  Photos to include the main table showing it in full, including legs, a close up of the leg, a close up of the pocket openings (centre and corner with a ball in the opening) plus any photos of scoreboards and accessories.  Please state what is in with the sale, an iron for example.

Just sending me a messsage with “we have 7 full size tables for sale at reasonabale price, please get in touch” is not the way to go about it.  It is you who is trying to sell, I am providing a FREE service, so please do not make my job hard by giving me the task of doing all the running around for you.  Just follow the procedure above, send photos, with contact details and asking price, plus list any stairs etc.  It is so simple that way, all I have to do is paste the photos and do a little description of the tables from the photos and list it.  This takes very little time for me to do.

We do offer this free advertising service in the hope that whoever buys will use GCL Billiards skilled fitting services to move and assemble the table.

Our sales section has worked for people and tables have been sold on.  Not everyone uses GCL Billiards to move the table, but some do and that is why we set up this free advertsing offer.  Please use us, we want you to use the for sale section, but please do it using the information set out above.

Again to make things more simple:

Photos and description plus asking price and contact details to c.large@btinternet.com .

If you are not sure about value, ask for Geoff to value it based on what tables are selling for in the current market.

*****any comments enquiries left in the for sale section under our advertisements will have to be removed *****

I’m afraid we are very busy and just do not have the time to chase them up, we only answer the email enquiries for items to be put  in the for sale section.

Wanted: Full size oak snooker table ….NOW got one !

6th july 2013 …located a full size riley imperial from Burgh le Marsh near Skegness via ebay seller , dismantled and loaded onto clients van , cushions awaiting new rubber and re-polish  in the workshop then its set up in clients re-furbished barn conversion near the welsh borders .

We have a client who is requiring a full size snooker table in oak to go in his oak beamed barn conversion, at a good price, that is relavant to the current market.

The table must be in good condition woodwork wise.  The two types that he likes are the Riley Viceroy and the Riley Imperial.  There is not much to choose between these two, the Viceroy has deeper arches and the chunkier the leg the better as I know there are some thin 6 inch oak Imperials about.  We prefer the 8 inch version like the one in the photo below.  They really look great in old barns with the oak beams.

Get in touch with Geoff right now if you have one for sale or know where there is one in good condition.

Contact email c.large@btinternet.com or phone 07753 466064
oak imperial


GCL Billiards would like to buy second hand Winner or Prince supreme pool tables in good condition cabinet wise , coin op or free play. The tables will be fully revamped by GCL BILLIARDS with new rubber cushions and new cloth plus complete service etc.for resale or Rental .

We always have a demand for S/H Supreme tables in either Winner or Prince models.

We require all cabinet finishes black, oak, silver, white etc. any table considered.

Wanted: oak 9ft / 10ft or 12ft full sized Snooker table , THIS CLIENT HAS NOW LOCATED A TABLE THROUGH GCL BILLIARDS !

I have another client who wishes to purchase a 9ft /10ft or full size snooker table before Christmas.  He would prefer an oak table, he is not sure if he would like a smaller 9ft or 10ft or go for a full sized 12ft table.  The room used to have a full size table in there, but he just wants what comes along in good condition.  He has just bought the house and is not what you describe as a keen snooker player, but likes the idea of a games room and just wants to put something in.  A 3/4 sized table would give him a bit more room so that is why he is not too bothered as to the size of table.

So there you go, if you have an oak table for sale in any of the sizes listed, then he would be interested in buying it.  The room he has is being renovated at the moment and he requires the table for around the beginning of December, so any seller must be prepared to keep the table until then.

If you have a table then send photos and price you require to Geoff Large at info@gclbilliards.com


Table now located for buyer (re: wanted full size table on a budget)

A TABLE HAS NOW BEEN LOCATED BY THE THE BUYER. If you require a table please use our wanted section of the GCL BILLIARDS blog.  Many people are reading this blog and sellers and buyers are out there.

It is FREE to advertise.  All we ask is that you recommend GCL Billiards to do any work involved, eg. moving, setting up, recover, rerubber.

Geoff Large


I have had an enquiry about finding a bumper pool table , these are to be found in normal oblong shape as well as octagonal shape , look at the attached photo of one that sold on ebay recently . if you know of one for sale please get in touch and let me know so that I can pass the details over.