Wanted Riley Viceroy or Imperial 9 foot snooker table in oak .

We have a client based in Brighton who is looking for a nice Riley 9 foot snooker table with square legs in Oak , the two models he likes are the Viceroy and the Imperial models .

viceroy finished table light oak

this is a full size Riley Viceroy with deep archways , he would like a 9 foot version of this table if possible , if not then an imperial like the one in the photo below .

oak skeg finished table 1

This is the Riley Imperial , it still has the same leg pattern as the viceroy but much less archways
He is looking for one in good condition polish wise , the rubber has to have good bounce or price given will have to reflect a re-rubber and re-cover which is costly .

oak 9ft viceroy fitting cushions on

This was a Riley 8 foot version of the Viceroy in Oak that is located in Lincolnshire , and is exactly what our client is looking for but 1 foot longer .
If you have a table like this then please send a photo and contact Geoff at GCL billiards by email or telephone , and he will forward any photo’s onto the client.

Geoff’s  mobile 07753466064

email         c.large@btinternet.com


WANTED 9ft Oak snooker table in good condition.

We have a client who is looking for a nice 9ft Oak snooker Table
The woodwork has to be in good condition and not require any re-polishing or repairs.
We are not too fussed on cloth condition or nets and leathers as these can be replaced on dismantle and installation very easy .
The table has to be very nice to the eye and my client would like to view photo’s and if local inspect the table before purchase.
The type of table he is looking for is something like the following .


9ft enbile torquay pocket opening
his is an Enbild but is an 8ft version , my client requires a 9ft table , please measure the actual slate length and do not add any outside cushion wood to the size.
oak 9ft viceroy cloth draped
I am not too sure he would like a square legged table but one like this may interest him , this one is a Riley Viceroy with deep archways .
9ft riley aristocrat 2900 9ft soveriegn snooker tbale TITAN9ft allianace snooker tbale 4395
another three oak 9ft snooker tables in the style my client is looking for , the table must have three section slate beds and bolted into slate cushions , also the size has to be 9ft  and it must have have 6 legs .
Some more modern 9ft tables have 5 piece slate beds , we prefer 3 section slate beds but will consider a 5 section one if the table is good .

My client is based in Peterborough area , and GCL Billiards are based Nottm/Derby border , so if you are local to us we can come and view.
please measure your table very carefully and make sure it has a 9ft slate bed playing area , remember the cushion rubber block over hangs the slate by 2 inch at each end so if you measure between the nose of the each end cushion then add 4 inch you will have the exact slate length size.
we have been down to Devon to pick up what supposed to be a 9ft only to find it was an 8ft , lucky for us the trip worked out ok , but it could have been an expensive mistake , so please make sure the size is a genuine 9 ft table .

WANTED WINNER SUPREME coin mech pool tables 7×4

We are desperate for second hand Supreme winner pool tables with mechanical coin mech  and we will also consider the Supreme Prince which was more expensive to buy new , but is not so desirable as the winner  .

Email c.large@btinternet.com or phone direct on mobile 07753466064 or home 01159725355 please leave a message if no one answers .

We have clients waiting to buy these tables after being refurbished with new cloth and new cushions and inside ball rails . and we also require them for our rental sites .

All we ask is the outside cabinets are free from damage . no chips or forced entry to side door repairs !

Price paid will depend on how old the table is , I can date the table from appearance and badge design , we prefer the latest type with pearl finish , REAL METAL CORNER PLATES  , and alloy cushion trim , but anything considered . They must be mechanical coin operation not free play or electronic battery operated .

winners stabbo new type metal corner chrome platebrand new winner supremeswinner at the gladstonebrand new single winnerBeech Winner supreme 7ftprince 7ft red

We have just been up to The Supreme Factory to collect three new tables which we put out on rental in one site in Coventry , this shows just how busy we are on the rental side of the business .
We often try and order new tables but Winner Supremes’ are in such huge demands that there is a three week waiting list for new tables currently , This is why we require good condition later models from the second hand market .
A few photo’s of a recent visit to the Factory where supreme tables are made .

supreme factory 1
Inside the factory a fork lift moving tables around to get at three for our van loading . All the tables in that racking are SOLD !
supreme tables loading on van
The first two being loaded
supreme 3 on van room for one more
Neatly stacked and secured onto the van with ratchet straps , slates went on first then body of pool table stacked on top of these .
There was room for one more !  …….. and with foresight  I  should have ordered Four .
I picked another New one up from Peradon and I have sourced a good second hand later model from a seller in Walsall .
but we are still looking for more .


Wanted Full size snooker table in mahogany with square legs , in good condition like photo’s

We have a client who is looking to purchase a full sized square legged Snooker table , prefered make would be a Karnehm and Hillman or Thurston modern table

please look at the photo’s if you have a table like this in good cosmetic order in that the polish and woodwork is in good order , the rubber and cloth is not a problem as these can be easy to replace , but a total re-polish would be too expensive , please be realistic with price as we are also searching the Auction sites and clubs closing down for a table that could be bought for little money and done up .
If you have one you are thinking of selling , then please get in touch with Geoff on 07753466064 or email c.large@btinternet.com , and i will forward any photo’s of the table to our client .

Or even advertise it on our listings under table for sale direct from seller.

We require a FULL SIZE table like these. no 1 choice would be a Karnehm and hillman like the one in the top photo with buttons on the cushions in place of a slide in panel .
karnehm and hillman 10ft square
Exxsex Cabin repolished K&Hillman
Derby AC finished left table
lough riley finished table from baulk
stoke tableSquare leg Riley Essex

Wanted Snooker table full size Riley Steel Cushioned Aristocrat UK made, Private sale prefered !

We have a client in Canterbury , looking to purchase from a private seller a Table that is as good as a Uk made Riley Aristocrat .
Riley Aristocrat stark 2Riley Aristocrat stark 1

Although he is looking for a steel cushioned table , he will consider a good quality heavy wood standard cushioned older table with Welsh slate .
if you have such a table for sale then please contact Geoff with Photo’s of the table and I will pass your details onto our client .
Our client is concerned that he is only going to buy a table once and it has to be the right table with no regrets or problems at a later date , so please only good tables with true slate and good woodwork will be considered.

Our client is fussy and we aim to please him , by finding him the right table at the right price.
bens b7watts wood capping badge
steel rerubber undercut sanded sharp edge off

Italian client requires Steel block Snooker table in good condition .

We have a new Client who is looking to import a full size Snooker table to Pescara in Italy .
they are very specific in their requirements of the table being tournament quality with steel cushions and tournament pocket openings
the table will have good Northern Rubber and 30 oz Strachan 6811 tournament cloth , also woodwork in very good condition polish wise.
Tables I think will be of interest to our client will be Burroughs and watts and Riley Aristocrat UK made table .
If you have this type of table for sale then please contact Geoff on c.large@btinternet.com or phone 07753466064

aritocrat made in England
riley aristocrat NNCA

9ft Oak Snooker table Wanted . Quote Ref Number 09112013/9FTW002

We have a new client who is looking to buy an Oak 9ft snooker table in good condition .
We are not too bothered about cloth or rubber condition as long as the wood work is OK and the polish is good , although we will consider a complete renovation project if it is the right table.
My client prefers a 6 legged  turned leg oak table , but we will look at some square legged tables to see if maybe he will consider one.
so look at some of the following library photo’s of tables that I think would suit our client if you have something similar for sale then please contact Geoff at GCL Billiards on email c.large@btinternet.com   or by phone 07753466064 PLEASE QUOTE 09112013/9FTW002 when enquiring about this advert.

Please do not confuse a 8ft as a 3/4 sized table a true 3/4 size is a 9ft , only contact us if you have a genuine 9ft slate table.
you would be amazed at the amount of people advertising 8ft tables as 3/4 sized on ebay , our client has had some wasted journeys looking at what was described as 3/4 sized only to find a 8ft when he got there .

the following photo’s of tables may be oak or mahogany and some are 12ft  these are only examples of what he is looking for , please note our client requires a Oak version and only a 3/4 sized  9ft by 4ft 6 inch slate size,  do not confuse 8fts as 3/4 sized as they are not .
Please note if you have a Riley aristocrat , please make sure it is UK built and not a Chinese copy.

STEVE B's mint Rley Aristocrat in OAK , a very nice table to work on.

STEVE B’s mint Rley Aristocrat in OAK , a very nice table to work on.

STEVE B's 3.5 inch at the fall
oak skeg side shot of woodwork
steves 3rd recover level and joints
K&H wellow leg
oak skeg finished table satin coat
Exxsex Cabin repolished K&Hillman


Wanted Full size Table ….NOW LOCATED ONE FOR OUR CLIENT !

We have a Client based near Ashbourne in Derbyshire who just missed out on the Mint Riley Aristocrat that was advertised in our for sale section by one week , someone else nipped in and bought it . BUT NOW LOCATED ONE FOR OUR CLIENT .
Riley Aristocrat stark 1

So we are looking for a table in good condition , the type of make we have recommended to our client is Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham tulip or turned or square leg  , Riley UK made Aristocrat, or Enbild .
We are not too fussed if the table is in Oak or Mahogany at this moment in time , although an oak one would look nice .
We are also going to consider a nice antique table , a Burroughs and watts , or Orme & sons or George Wright but they must be in very good condition  .
Budget wise anything up to £2000 is a guide we have been given to work with . Geoff will look at the table to see it’s market value , it may be that we do not offer the full asking price if things like cloth or rubber require work or replacement.
If you have any table like the one’s in the photo’s listed on this page in good condition then please get in touch with Geoff at GCL billiards on 07753466064 or email c.large@btinternet.com , we are not in too much of a rush to go and buy the first one that come’s our way , we want to sift through them have a short list of say 3 and pick what is right for our client , you should only buy once and it is an expensive mistake if you get the wrong one . we have until Christmas as the room is still being built as we search .
karnehm and hillman 10ft square
K&H wellow leg K&H wellow cushion plate Khillman-Newark-CC
enbuild table legsaritocrat made in Englandoak skeg finished table satin coatSTEVE B's OAK ARISOCRAT 2012 recover
bens b7watts wood capping badge
k7 hillman park to wid leg photo
k&hillman park to wid